April 03, 2018

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle:

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I just got an update from Augusta on the Masters Champions Dinner menu.

Some of those attending will likely be expanding their dinner options with side orders placed with the grillroom. There was a stampede to the grillroom the year that Sandy Lyle served the haggis.

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The Ottawa Senators held "Fan Appreciation Night". As part of the promotion, they gave away McDonald's gift cards to certain rows/sections of fans.


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It's a true shame that Ottawa got an NHL franchise, built a solid roster, and were developing a devoted fan base.

Melnyk needs to realize he is not in Toronto where no matter how bad the team is it will always sell out every game and be hugely profitable. Perhaps the community can bond together and setup a Purchase the Senators Go Fund Me page. Or maybe the NHL can step in and broker some sort of deal with a legitimate ownership party.

At least those in attendance got to see some classic Eric Karlsson. Unfortunately it was likely the last time in a Senators uniform as there is no way Eugene would lower himself to pay Karlsson what he is truly worth to the franchise.

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That's one thing that us Hurricanes fans have going for us: new majority owner. He's already showed Ron Francis the door and coach Peters better be next. As far as I'm concerned, everyone on Edwards Mill Road can be hauled off to the nearest hog lagoon.

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Great for this chance as it offers a need for good workout

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@rcade hammer time!

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