January 18, 2010

Report: Gailey expected to be named Bills head coach: PFT is reporting that the Buffalo Bills are set to name Chan Gailey as their next head coach, this according to Fox's Jay Glazer.

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will no one else come to buffalo and coach than Mr Wilson than just give the job to Alex Van Pelt

posted by spinoleo at 08:39 PM on January 18

Maybe the NFL should provide executive assistance to owners when they reach a certain stage of life. For the good of the league.

Al Davis and Ralph Wilson would be ideal beneficiaries of this resource right now. Tonight.

To properly complete the scenario, the Bills should really hire Barry Switzer first and then transition to Gailey.

posted by beaverboard at 09:19 PM on January 18

It's fitting the NFL is haveing The Who play the Super Bowl halftime show.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

posted by wfrazerjr at 10:19 PM on January 18

What, was Dave Wannstedt unavailable? This seems to be the ultimate in "he was a head coach before and is a formerly quasi-famous person" hiring.

posted by holden at 10:21 PM on January 18

One of the positives of living in Europe as a Bills fan is I rarely have to worry about them being on TV, so if they do hire Gailey, I don't have to worry about breaking any valuable home electronics when he invariably calls a draw on 3rd & 8 then punts from his opponents 35yd line.

So I got that going for me, which is nice.

posted by Jeffwa at 06:06 AM on January 19

Why get a retread? Why don't they try someone up and coming?

posted by bperk at 07:49 AM on January 19

There's a great Joe Posnanski post that I can't find, think it's an interview with Bill James, where he talks about the whole class of also-ran sports teams who fail year in and year out (specifically, his Royals), but they fail doing things according to Conventional Wisdom. Tuesday Morning Quarterback on ESPN regularly hits this point, that if you kick a field goal on 4th down and then wind up losing, it's seen as better than going for it on 4th down and losing.

I think in that Posnanski post, Bill James suggests an example of something the Royals could do differently: target only pitchers under 6 foot in height. Since baseball scouts routinely ignore these players, there's a chance (maybe 1%, maybe 99%) you could put together a successful pitching staff this way. But they'll never do it, because if you did something different from the norms and failed, you'd be ridiculed. And people would rather lose than be embarrassed, I guess.

posted by yerfatma at 10:16 AM on January 19

Why don't they try someone up and coming?

Because guys like Mike Tomlin, Rex Ryan, Marvin Lewis, and Mike Singletary haven't really done anything good for their teams, apparently. It's better to know that you're getting a loser up front than to try something new.

posted by tahoemoj at 11:03 AM on January 19

Jay Glazer's all too kind about Gailey's recent stint: "Gailey spent some time this season with the Kansas City Chiefs but had his duties removed from him prior to the start of the season."

posted by billsaysthis at 12:04 PM on January 19

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