September 09, 2012

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle:

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Week One of The Hoser.

posted by wfrazerjr at 10:03 AM on September 09

Close call!

posted by grum@work at 11:04 AM on September 09

There were 20 seconds left when the Jaguars kicked off to the Vikings with a three-point lead. 26 yard pass, 6 yard pass, 55 yard field goal. Tie game.

posted by rcade at 07:15 PM on September 09

Niners over Packers, Skins over Saints, Cowboys over Giants, Jets score 48, Bears score 41... Now I know how Spider-Man feels when he meets Superman in some town called "Metropolis." Greetings from Earth-1!

posted by Etrigan at 08:58 PM on September 09

Is it really faster to dive into first base than just run thru the bag? Why do players do it sometimes not? I get why for other bases where you need to get tagged, but not sure about first.

posted by jmd82 at 11:55 PM on September 09

It's only faster to dive into first base if you time it perfectly (no slide), which then increases tenfold the chances of breaking your wrist/fingers when you do it.

In this case, Teixeira re-injured his leg while running down the line and realized he wasn't going to be able to finish running at full speed, so he dove.

In most cases, the dive is done to try and confuse/convince the umpire that you are beating the throw. However, umpires use sound as well as sight to determine if the ball (thump) hit the glove before the foot (stomp) hit the base. By sliding, you remove that audio cue and run the risk (like in this case) of the umpire fucking up the call.

posted by grum@work at 01:25 AM on September 10

What's weird is I'd always heard they look at the bag and listen for the ball in the glove- which should have let the ump realize Teixiera was safe.

Yet another argument for in-booth replay/overrule, where by the time Teixiera stands up and dusts off his uniform, the right call will have been made.

posted by hincandenza at 03:05 AM on September 10

Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense.

I'm not in disfavor of booth reviews per se, but they've got out of hand in the NFL. Every single scoring drive is now reviewed. I think it's just a ploy to create more TV timeouts to get ad money. Football games were already being drawn out with breaks. Seems worse now with so many reviews. /rant

posted by jmd82 at 09:04 AM on September 10

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