July 03, 2013

City Council OKs multimillion-dollar deal to keep Arizona Coyotes in Glendale: The NHL still has to give formal approval to an investment group called IceArizona (RSE) to complete their purchase. RSE promised to reimburse the city millions a year based on revenue drawn from new ticket surcharges, parking fees and a split of naming rights for the arena. The city council voted not only to pay RSE $15 million a year for 15 years (a total of $225 million) to run Jobing.com Arena, but to remove an escape clause under which the city could have terminated the agreement in the event that the city incurred losses of $50 million or more over five seasons. This comes at a time when the city of Glendale is struggling to find the money to fuel its fire engines. There was a hint of irony, then, when council member Sam Chavira, a fireman himself, addressed RSE's Anthony LeBlanc just before the vote and compared the Coyotes' new owners to firemen rushing into a burning building. That remark, just before Chavira eventually cast his deciding "yes" vote (Chavira was seen as the swing vote), also seemed out of place considering the 19 firefighters who lost their lives in Arizona battling a wildfire this week.

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We'll all be able to get freebies to NHL games if we visit Glendale all paid for by the local taxpayers and other NHL franchises.

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What the eff?

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So, OK, I got around the stupid error screen by just going to the home page of azcentral and finding the article from there.

The team did change their name to the Arizona Coyotes. I thought that azcentral made a mistake, but nope.

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