June 20, 2010

The Rising Costs of Playing Minor Hockey: Brian Burke and Stevie Y are worried about the rising costs of playing hockey... both in equipment and in the cost of ice time and it's negative impact on the game.

Personally I am part of a three generation hockey playing family. While I was disapointed that my son wanted to take karate rather than play hockey, my wallet was relieved. When I was in grade five, every guy in my class played amateur hockey. In my son's school, only two kids out of eight grades play hockey.

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Do the NHL teams contribute funds for kids' hockey?

As for kids' hockey, what would Gary Bettman say?

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As for kids' hockey, what would Gary Bettman say?

"Sidney Crosby is only 22, does that count?"

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Too many injuries, lost teeth, lost time from school.

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Too many injuries, lost teeth, lost time from school.

Not so much. Youth hockey players (in America anyhow) are required to wear full face masks and mouthguards. I played through college and the only tooth I ever lost to hockey was playing on a frozen pond in New Hampshire when I was seven (it was a baby tooth). I also think the perception of hockey being dangerous, as far as serious injury, is flawed. Unlike football, or even soccer, when you get hit playing hockey, your feet fly out from under you. Hurts like a bitch when you land, but there's not too much potential for torn ACLs and such. I tore a quadricep in high school, by far the worst injury of my playing days, but it was really a freak injury. Sure, there's broken fingers and stitches every now and then, but really no more risk than riding a bike.

Lost time from school it legitimate, if you're talking about an elite player. The fact is that to find the best competition, you do have to travel, and that involves weekend tournaments that start on Thursdays.

Burke and Yzerman are correct that money is the largest barrier to widespread participation. Shit, I went to buy new gear for a men's league last year and had to rethink. Cheaper skates are $300 these days, and full gear is easily $1,000 if you want fairly reliable stuff.

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