September 18, 2012

Steve Sabol, sports film maker, passes away at 69.:
If you've ever watched slow-motion replay of an NFL play, laughed at a ridiculous NFL blooper, listened to a coach miked up on a sideline, sat enthralled as a player does his thing on the field and gives voice to his exploits, enjoyed the game or season review of your favorite NFL team, or watched an NFL broadcast at all, you have Steve Sabol to thank for that. And if you've ever cashed a seven-figure check from the NFL, you really have Steve Sabol and NFL Films to thank for that.

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A true legend who deserves to be inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame.


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When he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011, Sabol thought it would be a great story whether he survived long enough to see his father inducted into the Hall of Fame. He did.

One of his many contributions to the depiction of football was this poem:

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...with a rollicking song he sweeps along, swaggering voicelessly.

His films swept along, not voicelessly, but with his voice added only to punctuate the voice of the game.

RIP, Steve Sabol.

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Hall of Fame worthy for sure.


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