January 05, 2014

Chargers Upset Bengals, 27-10: San Diego took advantage of Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton's three turnovers in the second half, pulling away to a 27-10 road victory in an AFC wild card game. The Bengals haven't won a playoff game since 1990 when Boomer Esiason was the quarterback and Sam Wyche the head coach.

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The Bengals should reimburse all Cinci fans who attended this game after that uninspired performance.

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"Since 'Boomer' was a cool nickname" is my new phrase for "a long time."

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Wait, Cincinnati has fans?

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People who live in and around Cincinnati eat Skyline Chili and go to the Creation Museum -- there is no bar of taste nor quality they can't sail beneath.

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I have to find out if Bootsy is able to access SpoFi. He won't let this chit chat stand.

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As a Patriots fan I took a fair bit of schadenfreude out of Cincy's inability to come back in that awful weather. I spent the rest of the 4th quarter wondering about the exact content of the photos Marvin Lewis so clearly owns.

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PM me for private access to the videos of Mike Brown and Marge Schott.

One of them has her dog in it, too.

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Wow, I was eager to see what kind of Dalton/Lewis chatter was going on after that shit show. Didn't realize it was going to be Cincinnati bashing in general. I had to check my browser to make sure I wasn't on Deadspin by mistake. People who live in and around Cincinnati eat Skyline Chili and go to the Creation Museum -- there is no bar of taste nor quality they can't sail beneath.

Yeah, yeah, generalizations are cool, and everyone who makes them is clever as hell. Skyline chili is fanfuckingtastic. If Anthony Bourdain says he'd eat it for breakfast, that's enough endorsement for me. Most of those who bash it have never tasted it, and just believe our friends over at Deadspin that it is "toxic diarrhea sludge" (BTW-that article was funny as hell). Not everyone lives in and around Cincinnati is a flat earther, at least in my recollection. I moved away 20 years ago, and recall there being some enlightened folks around. But what all that has to do with poor execution by the entire Bengals team is beyond me.

Lewis and Gruden combined to call one of the worst games I have ever seen. When the calls were correct, Dalton executed like a rookie or his lack of arm strength was glaring. That ball he underthrew to AJ Green at the 5 would have been an easy touchdown if he had the strength to get it to the end zone. His dive/fumble in the third quarter was just a plain old brain fart. Bernard's fumble was the turning point in the game, and even though they still put points on the board, it completely deflated the offense.

When it's all said and done, that team is completely stacked on both sides of the ball, but needs a quarterback that can make all of the throws necessary to get to the next level and a coach who can win a big game. I am a fan of both Lewis and Dalton on a certain level, as I believe them both to be stand-up guys who have restored the reputation of my team. But I don't think they will bring this team anything but playoff misery.

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Today, Jay Gruden heard from as many as three NFL teams about becoming their head coach.

But this is not just about rewarding underperformance with better opportunities. Winning OC Ken Whisenhunt is getting his share of the prospective carousel action too.

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One can only assume that the interviews with Gruden were scheduled prior to Sunday's debacle. Or maybe he's actually a genius who, for three years, has cleverly hidden the fact that Dalton is a noodle-armed Christian Ponder.

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