August 06, 2010

Elvis Has Left the Broncos: Denver Broncos linebacker Elvis Dumervil, who led the NFL in sacks last season, tore a chest muscle in Wednesday evening's practice and could be out for the season. He suffered a torn pectoral muscle that appears to require surgery.

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And today, Elvis's replacement Jarvis Moss broke his hand.

posted by split atom at 04:12 PM on August 06

No need to worry Denver, Tebow's hands will heal all.

posted by sgtcookzane at 05:47 PM on August 06

Ouch! Sounds like a bad break for the Broncos. And with Moss's broken hand do they have the depth to put a player in that slot who will give good results?

Side note. Why the crack about Tebow, sarge? I don't get the ripping on him. (not you in particular, but the internets in general) He seems like a clean cut guy. So he likes him mom and goes to church, is he too squeaky clean?

posted by steelergirl at 09:06 PM on August 06

Not really a crack on him, more joking on the way the media portrayed him throughout his collegiate career. Sorry if I offended you.

posted by sgtcookzane at 09:13 PM on August 06

O, no offense taken, sarge. I have read sooo many cracks on him, every since he became eligible to go pro. (I must confess, I don't know how good a QB he is, I just can't get into college football, don't know why) I was just curious. No worries.

posted by steelergirl at 12:53 AM on August 07

Tebow was great in college but had some weird mechanics which telegraphed where he would throw. In the pros it would be a recipe for failure. To Tebow's credit, he worked really hard at fixing it. The question is for Denver fans, when Tebow has been sacked all day, run for his life and is down by four points in the fourth quarter, will he resort to his old way of throwing....

The Tebow cracks come from the incredible media hype he got while at Florida, the man crush that Urban Meyer had on him (I admit, that was weird), and the almost messiah like following he has.

posted by jc at 01:35 PM on August 08

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