September 19, 2009

Kyle Turley Faces Possibility of Traumatic Brain Injury: The funny part of retired St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Kyle Turley's history of concussions: He once hugged team owner Georgia Frontiere while completely naked in the locker room and doesn't remember doing it. The sad part: A recent collapse and other symptoms suggest he may be developing Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a degenerative neurological condition. "I never considered myself a guy that had a lot of head injuries," he said. "But the doctors I've seen are very concerned about my past history, and when I look back on some of what I experienced, it makes me angry. Guys are going crazy, and my wife and I just had a baby boy. I don't want that to happen to me."

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Dementia pugilistica From Wikipedia

Dementia pugilistica (DP), also called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), chronic boxer's encephalopathy, traumatic boxer's encephalopathy, boxer's dementia, and punch-drunk syndrome ('punchy'), is a neurological disorder which may affect career boxers, wrestlers, mixed martial artists, and football players who receive multiple dazing blows to the head. Dementia pugilistica, the severe form of chronic traumatic brain injury, commonly manifests as declining mental and physical abilities such as dementia and parkinsonism.

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Related, I posted this link and comment to in the Saturday huddle. I can't believe that a guy with 5 concussions in a year is even allowed to play, knowing what is starting to be known about CTE, etc. ... let alone "want" to play.

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That's a really good article on Turley, rcade.

It seems to me that football, played by the rules, absent of dirty hits, using the approved equipment, etc., carries an enormous risk of serious brain injury.

Consider it: normal football causes serious brain injuries at a very high rate.

I find that ethically and morally questionable. If these injuries can be prevented, then they must be prevented.

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I hope the union takes this seriously. Are there any good arguments for not having union physicians on the sidelines, in practices, etc.?

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Related, I posted this link and comment to in the Saturday huddle.

I'm getting a 404 error. Choose your sportsnet channel.

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