July 14, 2018

SportsFilter World Cup Pickem Final: Make Your Picks: The World Cup finals are France vs. Croatia on Sunday at 11 a.m. Eastern. In the SportsFilter World Cup Pickem, geneparmesan is back in first place with 177 and four other players are within 10. Make your picks in the comments.

posted by rcade to soccer at 11:45 AM - 14 comments

1. Pick the World Cup champion (10 points).

2. Pick the score of the game, not including penalty kicks (5 points minus 1 for each goal off the correct score).

3. Pick a player and get 2 points for each goal he scores.

4. Pick a player and get 2 points for each yellow card he receives or 5 points for a straight red card.

5. Pick the Golden Ball winner (5 points, best player of the entire tournament)

6. Pick the minute of the first card (first tiebreaker) and the total minutes of extra time (second tiebreaker). If multiple players pick the same tiebreaker, the first to choose it wins.

posted by rcade at 11:56 AM on July 14

1. Croatia

2. CRO 2 - FRA 1

3. Rakitic, Mbappe

4. Lovren, Varane

5. Mbappe

6. 37 minutes, 11 minutes of extra time

posted by grum@work at 03:20 PM on July 14

3 & 4 are pick a player in "each game" and grum has chosen one from each team. It sounds like it was meant to include the 3rd place match but since that has passed, I now assume we aren't picking anything for that match. But if we are, I choose Belgium winning 2-0 with Hazard to score and Stones to get a card.

posted by Ricardo at 03:35 PM on July 14

Yeah, we can't pick the third-place game. I was tempted to include it in the contest and award negative points for getting it right.

posted by rcade at 04:07 PM on July 14

1. Croatia

2. 1-1

3. Luka Modrić

4. Hugo Lloris

5. Luka Modrić

6. 30th minute card, 12 minutes of extra time

posted by rcade at 04:11 PM on July 14


That's what I get for rushing ahead.

1. Croatia

2. CRO 2 - FRA 1

3. Rakitic

4. Lovren

5. Mbappe

6. 37 minutes, 11 minutes of extra time

posted by grum@work at 07:31 PM on July 14

I think the prize for winning the pick 'em should be a Serbo-Croatian computer keyboard like rcade's, so you can spell Modric with the accented "c".

posted by beaverboard at 09:08 PM on July 14

Winner: France
Score: 2-1
Scorer: Griezmann
Cards: Lovren
Golden Ball: Mbappe (although it should be Kante)
First Card: 40th
Extra Minutes: 7

posted by Ricardo at 11:31 PM on July 14

France 1-2 Croatia AET
10 minutes

posted by bender at 12:29 AM on July 15

France 2 - 1 Croatia

Goals: Mbappe

Cards: Mandzukic

Golden Ball: Mbappe

First Card: 50th minute

Added Time: 5 minutes

posted by geneparmesan at 03:58 AM on July 15

Champion: France

Score: 3-2

Goals: Griezmann

Card: Mbappe

Golden Ball: Modric

First card: 11 minutes

Added time: 8 minutes

posted by jagsnumberone at 04:11 AM on July 15


Croatia 1-0




Card: 20th minute

Added time: 9 minutes

posted by Hooli at 09:47 AM on July 15


France 2 - Croatia 0




24 minutes, 5 minutes

posted by tron7 at 10:58 AM on July 15

Damn, shoulda picked Mandzukic for goals

posted by tron7 at 11:20 AM on July 15

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