March 17, 2010

Winning Time: Pacers-Knicks and the Legacy of Reggie Miller: The Pacers-Knicks rivalry changed the whole aspect of the NBA during Michael Jordan's first retirement. When he quit the NBA for baseball, the NBA ratings looked to go down. Larry Bird was getting old and was having problems and Magic Johnson retired with his HIV. The Pacers-Knicks rivalry was pretty much a football game on a basketball court, but minus the equipment. This is where Reggie's legacy became untouchable.

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I watched the documentary last night. Reggie is one of my favourite players of all time. I enjoyed it tremendously.

posted by tommytrump at 01:56 PM on March 17

Reggie's time on the radio with Dan Patrick is always hilarious. He's a really funny guy.
Here, he speaks with Patrick about the rivalry.

posted by NoMich at 03:35 PM on March 17

It was really enjoyable, and I'm not even a fan of the Pacers or Knicks.

posted by drezdn at 03:56 PM on March 17

Yes, watched it last night too. A great film. It brings the drama and proves that Patrick Ewing has a personality.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 05:14 PM on March 17

The article from the link is brutal.
I'm hoping no one got paid for writing that.
Whatever this "Bleacher Report" website is about, it obviously isn't quality.
It was like I was reading an extended YouTube comment.

posted by grum@work at 05:20 PM on March 17

Bleacher Report is one of the massive user-generated news sites that are popping up everywhere allowing anyone to write for them. The author of that piece is a 13 year old blogger and self-published author. Not to knock him for caring, but it's funny to note that he wasn't even alive for the events he describes.

posted by rcade at 05:36 PM on March 17

I only caught the back half of it, but it looked like a great watch. I certainly wasn't old enough to remember that, although technically I was alive.

posted by boredom_08 at 01:18 AM on March 18

Reggie's time on the radio with Dan Patrick is always hilarious. He's a really funny guy.

You got that right! Reginald 'Alowishus' Miller (as Dan Patrick likes to call him) is absolutely hilarious when he's on the DP Show on Mondays.

I remember watching these games the Pacers had against the Knicks and can still see Spike Lee sitting there stunned after Reggie scored 8 points in 9 seconds. Reggie was at his best against the Knicks and John Starks.

One of my favorite moments of Winning Time was when former Pacers PG Mark Jackson was saying how he would tell Reggie all the things that journalists would write about #31 and how he would use that as a way to motivate Reggie.

"Can you believe what Mike Lupica wrote about you Reggie?"

posted by BornIcon at 07:43 AM on March 18

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