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"I'm Keith Hernandez."

As an athletic trainer, I'm in the dugout a lot. If women athletic trainer, massage therapists, etc who worked with men's teams were really that offended by scratching, profanity, and the such they would pick different careers. None of that bothers me. I once had a coach (men's basketball) ask me if his swearing offended me and I was confused by the question and told him as long as the comment doesn't end with my name, it's alright with me. I'm not around to tell people how to act or coach, I'm there to keep the athletes healthy. People who believe the stuff Hernandez says are doing players a disservice. Even football has female athletic trainers and no one makes a big deal about that. Both women "rock" and inspire me to work harder.

posted by spgrl at 11:36 PM on April 24, 2006

A Young Athlete with Heart

as my CPR/AED instructor told our class "the only way to hurt someone with an AED is to hit them in the head with it"

posted by spgrl at 05:24 PM on March 13, 2006