July 29, 2013

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle:

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Newspapers in his home town of Greenville, MS, are reporting the death of George Scott, former Boston Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers slugger. "The Boomer" is chiefly remembered for his bat, but he played some great defense at 1st base as well. I remember being at Fenway for a game vs Minnesota when he turned a sure RBI double down the line into an easy double play, gloving a hard shot and tagging the bag for the second out on the play. It was a game saver.

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That's a perfect ESPN graphic. I'm sure the stats compare just as favorably over the whole season.

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I'm the first to complain about shoddy stats & ESPN, but the point is the Rays' recent success has been due in large part to the fact their entire starting pitching staff (or maybe it's the whole staff) has given them a season's worth of vintage Pedro Martinez. It's a decent way of summing up their performance.

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A bit more on George Scott: Remembering Boomer.

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A bit more on George Scott

Thanks for that, fatty. I hadn't read anything by Leigh Montville in quite a while, and I'd forgotten just how well he can write.

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