September 28, 2013

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle:

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ESPN seems to be digging for some sort of Derek Rose type angle with Gronkowski. They seem to be tackier than usual lately, maybe that's just me.

posted by feloniousmonk at 01:59 PM on September 28

What just irks me about articles like that are statements like this:

Patriots players have been waiting and wondering what the holdup is.

No definition on which players, no attributable quotes, nothing. It's bullshit.

posted by dfleming at 02:16 PM on September 28

As a daily reader of ESPN Boston, it's weird to me most of the stories about Gronk come from Adam Schefter and not Mike Reiss. Just strange that they have one of the hardest-working beat guys around yet they keep inserting a national reporter into the story. Maybe Schefter has better sources for the story or maybe ESPN is just trying to stir up a story for Skip Bayless and his ilk.

On edit: I guess it's not just Schefter. Jeff Howe is another good Pats beat guy, but the story is poisoned by the last line, "Ron Borges contributed to this report."

posted by yerfatma at 02:56 PM on September 28

We're gonna have a barn-burner of a Sunday in the AL Wild Card race.

We could have a three-way tie for the two spots, or a two-way tie for the 2nd spot. If either case happens, there will have to be a play-in game (at least one) to get into the wild-card play-in game to get into the league division series.

If it's a three-way tie, then Cleveland hosts Tampa Bay (on Monday), and the winner gets the first wild-card spot. Then Texas would host the losing team (on Tuesday), and the winner of that would get the second wild-card spot. Then the two teams would play each other in the wild-card play-in game on Wednesday, and the winner would play in Boston on Friday.

Therefore, it's entirely possible that:

  1. The Indians play in Minnesota on Sunday.
  2. They then fly to Cleveland and play the Rays on Monday.
  3. They then fly to Texas and play the Rangers on Tuesday.
  4. They then fly to Tampa Bay and play the Rays (again) on Wednesday.
  5. They then fly to Boston and play the Red Sox on Friday.

Five games in five different cities in six nights.

posted by grum@work at 09:15 PM on September 28

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