October 26, 2008

Arguing Politics During My Vasectomy: So it's last Friday, and I find myself at Planned Parenthood in Jacksonville, lying flat on my back with my pants around my ankles, trying to find my happy place. A urologist begins handling up on my junk, explaining each step in the process with the unabashed enthusiasm of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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NoMich, while I have the greatest admiration for rcade and his untiring efforts to keep SpoFi going, I believe that the account of his trial by pointy hemostat should not be posted here. Neither vasectomies nor political viewpoints have anything to do with sport. I respect rcade's right to his opinions on politics and surgery, I feel that linking to them from SpoFi only invites the most virulent and inflammatory types of discussion.

I ask that in light of the post's absence of any sports related content, that it be removed from the site.

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Hey, that's cool Howard. It wasn't my intention to bring up the politics of our rcade; just that is was funny that he would even bring up such a discussion when getting that type of procedure done. Kill this post if it offends my fellow Sportsfilterians, please.

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I wasn't intending to talk politics -- it just sort of happened. Like Steve Martin and John Candy in Planes Trains and Automobiles, when I find myself in an uncomfortable situation involving another man and my nether regions I normally shift the conversation to NFL football.

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Hey, I jogged home from MY vasectomy.

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The category listed for this topic is navel gazing. That seems a little bit north in this instance, no?

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Hey, I jogged home from MY vasectomy.

You didn't need to sprint to get away from the medical staff?

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Dude, you were at a PLANNED PARENTHOOD! Worrying that the doctor giving you the old snip at Planned Parenthood does not share your left-leaning political views is like going into a kosher deli and being worried that they will put cheese on your pastrami sandwich or wading into a SportsFilter Barry Bonds thread and being concerned you might be blindsided by some well reasoned thoughts and cogent analysis.

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holden=Post of the day.

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No offense taken at the post; as a matter of fact, I enjoyed the read. I was really afraid that this would spark a firestorm of argument over the politics of the thing, but I see the cooler heads have prevailed, and my fears are groundless. I guess that as long as you didn't wind uo in the soprano section of the church choir, all is OK.

I once saw a photo of a sign that read, in effect:


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All I wanna know is:

Does the ... erm ... procedure, you know, hinder your performance, post-op?

When the gun is firing blanks, is it still as pleasurable to fire it as when you were using live bullets?

Can you still see the blanks? Do they look, urm, funny?

And, of course, I am inquiring on behalf of, uh, a friend. Yeah. That's the ticket.

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I was really afraid that this would spark a firestorm of argument over the politics of the thing, but I see the cooler heads have prevailed, and my fears are groundless.

What do you think this is METAFILTER?!

I kid, I kid, some of my favorite users post on metafilter.

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Hi there WC2K2. Your answers:

1. No.

2. Yes. And you don't have the worry about any long term impact.

3. Yes and Not Really.

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you don't have the worry about any long term impact

Jesus, what kind of velocity did you have before?

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Now this brings back more than a few um...well..embareassing memories. My vasectomy was done by a female doctor with 2 female nurses present. Not to come across as sexist but all three were quite attractive (and the whole "nurses in uniform" porn movie thing comes to mind). At least they were not offended and the good doctor had no problem "snipping".

OK yea WAY to much information.

Still the best decision I ever made.

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This thread is making me laugh and laugh and laugh. In a good way.

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