September 25, 2013

Michael Jackson Evicted from Craven Cottage: New Fulham FC owner Shahid Khan has removed a Michael Jackson statue from its spot outside the team's Craven Cottage field, where two years ago it was put up by former owner and Jackson pal Mohamed Al Fayed. Fan jeers over that move prompted Al Fayed to rage, "If some stupid fans don't understand and appreciate such a gift this guy gave to the world they can go to hell. I don't want them to be fans. If they don't understand and don't believe in things I believe in they can go to Chelsea, they can go to anywhere else. ... The last game he attended here with me, he was running like a child, he loved the place. He loved Fulham and he wanted to attend all of the matches." Jackson only went to one match in 1999 against Wigan Athletic. Khan gave the statue back to Al Fayed.

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And in turn, the statue of Khan is being removed from New York Harbor.

posted by beaverboard at 05:28 PM on September 25

I'm not surprised than the fans hated the statue. Jackson was a serial glory hunter. Shortly after, he was off to Exeter City with some of his mates. Video here.

posted by owlhouse at 08:10 PM on September 25

Just as well ... a statue gets lonely in front of an empty stadium at 3 a.m.

posted by jjzucal at 10:07 PM on September 25

Moving up on the list of worst statues outside a sports stadium, this relic

posted by tommytrump at 10:22 PM on September 25

I bet this was what was said.

posted by BornIcon at 08:25 AM on September 26

Where did that come from, BI? Feels a little Off the Wall.

posted by yerfatma at 11:36 AM on September 26

Everybody's somebody's fool, it's human nature. After working day and night, for someone to say say say, "Ease on down the road?" Bad.

Come on, you know it.

posted by Hugh Janus at 12:27 PM on September 26

My bad fatty. Wasn't much of a Thriller.

posted by BornIcon at 02:13 PM on September 26

Don't be starting something.

posted by yerfatma at 04:22 PM on September 26

Al Fayed thought owning Fulham would be "easy as 1, 2, 3 ..." Oops.

posted by jjzucal at 01:13 PM on September 27

It's not me, it's the Man in the Mirror. So if you wanna make the world a better place you need to look at yourself and make a change.

posted by BornIcon at 01:39 PM on September 27

Just leave me alone!

posted by Hugh Janus at 05:29 PM on September 27

Judging from some of the above comments, it appears that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

posted by Howard_T at 09:46 PM on September 27

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