February 15, 2012

Hard to dislike a guy that can spit out that much knowledge like hot lead from a Thompson on any sport or player at the drop of a hat.

Even though watching Bobrittanica on TV makes me uncomfortable sometimes. I'm just worried he's gonna blow an artery in front of the viewing audience and traumatize the entire region.

It wouldn't be internal. Not with him. We'd see the blood come flying right out the side of his neck.

When they first gave him a computer, he (or somebody) rightfully claimed that he could write his column in the time that it took the damn thing to boot up.

If they gave him a Dragon speech recognition edition, I think he'd just fry the frickin' software.

I hope he didn't wait too long to step down. Who knows if there's any severance money left in the Globe's bank account. I know a couple of people who left the Globe a bit sooner than anticipated when the paper started going into deep shrinkage mode, and they got very nice packages to walk early.

posted by beaverboard at 12:29 PM on February 15

Bob Ryan is about the only writer left at The Boston Globe that can still write a decent, complete sentence in the English language without making any number of spelling or grammatical errors. He perfected his craft in the days when editors actually looked at the work of their writers and corrected as necessary. I'll miss his writing as well as the depth of his knowledge about sports. I shouldn't worry about Ryan's future financial prospects. He has enough TV things going that he'll make out quite well, thank you. I'm sure ABC or Turner would love to have him as a full-time basketball analyst, but I would bet against him doing anything like that on anything but an occasional basis.

posted by Howard_T at 04:12 PM on February 15

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