February 23, 2004

Can Joe Gibbs bag Clinton Portis?: Rumors are flying about a Portis-for-Bailey deal that would solve Washington's running back issues. The trade would reportedly also involve a draft pick going to the Broncos. Could this really happen?

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If Gibbs can get Portis that would be huge, and I have to ask, do the Broncos have an unlimtited supply of thousand yard rushers? they never seem to miss a beat with their running back changes.

posted by jbou at 11:07 AM on February 23

Could this really happen? Absolutely. The question is, if it does happen, can Joe Gibbs make it work? Gathering talent hasn't been the problem in Washington (unless The Ole Ball Coach was selecting said talent) for the past few years. Getting the players to play together in an organized fashion has been a bit of a sticky wicket though. hee hee. stickey wicket, oh man...

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This certainly has a great deal to do with Portis running his mouth about boycotting training camp if he doesn't get his contract reworked. Denver has certainly had tons of success just adding a rookie now and then to become their starter, and I really liked what I saw of Quentin Griffin in the latter part of last season. Still, it would be a hell of a risk to give up on a RB of Portis's quality over a few words, shutdown corner involved or not. I think this leans heavily to the 'Skins, and I'll be waiting for that March 3 announcement.

posted by wfrazerjr at 01:20 PM on February 23

As an aside, the Broncos have given notice to dope-smoking running back Mike "I Swear It Was Second-Hand" Anderson that if he plans to stay in Denver, he should expect a fat pay cut. Not surprisingly, Anderson has asked for his release.

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And a little more information by way of a column by Adam Schefter of the Denver Post. Can you tell I'm jazzed we're talking football?

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do the Broncos have an unlimtited supply of thousand yard rushers? From wfrazerjr's link: "There's also Clinton Portis, Quentin Griffin, Reuben Droughns and Ahmaad Galloway to consider in the backfield." The answer is clearly yes. I think those guys are breeding back there.

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I wonder about this move for Washington. Yes, Portis looks like a wonderful back. Isn't there just a twinge of "is he a product of Denver's system?" to worry about, though? I mean, not to be cynical -- but Olandis Gary looked like a legitimate star when he was starting for the Broncos, too.

posted by jeffmshaw at 02:57 PM on February 23

I think Olandis Gary could still be a legitimate star, if someone would just give him the damned ball more than four times a game. I think Denver just has a nose for sniffing out badasses come draft day. Also, bear this in mind: On a recent Los Angeles-bound flight from the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, former Oklahoma and current Dallas Cowboys safety Roy Williams said his former college teammate and Broncos running back Quentin Griffin is the closest thing he has seen to Barry Sanders. Now I wouldn't say Roy Williams is a venerable expert just yet, but the man's word carries some credence. If he and the Broncos think Griffin can handle the load, I don't think I'd be willing to bet against them.

posted by wfrazerjr at 04:09 PM on February 23

do the Broncos have an unlimtited supply of thousand yard rushers? Any team interested in drafting a RB this year should get a mole in the Broncos war room and snipe them away. With the Broncos track record, the Redskins could trade for Quentin Griffith and expect similar results.

posted by YukonGold at 04:29 PM on February 23

It looks like Joe Gibbs has taken one step closer to being committed. The trade (as I understand it) would include Clinton Portis in exchange for Champ Bailey and a second round pick. I think this trade is questionable if you're a Redskins fan. All Joe Gibbs has to do is look around the league and see that teams are succeeding with running backs taken in later rounds. Just last year the Broncos got Quentin Griffin in the fourth round and he had a breakout game against Indianapolis, and is slated to replace Portis if the trade goes through. In 2001, Travis Henry was a second round pick and Rudi Johnson was a fourth round pick--both had productive years last season. How many great cornerbacks are there in the NFL? Whatever the number, one thing is certain--there are far fewer great cornerbacks than great running backs. Knowing that, why doesn't Gibbs just draft a running back with the second round draft pick he's willing to give up to obtain Portis? That solves two problems (better running game and strong pass defense) instead of creating one (filling the void left by trading an all-pro corner).

posted by pwilly at 11:03 AM on February 24

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