August 21, 2006

Off topic? Or Not?: I know boating (pleasure and fishing) is not really on topic here, so I was wonder if anyone could refer me to forums where it is? I'm planning on buying a pleasure boat (42' pacemaker) and was hoping others had them here.

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No help, but just a reminder: How to make a small fortune Start with a large one, then buy a boat.

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I heard that. Strangly enough my wife actually loves the idea now, but I'm not so sure if she will after she finds out what it'll cost beyond the purchase price. I haven't told her yet that it won't probably get much better then one mile to the gallon.

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Nevermind that gas at the marina is easily $1 over the price at the pump.

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Is there really a boat called a Pacemaker? That's funny. You could always get a sailboat, of course...

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That's because most of the people who have them can relate to the name when they see how much it costs to keep them going. I guess I could get a sailboat, but I don't know how to sail. A stinkpot putt putt I could figure out, but sailing....I don't know....

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Well, you could always learn how. If you've got access to water suitable for a powerboat, you ought to have access to somewhere that you can learn to sail. Suggestion: don't try to teach yourself. Oh my no. Oh, yeah...about that gas thing? My dad had a small auxiliary outboard for when the wind died and we had to make it back for cocktail hour. It would go through maybe two gallons a season, tops -- and the season was from when the ice went out in April to when the pulled the docks out in October.

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Well the boat I'm looking at is at Marina del Rey which is on the Pacific ocean, so I guess I do have some water to play around with without running into too many things. Still I'm not so sure if I'm cut out to be a real sailor. Of course it'd be a lot cheaper when we head down to Cabo with it. Ye gods that'd cost more then $1000 bucks in fuel...each way! Besides I know the wife has no intention of "sailing", she wants power.

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I'm with LBB on the whole sailing thing. Nothing better than powering along under full sail, feeling the boat move under the helm. Some of my best days ever have been spent out there. Even better if you know people with yachts. You get to crew, learn how to sail and bear none of the expenses. And the skipper/owner even seems grateful to have you on board. Result!

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I sold my last boat about 15 years ago, the two kids took priority. That said, if you love the water, fishing, skiing, feeling the wind in your face at 15 knots, jumpig waves, exploring places you cant reach by car it is well worth it. You will find places to cut the budget to pay for the expences of a boat. Its all about priorities. So I say go for it CC, and when you make it thru the Panama cannal into the caribian and up to the gulf give me a call, ill meet ya at the coast to go for a ride and show you some of my favorite old haunts. It is so much fun rideing the locks in a pleasure craft, you feel so tiny inside the concrete walls of a lock.

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ADOPT ME. I can BBQ pretty damn good. And you can give me a funny Gilligan hat and slap my head whenever you want.

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Sailing would be fun and certainly cheaper, but as I say I don't know if I'm cut out to sail and the wife is adamant that she won't do any work on it at all as far as running it, so it looks like a power boat for sure. Even if we decide not to get this particular one we're still going to be looking since the goal is to live on it after we retire in about 5-7 years and moor it in Zihuatanejo Mexico in the winter and off Catalina in the summer. If we get a good used boat now we can have it paid off by then and we'll have no real housing expenses so we should be able to at least move up and down the west coast OK. Oh and Weedy I can already BBQ pretty good myself and with my luck in 6 months you and my wife would putt into port and say "Commander who? Don't know what you're talking about? We're the only two that have ever been on board."

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I believe that was Weedy's plan. Steal your wife and your boat and toss you overboard after a night of indulging in sangria and mojitos.

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He can steal the wife if he wants, but not my boat!

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I believe that was Weedy's plan. Steal your wife and your boat and toss you overboard after a night of indulging in sangria and mojitos. Speaking of mojitos, did you see Miami Vice yet? It's good and presents a fella with the strong urge to go mustache in a big way. I am currently puckering my upper lip, imagining the tickling. Nay, fantasizing about the tickling.

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I did see it and would like a refund.

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ADOPT ME. I can BBQ pretty damn good. And you can give me a funny Gilligan hat and slap my head whenever you want. Now on the other hand if there are any young ladies on this board that bear a resemblance to Mary Ann, well then I'm sure some sort of "adoption" could be arranged. Perhaps even a stranding on a deserted island!

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lol...guilty as charged.

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It's even creepier with the AOLspeak.

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What can I say, she was a lot cuter then Ginger anyday! besides it's not too creepy, I mean it's not like she was underage! Scheeeesh!

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Cody- my cousin had a similar boat and loved it- but if your going to buy a boat, you should wait untill winter, since prices drop some. I dont know how the winter is where you live, but anyways, good luck with it. **ADOPT ME. I can BBQ pretty damn good. And you can give me a funny Gilligan hat and slap my head whenever you want I almost choked on my drink ; )

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LOL!!! Are you the new Tommytunes or whatever the hell his name was?

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Stewie:[Picking up the phone.] Hello, operator. Hello,...Oh god, that's right you have to punch in the numbers nowadays. Uhhh, I should know this. Oh yes, [dialing number] Stewie Griffin: 867-5309, yes that's it. Wait that's not it, damn you Tommy Two-Tone! Huh, only one thing to do 111-1111, Lois? Damn! 111-1112 Lois?! DAMN! 111-1113....

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I love that episode

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My favorite part was Brian's Mom being made into an end table! Or the song and dance to "Rhode Island Bound" on the train. A classic episode for sure.

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My favorite episode is E. Peterbus Unum. That one is excellent too though.

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Dou you listen to yourself when you talk? Eh, I drift in and out.

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The eulogy Stewie gives for Brian's mom is wrong on so many levels, I love it. My favorite episode is "Brian In Love". The part where Stewie urinates all over the living room while singing "I'm a little teapot" just cracks me the hell up.

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I like pretty much all of them but the first to come to mind (always a good indicator with me) is where they inherit the mansion from Lois' aunt, and it was a high-level brothel, back in the day.

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I'm going to have to re-watch all of these now.

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