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Owens Says He Felt 'Used' by Eagles

Hey, WDMINOTT, I hope you are right..........but I've been a HUGE Cowboys fan for 30+ years. Trust me on this -- Jerry Jone would hire satan himself if he thought it would help his team (and TO is the satan of the NFL, no doubt). Just like someone else posted earlier, Parcells took flyers on Terry Glenn and Keyshaun Johnson -- both former loudmouth complainers. I could deal with Terry Glenn and (just barely) Keyshaun Johnson.....but I would switch my alligence in a second to the TEXANS is that idiot Owens ever becomes a Cowboy....I can't believe how stupid Owens is -- can't he see that EVERYWHERE he goes he causes problems, but yet he always blames everyone from his coach to the freakin local milkman for his problems??? I absolutely despise Owens....I can't even stand to see his face on TV anymore. And say what you want about Rosenfauls, but TO is ultimately the idiot for following Rosenmoron all the way to his suspension!!

posted by NC_Texan at 07:58 PM on December 16, 2005

Owens Says He Felt 'Used' by Eagles

God, I wish this IDIOT would be banned form all media!! He was "USED"?? T.O., please shut the he** up just for once in your pathetic, "poor me", life. If you would've kept your big mouth shut and done the job you were supposed to do (rather than blab your big mouth because you are attention STARVED, just like every where you have played) then you would be playing right now and possibly the Eagles would be in the playoff hunt. I would rather have Freddie freakin Mitchell as my #1 receiver than T.O. (and that is BAD).....I am a Cowboys fan, and I PRAY the T.O. to Dallas rumors are a (bad) joke!!

posted by NC_Texan at 03:43 PM on December 16, 2005