July 21, 2010

Toney-Couture Fight Pits Boxing vs. MMA: Two champions in their respective sports, boxer James Toney and UFC fighter Randy Couture, will fight an MMA bout on Aug. 28 in Boston. Toney, a champion in three weight classes, says he became angered by comments by UFC President Dana White that boxers can't stand up to mixed martial artists. He has a three-fight deal with UFC. "I'm going in there knowing what everyone in boxing knows: that everybody has a plan until they get hit," said Toney.

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It will be interesting to me. Mainly I see a fight like this pretty much like everybody else does. This fight ends quickly either with Toney knocking out Couture or if Couture can survive long enough to get it to the ground thne it ends quickly by submission.

I lean toward Toney since even much closer to his prime Couture got easlily out boxed by Chuck Lidell who I think is not much more than a mediocre boser with good take down defense. Toney was a world class boxer with a very impressive record. If he can develop a defense against the take down long enough to throw a few punches, he wins.

posted by Atheist at 11:54 AM on July 21

It's always interesting to me when someone comes into MMA with one skill or aspect of there game that they are the best in the world at. In those fights it feels like this race to either unleash that skill or find a way to neutralize it.

I'd like to see Toney win by some glorious knockout but I just don't think it will happen. Couture is one of the smarter fighters in the game and I feel that he can find a way to get this to the ground. Toney has a punchers chance, of course, and if he can stay alive when it goes to the ground he gets to stand up again at the start of each round.

posted by tron7 at 02:01 PM on July 21

Unless Toney catches him with a lucky punch, I don't see Toney being able to stand up to any MMA fighter without takedown defense.

Boxers are used to a lot of referee involvement as well. MMA refs will let a tie up continue as long as one of the fighters appears to be advancing their position.

posted by stalnakerz at 02:24 PM on July 21

Toney's strategy:

1) Kick Couture in the nuts.
2) Tell Dana White to STFU.
3) Profit.

posted by wfrazerjr at 02:46 PM on July 21

Didn't they see Rocky III? I know MMA isn't wrestling, but still...

posted by MeatSaber at 03:12 PM on July 21

I'm firmly in the camp that gives this to the MMA guy. Couture has had to deal with punches before, while Toney hasn't had to deal with too many kimuras.

Couture isn't much known for his submission game, but he does have a strong grounding in wrestling, which makes me think we'll be seeing another St Pierre-Hardy, or Koscheck-Daley style fight in which a big puncher comes in talking about how he only has to catch the other guy with a punch once and then spends 15 minutes in guard.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 07:05 PM on July 21

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