April 16, 2003

"No matter how many times I shoot in a game, I'm still going to be on fire." Gilbert Arenas is a budding star on the Golden State Warriors. It takes five people to guard him. Sign Arenas is a fan site dedicated to keeping Arenas on the Warriors, to save them from their amusing legacy, including "A power forward who can't rebound, and a point guard who can't dribble."

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"As you'll notice, most of these players were Warriors around the same time, from '96-'97 to '00-'01.  This was the 5-year void during which Oakland didn't actually have an NBA team, but 12 lucky YMCA players got to dress up as the Warriors and compete against the other 29 teams each night. " Heh.

posted by eckeric at 05:48 PM on April 16

Finally, an NBA post! I'm watching the Warriors play the Lakers right now. Seeing how they're playing tonight, I'm surprised that they didn't make the playoffs. It seems like every one of their players has skills. Paul Sunderland, the Lakers TV analyst, just said that Arenas was benched for the first 35 games last season because the former coach didn't think he was good enough. Oops!

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Also, staygilbert.com. Some of the same content, but some other stuff, too.

posted by dusted at 11:26 PM on April 16

Great post. I especially enjoyed the last site you linked to. That picture of Adam Keefe is fantastic.

posted by herc at 02:31 AM on April 17

Echo Herc - great post and that picture of Adam Keefe looks like something out of a horror movie.

posted by vito90 at 08:52 AM on April 17

My last summer in San Francisco (in 2001) I watched a bunch of the games in SF's ProCity Summer Basketball League; Arenas played for one of the teams. The guy was incredibly nice to watch. Seems like he's only gotten better.

posted by mattpfeff at 11:00 AM on April 18

/cheer Arizona alumnus! Richard Jefferson ain't doing too badly either.

posted by rushmc at 11:52 PM on April 20

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