January 22, 2007

Link Dump!: Holden's post led me to do a little searching on YouTube, during which I found the interesting video above.

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I'd forgotten about that psychotic incident. I enjoyed this ad the first time I saw it. Now I'm off to my old-timer's hockey game.

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The Big Lebowski Phonetic Alphabet.
Because there is no "I" in team, but there is in "In-N-Out Burger".

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Hextall was always such a chicken shit. I got a big laugh watching Felix Potvin clean his clock in a fight (despite what the blind announcers think). The video didn't show how badly Hextall was bleeding at the end of the fight. The Leaf players were taunting him as he skated away, pointing at his face and laughing.

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I dunno, Grum. Based on that video, I'd say Potvin got dealt on. He had a seriously wicked shiner. And while they didn't show Hextall's face after the fight, I didn't see much indication of blood, even after he wiped his face with his white sleeve.

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A compilation of hockey fights.

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Oh, man, I still have that '89 Montreal-Philadelphia series on tape somewhere at my mom's house. Chelios gave a nasty elbow to Brian Propp behind the net early in the series, filling his helmet with blood and knocking him out of the series, and no one on the Flyers did anything about it. Finally, with the series decided in favor of the Canadiens, in the above clip, Hextall did. One of the reasons he was loved so much in Philadelphia. I could never respect Chelios after that hit. I doubt he meant it to be as brutal as it ended up being, but I just could never forgive him.

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Grum, you want chickenshit... Behold the manliness of Tie Domi. McCarthy, Berube and Richardson are all out on the ice, and what does tough-guy-Domi do? He goes and picks on Adam Freakin' Burt, who was already taken down by Kaberle. Then he hides behind Kaberle. And in typical tough guy fashion, he yaps once the linesmen have him. (By the way, that eventually sort of led to the fat plumber falling in to the penalty box.)

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C'mon, Domi was a fan favourite every place he played. He just didn't play for the Flyers (so your assessment is not unusual and is to be expected). He is a bit of a lovable lunk. But that time when the fan fell into the penalty box was hilarious. In a 'that should never happen' sort of way.

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Okay, the signed stick is good. The Chelios elbow on Propp.

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Glad to see I started what largely appears to be a hockey fights thread. It's probably covered in the compilation YYM posted, but here's Probert v. McSorley. My problem with hockey fights unless they are super one-sided is that it's really difficult for me to tell who's getting dishing it best and who's taking the owrst of it. It's hard to tell how hard the punches are, how many are landing, etc. I actually would have called the Potvin-Hextall fight linked above a draw just based on what I could see on the video. If the Leafs platyers were mocking Hextall, though, I would take that as strong circumstantial evidence that those close to the action saw the fight as coming out in favor of Potvin. Wow, SummersEve -- wicked cheap shot by Chelios.

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Damn comments edit bug. (owrst = worst, platyers = players)

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I'd say Potvin got dealt on. He had a seriously wicked shiner. I don't see the shiner you are talking about. The problem with the "homer" announcers in that clip is they assume that every punch Hextall threw, landed. Just watching it shows that most of them don't even reach Potvin's noggin because of the reach advantage Felix has. However, Felix absolutely CLOCKS him with a couple of uppercuts, which is what led to the spilling of sweet Hextall juice. If the video continued on for a few more seconds you'd have seen the big cut on Hextall cheek and brow from those shots. The newspaper the next day (Toronto Sun) had a picture of it and something to the effect of "Cat Mauls Hextall". I remember that Chelios elbow very well. To me, it was the worst cheapshot I'd seen in the playoffs...until Claude Lemieux, of course (0:56 into the video).

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"Dook at be. I'b a freeg." - Kris Draper

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I remember that Chelios elbow very well. To me, it was the worst cheapshot I'd seen in the playoffs...until Claude Lemieux, of course (0:56 into the video). At least those occurred in the run (skate?) of play. The Hunter cheap shot on Turgeon (1:50 mark) is particularly cheap in my mind because it occurred after the goal was scored.

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Some of our younger viewers might never have seen this infamous brawl from the 1987 World Junior Hockey Championships. Both teams were disqualified and sent home.

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Thanks grum now you've gotten me all worked up.

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I don't see the shiner you are talking about. At about :57/:58, Potvin raises his head. His left eye is so black it looks like he's wearing a patch. The newspaper the next day (Toronto Sun) had a picture of it and something to the effect of "Cat Mauls Hextall". Photoshop.

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No inlining, right?

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Producer Gets It in Gear for McLaren Movie - One of the Lord of the Rings producers (not PJackson) has lined up $100M and some of his actual cars for a full-on movie biography of Bruce McLaren.

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Here's the link to the photo of Hextall's bloody face.

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Jerk. You got me twice. You can't link directly to tripod images. Have to post it to imageshack or something.

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At about :57/:58, Potvin raises his head. His left eye is so black it looks like he's wearing a patch. Well, that would be the world's quickest shiner to develop. It looked more like shadow than shiner. Besides, don't let me tell you who won. Just look at the expert decisions. 15 vote Potvin win 3 vote draw 0 vote Hextall win That's pretty decisive to me.

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Flyers-Habs '87 pregame brawl (I gotta learn French): Part 1 - Doesn't get rolling until the 4:30 mark, but well worth the wait. Look for the guy in his shower shoes. Part 2 Flyers-Habs 1974 brawl - Policemen come out to get the photographers off the ice. Flyers vs Ottawa brawl: "The Flyers are winning the game and they're winning the fights too." Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Can't have a bunch of fight links without Milbury beating a Ranger fan with his own shoe. Kypreos takes a nap. More tough-guy Domi as he sucker-punches Ulf. The last 30-seconds of this one are the best as Dave Schultz tells Garden fans they smell funny.

