September 05, 2012

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 11: Kids across Canada rejoiced as they woke up with extra U's in their stockings on Labour Day Monday, but there was no joy in Winnipeg. Find out why and make your picks inside.

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This was not your run-of-the-mill Labour Day weekend. Montreal stops B.C.'s four-game win streak to notch one of their own. Toronto stuns the Ti-Cat faithful with 22 fourth-quarter points. Edmonton's own comeback attempt falls just short in Cowtown. And out in Saskatchewan, the Roughriders put an end to their losing streak in fine style: by handing Winnipeg its first shutout in 43 years.

ResultMontreal by 5Saskatchewan by 52Toronto by 3Calgary by 1
Margin of Error4 to 736 to 682 to 41 to 1

Entertaining games don't always translate to points on the board. Just ask apoch. Or Reever.

SpoFiteBC @ MTLSWPG @ SSKSTOR @ HAMSEDM @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
bender Saskatchewan Calgary2229
tommytrump Saskatchewan Toronto 229
apoch 027
JPR 5 Calgary 226
andiemgarciaMontreal Toronto Calgary 325
Howard_TMontreal Saskatchewan 224
Ying Yang MafiaMontreal Toronto Calgary 323
DrJohnEvans Calgary 122
MrFrisbyMontreal Calgary 222
Reever 021
argoalMontreal Saskatchewan Calgary 319

Last week was so fun, we decided to do it again. That's right, it's the second half of the Labour Day Home-and-Home Grudge Match Spectacular!


Calgary @ Edmonton (Friday, September 7)
Edmonton wants to regain both its momentum and its hold on second place. With a one-point comeback loss last week, I'd make this rematch a coin toss.

Hamilton @ Toronto (Saturday, September 8)
Hamilton nearly rode their special teams to a win. Toronto's offence finally came to life, but only in the fourth quarter. Whoever finds consistency first wins the rematch.

Montreal @ B.C. (Saturday, September 8)
Clash of the titans, part two! Will B.C. return the favour at home and put an end to Montreal's winning streak?

Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg (Sunday, September 9)
If Winnipeg scores a point, it will be a moral victory.

Special shout-out to faithful CFL Pick 'Em player Reever, who's getting married during the CGY-EDM game. I mean, on Friday. I don't think the ceremony's at the game itself. Congratulations!

Good luck!

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Hm, not sure about that table colour. I'm experimenting with new colours, given the move from the Locker Room over to the new page. Will try something different next week.

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apoch writes in via Twitter to say he'll go with the same picks as last week:

BC by 4
Winnipeg by 5
Hamilton by 10
Edmonton by 7

posted by DrJohnEvans at 04:48 PM on September 05

Edmonton by 14

Toronto by 3

BC by 10

Saskatchewan by 21

posted by andiemgarcia at 08:55 PM on September 05

Edmonton by 7

Toronto by 4

British Columbia by 11

Saskatchewan by 11

posted by tommytrump at 09:07 PM on September 05

Calgary by 11
Toronto by 15
B.C. by 2
Saskatchewan by 2

posted by bender at 08:50 AM on September 06

Edmonton by 10
Ham... Ha... H... Toronto by 8
B.C. by 7
Saskatchewan by 12

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:02 AM on September 06

Eddy by 3

Argos by 3

BC by 4

Sask by 8

Good fortunes Reever!

posted by argoal at 05:05 PM on September 06

Edmonton by 4
Toronto by 3
Montreal by 11
Saskatchewan by 17

posted by MrFrisby at 07:38 PM on September 06

Weeks that begin with a Monday holiday are the bane of my existence. If I have any appointments, I will usually miss them unless reminded. Today is Thursday, but not to me. Thursday is the day we put our trash out to the curb, but we're not doing it tonight because of the holiday. Everything is back a day, so the force of habit that usually governs all of my actions is off by that much. Thus, I was just in a panic because I thought I had missed making my pick for the Thursday game. Well, I guess the CFL has the same problem I have, because the Thursday game is on Friday this week. That resets everything to normal, so here go the picks.

Calgary at Edmonton: A one-point road loss is tough to take, so when you get a rematch at home the next week, the revenge motive is strong. Having to temporarily halt the game for the nationwide broadcast of reever's nuptials will have little effect on the outcome. Edmonton by 9.

Hamilton at Toronto: Bad kitties let the Argos kick stuff in their own litter box and lost. Now they have the rematch in Toronto. Kitty will not travel well and will cough up a hair ball before this one is over. Toronto by 8.

Montreal at BC: Larks successfully defended the bird cage against the marauding Lions, but now they've a long flight to the other end of Canada. They will suffer from tired wings along the shores of Burrard Inlet and will fall. BC by 16.

Saskatchewan at Winnipeg: Bombers are still wondering what hit them last game. Will they be able to get things under control and respond with some passion to an historic butt whipping? They will respond, will play much better, but, alas, will still lose. Saskatchewan by 14.

Reever at The Altar: The odds of escaping this are very much against Reever. If he has survived the bachelor party, he still has to run the gauntlet of bridesmaids, bride's family, and ex-girlfriends. My pick is that he will go through with it, come up with a great game plan for the rest of his life, and he and his intended will wind up winning the rest of the way.

posted by Howard_T at 09:35 PM on September 06

Edmonton by 3

Hamilton by 3

BC by 5

Saskatchewan by 8

posted by JPR at 02:54 PM on September 07

BC by 8, Sask by 10, Edm by 4 and Hamilton Tiger cats over Toronto Argonauts by 6.

DrJ, don't want to confuse you, but I have mixed up the picks for me and JPR. I posted them under the wrong names.

posted by Reever at 03:48 PM on September 07

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