December 14, 2011

Walter Iooss, Jr., Talks About Shooting Famous Athletes: Walter Iooss, Jr., a Sports Illustrated photographer for more than four decades, dishes some dirt in a great story for the magazine on his experiences shooting star athletes such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Tiger Woods and swimsuit models including Cheryl Tiegs and Paulina Porizkova. "All the guys who are perceived as a------s are a------s. Randy Moss, Albert Belle, especially Barry Bonds," he writes. "Brett Favre, on the other hand, was a party waiting to happen, back before he cleaned up his act. When he was young, he and his agent, Bus Cook, sometimes arrived at the shoots with beers in their hands."

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What a great read.

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I caught a television version of this a few months back. I want to say on NFL Network, but I don't recall. Some interesting stuff, but he came across as a sexist pig (or maybe 15-year-old is a more fair statement) while talking about the iconic photo he took of Cheryl Tiegs. In her separate interview on the photo she looked visible upset about it, but remained professional. She did say that when she is asked to sign the photo she uses the opportunity to cover up her nipples.

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E.M. Swift was at that shoot. He says that none of them realized until they got back that the suit was transparent, and Iooss and swimsuit editor Jule Campbell hated the shot but were overruled. Tiegs still doesn't understand why it became so successful.

I can think of two reasons.

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Hmm, no NSFW tag. I think I'll pull out the smart phone anyway.

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Both links contain iconic '70s nipplage.

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Which is almost nostalgically cute and endearing in the age of the Internet. "Oh, a girl's nipples. That's nice dear."

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