September 29, 2017

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle:

A place to discuss the sports stories that aren't making news, share links that aren't quite front-page material, and diagram plays on your hand. Remember to count to five Mississippi before commenting in anger.

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Is there a Mike Glennon buyout crowdfunding page?

Why would you pay him 15 million to do the same thing that Mark Sanchez could do for 1 million?

That weather delay was no random event. God is fed up with this shit.

posted by beaverboard at 09:12 AM on September 29

"Never could've guessed in our country's divorce, that the left would get custody of football." -- @RandiLawson

posted by rcade at 11:49 AM on September 29

Waiting for the launch of a new TV reality show called "Coach Swap".

First participants on the schedule: LSU and Tennessee.

posted by beaverboard at 12:39 PM on October 01

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