September 12, 2003

Cleveland Indians' prospect had gay pr0n 'mistake'.: Jim Rome says "but a baseball clubhouse is one of the last bastions of bigotry and intolerance. That’s not going to fly. You wait and see what happens when he gets to the Majors. Not all of us have made gay porn and there are more Todd Jones’ and John Rockers than Mark Graces in big league clubhouses. More so than anyone wants to admit." Is there any way at all this guy can tolerate what is likely inevitable in a Major League Clubhouse?

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WOW! And a JAPANESE player to boot! I will follow this story closely, its very interesting.

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Jim Rome says "but a baseball clubhouse is one of the last bastions of bigotry and intolerance. WTF does Jim Rome know? He never played baseball. Baseball was one of the first institutions to break the color barrier. They'll come around on homosexuality too.

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I don't get the reference to Todd Jones...

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... and I don't get the reference to Mark Grace.

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please help phil and i. :)

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Mark Grace made a statement recently about baseball not being ready to accept a gay athlete IIRC.

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"I wouldn't want a gay guy being around me." --Todd Jones, Rockies pitcher (Denver Post) "It's got nothing to do with being scared. That's the problem: All these people say he's got all these rights. Yeah, he's got rights or whatever, but he shouldn't be walking around proud. It's like he's rubbing it in our face." --Jones, on the prospect of a having an openly gay teammate "I think my only mistake was that I made my views public." --Jones

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"I think the perception in the clubhouse would be one of, for lack of a better word—fear... Fear that they'd be stared at or (that a gay player might fall) in love with them. But I think if you're intelligent at all, you'd understand that homosexuals are just like us. They don't think everybody's attractive. Just because this guy's homosexual doesn't mean he's attracted to me." --Mark Grace, Diamondbacks infielder (Denver Post) "I've played for 16 years, and I'm sure I've had homosexual teammates that I didn't know about... If one out of six or seven men are homosexual—do the math." --Grace

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Thanks for tracking those down, vito. My gut says that Rome is probably correct though. There probably are more Todd Joneses than Mark Graces. The fact that this guy was in a movie too only exacerbates the emotions that some of the teammates will inevitably have. What happens when a teammate tracks down the tape and shows it to other teammates? This could completely divide a team, making this prospect a potential liability. As much as I'd love to see him go on and have a successful career with a tolerant club, I just don't see it happening in the next two-three years.

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Prolly the thing that will help Tadano out is that, provided he makes it to the bigs, the Tribe clubhouse is pretty young, so you won't have as many of the old vets who could automatically be against him (not that younger players can't be bigoted, but at least their views aren't hard-wired). Also, there's a pretty good culture taking shape in the Indians oranization. I went to the Baseball Prospectus pizza feed last month, and we had a chance to talk with some of the BP authors and Tribe front office folks, and there is a real emphasis on total player development, including trying to help players with their personal issues. The BP authors pretty much said that Tadano's road will be tough, but that he has as good of a chance at succeeding because he is in a stable, forward-thinking organization. The Aeros clubhouse doesn't seem to be affected by the revelation, and given overall youth of the org., I don't think his reception would be much different at Buffalo or Cleveland. Now if we can just retire Chief Wahoo.

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Had no idea about Todd Jones (or Mark Grace, for that matter). Thanks for tracking those down guys.

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Yes. Thanks for the quotes. I didn't know about them, either.

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No problem, simple cuts and pastes from the Baseball Prospectus Quotes page.

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What happens when a teammate tracks down the tape and shows it to other teammates? I just can't see a bunch of baseball players tracking down a gay porn tape, least of all, actually watching it in the clubhouse. That would be kinda funny though. 1/2 hour before game time: Coaches: "Whatcha guys doing?" Players: "Nothing. Just watching a bit o' gay porn." Coaches: "Sweeet. Pass the popcorn."

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"Player": "Man, this is some salty popcorn" We need wfrazer and the usual cast of characters to come up with the spoof porn names. Here, I'll start: Ball Durham Major League Hard-On A League of Their Own (Lesbian Porn) Pantsless Joe

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Craven Moorehead Best1 Porn name! Ever!

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Bat Boys IX: They know where to stick it!

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I can't believe nobody mentioned: Mr. Baseball (Base-bo-ru!) Look at that stick!

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Switch Hitters IV - Pine tar is not suitable lube. Pitchin' and Catchin' Balls Deep in the Count

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Great story. Mark Grace has some serious balls to state publicly that homosexual players are no big deal -- especially since there are undoubtedly a bunch of Todd Joneses in the league. What a dink.

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Look at that stick! how can you look at that bat when he's clearly wearing some sort of arm guard made out of weasel fur?

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Prince Albert in my Pujols

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Bang My Ass Slowly

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Dugout Pujols: An expose!

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A. Rod: Everything is Bigger in Texas

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Sorry, folks ... I was out of the office for the past couple of days. Sure is nice to know that when SpoFi needs a gay porno movie name, I'm the guy everyone thinks of. My contributions: Shoot One in the Gap A League Of His Bone Minor Leagues: Goin' Down Can O' Cornhole The On-Dick Batter Tadano: In the Hole Open A-Holes In The Outfield Backdoor Slider Foul Pole Smokin'

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By the way, the big mistake here is that Jim Rome still has a show.

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Baseball terminology is such rich soil to till ... On the Mound (lesbo movie) Pinch Hitter (no sex, just a pinching fetish) Foul Ball Stealin' Turd (yow!) Homo Plate Slidin' Homo Grand Slam Field of Creams (aka "Build it and They Will Cum") Takeout Piazza

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Pure. Brilliance.

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Oh, wait. I have more. And I'm not even a baseball fan. (But I know enough to get into trouble.) The Nookie Field of Creams 2: Field of Reams The five-part Pitcher series: Fastball! Hardball! Slider! Knuckleball! Sidewinder! (deeyam!) Ejected from the Game Dugout Hump the Ump Love the Glove ("This auto-erotica special hits it out of the park!") I. have. got. to. stop.

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yes. you . do.

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Eight Men In and Out

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naw, that'd be: Eight Men. Out.

posted by gspm at 05:59 AM on September 13

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