March 06, 2012

'1 Nil and You Still Don't Sing': The website Fan Chants, which contains 20,000 soccer chants from 700 teams around the world, is profiled in the New York Times. The site's founder Michael Dennis and his business partner Natalie Ward first compiled the site by traveling to 27 European countries while living out of a van. Premiership ditties include Arsenal's Marouane Chamakh, Manchester City's We're Ruining Football, Sunderland's Niall Quinn's Disco Pants and Stoke's We Only Score from a Throw In.

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Disappointed that Ipswich's version of "Blue Moon" isn't in there, although it's a vintage one these days.

The year Burley took us up via the playoffs Man City beat us at Portman toward the end of the year and celebrated like they'd won the world cup, which grated, slightly.

The following season Burley had Ipswich firmly ensconced in the top five with a UEFA Cup place on the cards when City came back to Portman and our victory that day sent them back to the Championship.

We took their own anthem and altered it a little.

"Blue Moon
You got promoted too soon
and now you're going back down
And Europe's coming to Town."

Since then Ipswich have gone on from strength to strength and are regulars in England's top six, while Man City have slumped toward the wrong end of the Championship where they rot today in quiet desperation.


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Just checked to see a couple of my favourites, which aren't listed:

Chile's fans when playing Bolivia - "Let's go to the beach"

Sydney FC fans when playing Central Coat - "You're just a slum off the freeway".

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