January 30, 2018

Boston Sports Host Insults Brady's 5-Year-Old Kid: For years, Tom Brady has called in once a week to the sports radio station WEEI for a segment. He may not be doing that any more after a 24-year-old show host named Alex Reimer said on the air that Brady's 5-year-old daughter acted like an "annoying little pissant" in a documentary about her dad. Reimer has been suspended, though Brady says he hopes he won't be fired.

posted by rcade to football at 01:37 PM - 4 comments

On the one hand, what kind of shitheel calls a 5-year old child a "pissant" on the radio? Especially when that child is the child of a revered local sports hero who makes weekly appearances on your radio station?

On the other hand, it's Boston sports radio, so *yawn*

posted by tahoemoj at 06:52 PM on January 30

I posted this because it's such a colossal mistake. Southwest Airlines could do a "Wanna get away?" commercial about this guy.

posted by rcade at 07:09 PM on January 30

Brady says he hopes the guy won't be fired. This is a very charitable attitude. Meanwhile, has anyone asked Giselle her opinion? If she is a typical mom, she probably would like the suspension served in some sort of medieval torture chamber.

posted by Howard_T at 07:43 PM on January 30

As I never miss an opportunity to mention, Gisele has her own armed security detail, and they are not always models of restraint. Some members of the detail got five years in jail for shooting at photographers in Costa Rica.

Not sure what the penalty would be for making an overstoked Boston sports yakker an offer he can't refuse.

posted by beaverboard at 08:01 PM on January 30

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