February 20, 2004

NBA: All style, no substance-: A jeremiad from Oscar Robertson on the shallow state of the NBA. via the Easterblogg

posted by cobra! to basketball at 02:02 PM - 8 comments

Team play is no longer considered sexy. Individual showmanship is. But one player, no matter how gifted, does not build and sustain a championship franchise. cobra, great link!

posted by garfield at 02:20 PM on February 20

Pretty well written too...attaboy Oscar! Care to tackle hockey next?

posted by Succa at 02:57 PM on February 20

Care to tackle hockey next? All substance, no style?

posted by mkn at 03:21 PM on February 20

The thing in my mind when I was reading it was "but... but... The Timberwolves play as a team, and their key players all have pretty well-rounded games..." It's tough for me to tell if they're really an exception, or if I'm just blinded by fandom. Sacramento and San Antonio also seem to play as fully-evolved teams, at least to me.

posted by cobra! at 03:34 PM on February 20

I would've mentioned the same teams as exceptions. And to be fair, the successful playoff teams function as well-oiled units. But its the general perception of the game, i.e. "Mr.Robertson, how do I up my ups?", that is the problem. And this symptom is primarily why alot of people like NCAA hoops more than the brand of ball the NBA sells.

posted by garfield at 03:38 PM on February 20

I caught the Sixers-Nuggets game the other night, and it was really ugly. You can chalk some of it up to knocking off the rust from the All-Star break, but I was really amazed at how bad the product actually was. There was very little movement on the offensive end, and the transition D was nonexistent. I don't know why people pay to see these games. I don't think it's any secret that the decline of fundamental skills is closely related to the increase in early entry draftees. Surely there's a GM out there who's read Moneyball, right? That was the first NBA game I'd watched in a long time.....at least since the 02 playoffs. And yeah, I love me some college hoops.

posted by mbd1 at 04:16 PM on February 20

But one player, no matter how gifted, does not build and sustain a championship franchise. I'd have to say mostly right, but if he didn't do it, Jordan came damn close.

posted by pivo at 06:19 PM on February 20

pivo: yeah, it's mostly not possible, but it's a lot closer than you can do in any other major sport.

posted by tieguy at 08:08 AM on February 21

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