November 14, 2002

College Basketball Tips Off Tonight: The Jimmy V Coaches for Cancer Classic tips off the college basketball season tonight, but before the games start who do you think is the best team, Oklahoma, Arizona, Pitt, or Kansas? Or do you know something the experts don't. Who's the best player? Luke Walton(his father annoys me), Hollis Price, or David West? Let's not forget the women, and low, and behold UConn is not number one, "Geno where have you failed", sorry I grew up in CT, and we didn't have much in the way of sports(f##king Whalers), but back to the ladies, who do you love? Please nobody say Natalie Portman, focus gentlemen, who is the best lady in the land? One last question, with some of the best talent jumping straight to the pros is college b-ball in trouble, or does it make it a better, more fun game to watch? A couple of things, I went with ESPN for most of the links because they are the best at covering college b-ball, and I'm no Lupica so be gentle.

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My entire year consists of two parts. 1) College basketball season, and 2) spending the other 7 months of the year trying to fill the void of no college basketball. Growing up in NC, a kid is required to make an allegience to a team upon entering kindergarden. It's just the way it is, if you don't like sports, then you have to go sit in the corner. I picked the Duke Blue Devils that day, as I did every subsequent year since 1984. Three out of eighteen years I was right too! And it was tough too, growing so close to where MJ himself went to high school, and then to college, I was outnumbered for most of my grade school life. It's going to be a great season!

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As a Pitt grad, I'm just juiced to see the Panthers among the top five and look forward to watching many a Big East game in which no team scores more than 65 points. It may look ugly, but I love it.

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Marquette Gold....errr Warriors. Make way for the Madness. March, it can't be that far away. Goes looking under the cap for teams, looking for "bubble" predictions, 5-12 matchup history, and hopes NIT does not really stand for Not Invited Tourney.

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NIT would be a success for my team. Go Tar-Heels next year! It will be fun to watch those freshmen though.

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It felt so good to turn on the TV last night and see college basketball again. I think Arizona should have a good year this year, so that should be fun (although they always seem to do better when no one expects much from them). Plus, ugh, this is turning out to be a awful end to the season for the football team ($800,000 a year for a verbally abusive coach, whee - funny thing how 18 year olds don't play better when you tell them that they are a disgrace to their families), so I will be real happy to see college football go from the local news. As far as I am concerned the NBA only exists so we can follow up on the lives of former college basketball players.

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Does this mean I can re-edit my user profile? :)

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