September 18, 2012

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 13: And just when you thought things were settling down the season. We have yet another tie for first, and a solid seven weeks still to go. Chug those six Red Bulls and make your picks inside.

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Winnipeg's offensive struggles return as they manage only three points in Calgary, and Edmonton doesn't look much better in Hamilton. Toronto makes a game of it but falls just short in B.C., and Saskatchewan can't come back from the early deficit in Montreal.

ResultCalgary by 41Hamilton by 43B.C. by 5Montreal by 11
Margin of Error29 to 5330 to 564 to 78 to 14

bender's sole reign is no more: tommytrump notches three points to move back into a first-place tie.

SpoFiteWPG @ CGYSEDM @ HAMSTOR @ BCSSSK @ MTLSPointsTotal Points
bender Hamilton 135
tommytrumpCalgary B.C. Montreal 335
JPRCalgary B.C.6Montreal10533
DrJohnEvansCalgary Hamilton B.C. Montreal 429
andiemgarcia 028
apoch 028
Howard_T 027
MrFrisbyCalgary Hamilton B.C. 327
ReeverCalgary Hamilton B.C. Montreal 427
argoalCalgary Hamilton B.C. Montreal 426
Ying Yang MafiaCalgary B.C. 225

We're well over the halfway bump. Time to gear down for the home stretch.


Hamilton @ Winnipeg (Friday, September 21)
The Tiger-Cats need to start piling up more points if they hope to catch the rest of the East. Fortunately, Winnipeg is a good place to do just that.

B.C. @ Edmonton (Saturday, September 22)
Edmonton has looked absolutely terrible for the past few weeks, but are still tied for the last playoff spot. Is a turnaround in their future? Not if Kerry Joseph sees any more minutes, is my guess.

Toronto @ Montreal (Saturday, September 23)
Toronto walked into Montreal earlier this season and came away with a win. Can they do it again? If so, they'll be sitting pretty for at least a home playoff date.

Calgary @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, September 23)
Calgary's on a nice little run, but playing EDM-EDM-WPG will never hurt your win streak. Saskatchewan might just be tougher stuff.

Good luck!

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with apologies to Brett Lawrie

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Hamilton by 13
BC by 22
Montreal by 3
Saskatchewan by 10

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Hamilton by 8
B.C. by 14
Toronto by 19
Saskatchewan by 4

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Hamilton by 6

British Columbia by 7

Montreal by 8

Calgary by 9

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Can the 4 road teams come out victorious this week?

hami by 4

bc by 11

Argos by 3

cal by 2

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Hamilton by 18
B.C. by 22
Montreal by 5
Saskatchewan by 1

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Missed getting my picks in last week due to a combination of an arthritis flare-up in my shoulder and wife dragging me off to a weekend getaway in Maine. The weather was way too good to waste on the computer, so we did a good bit of walking, drank some of southern Maine's better microbrews, hit our favorite restaurants in Wells and Kennebunkport, and had a really nice time.

Despite being shut out, it looks like I didn't really fall too far. That being so, I'll see if I can do a little something to make it up.

Hamilton at Winnipeg: I see the kitties had their claws sharp last week against the Eskimos. Blue Bombers have had trouble getting off the ground, and this week will be no better. Cats raid the flight line and the Bombers have no flight plan filed. Hamilton by 22.

BC at Edmonton: Eskimos seem to be allergic to cats after last week. This time the western variety comes to town, and the Eskimos will be left with stuffy noses, runny eyes, and a lot of other problems. BC Lions by 11.

Toronto at Montreal: Both of these teams have enjoyed some success of late, but I have to believe Les Alouettes are 'plus fort', which I think means more strong, but also might mean they fart more often. Anyway, the Argos are the visitors, and when in doubt, take the home team. Montreal by 8.

Calgary at Saskatchewan: The Stampede runs through Saskatchewan this week. Rough Riders cannot live up to their name, fall off, and get run over. Look out for stray hoof prints on tender parts of the anatomy. Calgary by 4.

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Hamilton by 24
B.C. by 17
Montreal by 7
Calgary by 3

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Ham by 7

BC by 8

Mtl by 4

Stamps by 3

posted by JPR at 03:42 PM on September 21

Hamilton by 5

BC by 15

Toronto by 3

Calgary by 8

posted by Reever at 03:44 PM on September 21

Toronto by 3

Calgary by 10

posted by andiemgarcia at 12:33 PM on September 23

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