July 08, 2013

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Tyler Seguin quits Twitter after "hacking". Now that he's gone, the Globe's resident no-specific sport contrarian and Shaughnessy in waiting tells us the Bruins made a mistake. Included in his argument is that the Patriots let Rob Gronkowski party.

posted by yerfatma at 10:10 AM on July 08

Seguin's exile to Texas

Mr. Gasper's phrasing indicates a certain "Boston is the center of the universe" mentality. I wonder how more than 2 million residents of DFW might feel about being labeled "exile."

I think the one fairly strong point he made in that whole convoluted diatribe was that two of the prospects the B's got in return for Seguin are actually older than him and might never be NHL caliber players. So I guess any individual's opinion of the trade hinges on their perception of Louie Ericsson and his talents. The poor exilees in DFW seem to think highly of him.

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Boy, Seguin seems excited to be joining my Dallas Stars.

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That Globe article is atrocious:

The Bruins beat teams that can't complement their skill, skating, and scoring with pluck, mettle, or mental toughness, like Pittsburgh or Vancouver. But when they ran into a team that had more talent and the requisite tenacity, talent won out. It usually does in sports.

They got beat by a team who, by all accounts, was the best team in the NHL this year. They withstood the Leafs throwing everything and the kitchen sink at them. They disposed of a Penguins team who most people thought would waltz by them. The way this article writes it, Pittsburgh was an also-ran - most people had them as a Cup favourite.

Of course, this is a guy who less than a month ago was lauding the Bruins for their talent - now, suddenly, by trading one player, he believes the Bruins are anti-talent.

Oh, the contortions some columnists will take to be contrary to whatever opinion is widely held.

posted by dfleming at 12:42 PM on July 08

I believe the word 'exile' was used only in the context of shipping someone out of the country, not necessarily to a lesser place, just out of town. Simply enough, Seguin did not live up to the expectations Bruins had for him. Perhaps Bruins might have been partly to blame for this, as was expressed in a Boston Herald piece today. Seguin did not appear to be trying to get himself better on the ice, nor stronger to handle the rigors of the game. I think the word 'irresponsible' best describes him.

As for Shaughnessy, I stopped reading anything with his byline a few years ago, and the mute button is exercised whenever he appears on a local talking head program. His knowledge about many sports is superficial at best, and he spouts his opinions only to stoke a controversy and gain readers/viewers/listeners. I grow stupider every time I hear him.

posted by Howard_T at 03:23 PM on July 08

Simply enough, Seguin did not live up to the expectations Bruins had for him.

He is only 21 years old. It seems a little premature for the Bruins to get rid of him for not living up to expectations. I will not be surprised if the Bruins regret dealing him.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 06:59 PM on July 08

But would you be surprised if he totally flames out as well? Given the restrictive nature of the NHL salary cap, it's hard to take a risk on a player. I'd also point out that if he isn't a Rob Gronkowski-type, that means he's the other New England tight end and will be murdering people.

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Simply enough, Seguin did not live up to the expectations Bruins had for him.

Kessel smiles quietly to himself while resting on his pool lounger.

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Kessel smiles quietly to himself while resting on his pool lounger

Don't kid yourself - if someone wanted Kessel he'd be out of Toronto as well.

posted by cixelsyd at 10:46 PM on July 08

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