December 11, 2018

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle:

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On a worth and value basis, I don't know why Kirk Cousins decided to leave Washington, D.C.

If he had stayed there, he would have simply gone from an athlete under contract to a procurement.

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A few things come to mind about the partial federal funding of the Washington NFL franchise. First, could the acceptance of federal funds give the Congress the authority to require a name change for the team? Could the President use his executive powers to call plays during the game? I'm thinking particularly about Twitter, or even better, a Presidential hot line into the communications link between coach and quarterback. Pre-game polling conducted by various groups could suggest strategies that could then be put into effect by the President. Finally, since taxpayer money supports the team, we taxpayers ought to have a direct voice in the team's draft selections. A web site could be set up for the public to log in and vote for the player to be selected by Washington at each pick. The time between selections would have to be increased, but this would give no advantage to Washington since they would have no control over the process. Some sort of verification system is needed to prevent voter fraud; perhaps checking that the voter has indeed paid federal income tax in the previous year before allowing the vote.

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