December 02, 2006

Be True to Your School!: While I was digging for some more info on this FPP, I found this on the NCCA site. You can search by university, and find out how many NCAA titles your school has won, broken down by gender and sport. How many have you got?

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We've got 16: Florida Total NCAA Team Championships: 16 men's championships: 7 women's championships: 9 coed championships: 0 Breakdown by Sport: men's basketball: 1 men's golf: 4 women's golf: 2 women's soccer: 1 men's swimming & diving: 2 women's swimming & diving: 1 women's tennis: 4 women's indoor track & field: 1 Of course, to quote the site, "The NCAA does not conduct a championship for Division I-A football. Instead, these teams participate in a national championship system developed by the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) organization." They do provide this, though.

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Michigan has more titles than Michigan State and Notre Dame combined. They have 32, 20 of which have come from two sports. Eleven in swimming and nine in men's ice hockey.

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I went to Smith. Hee.

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"Schools not listed have not won any NCAA championships." That makes the total for my school (0) nada, zero, in none. They should have never dropped hockey. U of Illlinois at Chicago.... except it was called "U of I Circle Campus" when I attended.

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Dude, the Flames rule!

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OK, so I had to take a look at UNC. Men's basketball with 4 titles and womens' soccer with 17 titles. 17! NC State has a grand total of 2 titles. Both titles won by the mens' basketball team. I was rather surprised that the Wolf Puppies have only two NCAA titles. I still can't get over how dominate that Tar Heel womens' soccer team is. The company that I work for had a software release party tonight. Do my fragmented thoughts scare you? Ask Susan Atkins*. * - I just finished her autobiography from '77. Disturbing shit.

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Colgate, for the record, is not listed because of their hotly contested claim to the 1962 co-ed rifle championship. I say if you get to shoot first, and your competitors are in sight, well, that's just good strategy. Seriously, though, Colgate was the Parke Davis Champion in football in 1932 and 1875. That '75 team was monster. And we were IN the '90 NCAA Mens Hockey finals... not too bad for a school of 2700.

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My beloved Buckeyes have 21. Most notable is the fact that they've never won a women's title. They have a coed title for fencing and the rest are men's. Ohio State Total NCAA Team Championships: 21 men's championships: 20 women's championships: 0 coed championships: 1 Breakdown by Sport: men's baseball: 1 men's basketball: 1 men's fencing: 1 coed fencing: 1 men's golf: 2 men's gymnastics: 3 men's swimming & diving: 11 men's outdoor track & field: 1

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Maryland Total NCAA Team Championships: 19

  • men's championships: 5
  • women's championships: 14
  • coed championships: 0
Breakdown by Sport:
  • men's basketball: 1 (2002)
  • women's basketball: 1 (2006)
  • women's field hockey: 4 (1987, 1993, 1999, 2005, 2006)
  • men's lacrosse: 2 (1973, 1975)
  • women's lacrosse: 9 (1986, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001)
  • men's soccer: 2 (1968, 2005)
* The website linked in the OP had the women's field hockey championships listed as 4, but they have won 5.

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Sweet: Baylor Total NCAA Team Championships: 2 men's championships: 1 women's championships: 1 coed championships: 0 Breakdown by Sport: women's basketball: 1 men's tennis: 1 Both in the last five years, to boot. Too bad Olympic gold medals don't count. Looking at this site you'd have no idea that Jeremy Wariner and Michael Johnson are alums.

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Southern California (undergrad) Total NCAA Team Championships: 84 91 men's championships: 73 women's championships: 11 mythical national football championships: 7 men's baseball: 12 men's swimming & diving: 9 men's tennis: 16 men's indoor track & field: 2 men's outdoor track & field: 26 I didn't expect this one! And how is it that they've only won two indoor titles, why the disparity? Rutgers (grad) Total NCAA Team Championships: 1 men's fencing: 1 Fencing? Geez!

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bst: I was going to say 'who wants to stay indoors at USC', but then I remembered the smog.

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Kansas: Breakdown by Sport: men's basketball: 2 men's cross country: 1 men's indoor track & field: 3 men's outdoor track & field: 3 Surprisingly, no women's championships. Given the way they played against DePaul last night, I think the Kansas women could beat the men.

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Good thing we have basketball UK - mens basketball 7 women's cross country - 1

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Stanford (graduate school): 92

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for those of us that didn't go to D-I schools: division II listing, division III listing.

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Grew up in Iowa. Funny that they are tied for 10th in the men's sports list with 21- 20 of which are wrestling.

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My almae matres are less than impressive. Florida State Total NCAA Team Championships: 5 men's gymnastics: 2 women's indoor track & field: 1 men's outdoor track & field: 1 women's outdoor track & field: 1 Georgetown Total NCAA Team Championships: 1 men's basketball: 1

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Duke Total NCAA Team Championships: 8 men's championships: 4 women's championships: 4 coed championships: 0 Breakdown by Sport: men's basketball: 3 women's golf: 4 men's soccer: 1 Virginia Total NCAA Team Championships: 15 men's championships: 10 women's championships: 5 coed championships: 0 Breakdown by Sport: men's boxing: 1 women's cross country: 2 men's lacrosse: 4 women's lacrosse: 3 men's soccer: 5 The fact that indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country are three different sports is messed up.

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Iowa State Total NCAA Team Championships: 14 men's championships: 14 women's championships: 0 coed championships: 0 Breakdown by Sport: men's cross country: 2 men's gymnastics: 3 men's wrestling: 9 Cross country and gymnastics I didn't know about, but wrestling, of course. Seems like that's all Iowa and Iowa State are good for in terms of national championships.

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