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Sherman fired after losing season.

reereesis, who does the blame fall on then. 2 guards gone, crappy drafts, when defense needed selects a qb and a punter. lets mckenzie go, darren sharper. the list goes on and on yes the gm thing definitely was not his thing, but there were more than a few coaching calls that he blundered as well. 4th and inches in phillie, firing donatel(look at what atlantas d did the first year he got there)ultra predictable play calling run on first down, run on second down try and pass on third down, punt. not his fault that the players couldn't gain the yards, but defenses will pick up the routine play calling and stuff it right back down your throat.

posted by jlgb at 11:48 PM on January 02, 2006

Sherman fired after losing season.

I have said for the past 4 years Sherman needed to go.The Pack could have gotten by with a good offensive coordinator, but needed a strong defensive mind at the helm.Since Fritz left, the d-fence has been a sieve.Favre needs to go as well.I have been ridden here in WI for saying it,but I have said it for the past 3 years.His int/td ratio has always stunk, but back in the day he had a "d" to cover his back side.

posted by jlgb at 03:21 PM on January 02, 2006