June 30, 2010

Ex-NFLer Randall Cunningham's son drowns in hot tub at Las Vegas home: This is very sad indeed. Former Eagles/Vikings/Cowboys/Ravens QB Randall Cunningham's 2 year old son Christian died yesterday after drowning in a hot tub at the family's home in Las Vegas. Vegas cops believe the child's death to be accidental.

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How sad. My heart goes out to the Cunningham family.

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I've always said there can't be anything worse than losing a child. My prayers are certainly with Randall and his family.

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The pictures of Cunningham holding his son are heartbreaking.

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Tragic (and preventable).

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Did anyone here take their kids as toddlers to a swimming class? I had a relative so concerned about an accident like this that she took her two- or three-year-old.

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Yeah, I took my two year old every weekend for several years starting around 2 years old. She is 7 and she still can't swim. She doesn't like getting her face wet.

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bperk - I agree this is tragic and preventable, while my heart goes out to them, I can't imagine why someone that has a 2 year old, does not have a hard cover on their hot tub when it is not in use. Horrible for this to happen to anybody and the guilt over how preventable it was will haunt the family forever. It is very sad.

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Did anyone here take their kids as toddlers to a swimming class?

Yes! We live in Socal and pools are everywhere. Every year you hear about a three or four year old drowning in a pool. So we started him out at the Y with lessons very early on.

My son (now 6) hated it until he was potty trained but now I can't get him out of the pool.



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My kids were a little over a year old when I started taking them to swim lessons that lasted until their middle school years. We always had a pool and most of our family members did too. My kids did the same with their kids.

I think its all the sadder because it was preventable.

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