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I watched Holden's link. Everyone fucking one of the guys in that compliation who slashed or took a cheap shot should have been suspended for a year or banned for life. It has nothing to do with "keeping the peace" or "letting guys blow off steam." That was assault in every case. And the NHL wonders why they aren't taken seriously in many quarters.

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Jerk. You got me twice. You can't link directly to tripod images. Have to post it to imageshack or something. Fool me once, shame on ... And now I have inadvertently and embarrassingly put the limits of my tech-savvyness on full display. As I can't be bothered to steal someone's photo (even if it is indeed stolen and even if I apparently have no compunction about stealing someone's bandwidth or whatever), check this link and then just do a search on "hexvspot" or check the thumbnail with that title. And if that doesn't work, I'm just done being a non-value-adder.

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SummersEve: If I remember correctly, the reason the brawl started is that the Canadiens' tradition of firing a puck into the opposing team's net after early warm-ups was something the Flyers objected. So they waited for Corson and Lemieux to attempt it, and then jumped them. Basically, the Flyers were being babies and Hospodar lost his shit and started the whole thing. Things to look for: - CHICO RESCH IS IN THE HOUSE! - Mats Naslund pushes Kjell Samuelsson (according to my references, that's a good 12" height difference) - Nilan fights some shirtless monster and holds his own. - Organist just keeps playing along, including an inspiring choice of "The Final Countdown" by Europe.

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Sorry: not Hospodar. Someone else.

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More tough-guy Domi as he sucker-punches Ulf. See, I've got no problem with that. Ulf had it coming. You can tell no one really gave a damn because Domi stood there and nobody came to "avenge" Ulf. Heck, even Richter just stood there and went "Oh well." *cough cough* No, seriously. That's some bad shit. Shouldn't do that. Nope. Bad. Domi was wrong to do that. Very wrong. Evil, almost. *cough cough*

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Well, that would be the world's quickest shiner to develop. It looked more like shadow than shiner. Professional athletes, by virtue of their superior conditioning, bruise faster than average people. It's a tradeoff for healing faster. That was no shadow on Potvin's eye. If it wasn't a shiner, then it must have been a mascara issue.

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Speaking of brawls, Baseball Musings has posted a survey on the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry. The survey is run by some Temple student and runs about 30 minutes long. I found it can take a bit longer if you have a particularly detailed story to share about why you're afraid to use the rest rooms at Fenway Park.

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That's Hospodar... His profile at hockeydraftcentral.com has the full story. Basically, the Flyers were tied of the little-put-the-puck-in-the-other-team's-net ritual and told Claude Lemieux and the Canadiens not to do it. Chico Resch and Hospodar stayed out on the ice to prevent it, while Turtle and Shayne Corson hid in the tunnel waiting for them to leave. As Resch and Hospodar went to leave the ice, out come Lemiuex and Corson. Calamity ensues. Flyers D Pelle Eklund's take: "I never saw anything like that in Sweden," said Eklund a decade later. "I didn't know how to act. I'm not a fighter, anyway. I went looking for someone 'safe' and found (fellow small, pacifistic Swedish forward) Mats Näslund. We stayed out of the way. To be honest, we both thought it was all a bit stupid." Well, yeah, when you put it that way, Pelle.

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Nilan fights some shirtless monster and holds his own. Apparently, the "shirtless monster" was Dave Brown. This site lists other fight match-ups and details from that brawl, including the fun detail that Larry Robinson broke Don Nachbaur's nose.

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I'm with holden, here. Dale Hunter's is the worst cheap shot I've ever seen. Turgeon had just scored to end the fucking series. Loved the Flyers-Canadiens pre-game brawl. Brought back memories. The Flyers were really serious about preventing the Habs' superstitious pre-game goal. In one of theses games, they turned the net around before leaving the ice, to prevent a goal from the other end. I believe Corson then skated all the way behind the Flyers goal line to put it in, which was considered a territorial offense. The brawl would be the game following this event. It's good to see the Canadiens' current brass shirtless, throwing punches. Muller and Jarvis are not in this video, I think.

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Woah, just looked at holden's Roy vs Vernon montage. Larionov and Forsberg went at it?

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Larionov and Forsberg went at it? I'm not actually sure if it was during the big brawl, but they did get in a small scrap. I'm not sure I've ever seen those two fight, and watching Larionov punching Forsberg in the back of the head was quite funny.

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I went to a link dump and a hockey fight thread broke out. And here I am, just pushing that baseball agenda. I missed out on this thread, and I expect it's disappearing very soon, so I'll post here this link to the Baseball Hall of Fame photo contest which has great photos. The website only has up to 2003. I don't know if they discontinued the contest -- if they did, it would be a shame because they really had some great stuff. Check out the 2003 Best In Show photo of Derek Jeter being viciously attacked by a wild eagle. Also, I should have mentioned in that Yankees/Red Sox rivalry post that the survey is really geared toward Yankees fans specifically. I don't know why, but it doesn't really address Sox fans.

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Non-hockey fight related... This might be the funniest TV commercial I've ever seen. Saw it last night for the first time, and I was howling. If CareerBuilder is doing htis now, what can they possibly have planned for the Super Bowl? How on Earth can they top that??

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A romantic dinner with Olaf Kolzig.

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Too much time on Mike Chen's hands?

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Length of the ice goal from Saturday.

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His name is Jason.

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