June 30, 2017

University Rochester football player kidnapped and tortured for 40 hours: A college football player thought he and a friend were going to meet up with two women. Instead, they were abducted and tortured for 40 hours -- all because of a teammate.

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That is absolutely insane, and it was all over four pounds of marijuana? I was curious what that's even worth, and by one website estimate it was around $16,000.

I'm surprised to have never heard of this before.

The story was protecting the identity of the second kidnapped victim, which is fine, but I would have liked to know whether he's recovered.

posted by rcade at 01:26 PM on June 30

Jebus, what a terrible story. I can only imagine the psychological scarring that those two young men are going to have to live with after that ordeal. The depths of depravity to which some people will go will never cease to amaze me (even though nothing really should be shocking anymore). How could you willingly torture someone [ever...at all, but especially] who you know had nothing to do with the incident for which you are supposedly exacting revenge?! That's just sadism plain and simple. Fuck.

posted by tahoemoj at 05:37 PM on June 30

There's so much to be troubled by from these kinds of stories, but one thing that gets to me is the number of other people who knew it was going on, let it happen and never contacted police. It's like real-life A Clockwork Orange.

Even if you lack all empathy, which is bad enough, you're hanging out for a couple days with torturers? How do you not recognize the danger to yourself?

They all deserve long prison sentences.

posted by rcade at 11:09 AM on July 01

I got a few paragraphs in, saw how intense it was, and had to bookmark it to return to in full when I'm prepared and have the time to give it a proper read. Very soon.

posted by beaverboard at 11:50 AM on July 01

This story gave me nightmares last night. Those poor guys, I don't know how one can come back from that.

This is like if the guy that made Saw remade a Hitchcock film.

posted by NoMich at 09:14 AM on July 02

don't know how one can come back from that.

The article said that he has continued with his piano playing. That will be the key to moving past the horror. He will be able to bury himself in the music, and as time passes the emotional pain will lessen.

posted by Howard_T at 12:47 PM on July 02

CTRL-F, "Arthur Shawcross" - 0 results. Huh.

posted by yerfatma at 02:12 PM on July 10

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