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10-4 Chicago Bears Name Grossman Starter against Packers

No these aren't the '85 Bears, however they are good and Grossman is a marked improvement from Orton. Believe you me, Orton is not responsible for their 10-4 mark, rather their opportunistic hard hitting defense is. I have seen every game (I am a Chicagoan ofcourse)and Orton can't hit the side of barn with a beach ball. He is a good manager and that's it. Oh and by the way the Bears beat Carolina in decent weather with just defense so with Grossman they should at least improve by 10-14 ppg so say the least.

posted by Jazzdriver at 02:56 PM on December 20, 2005

Bears OL'men Fined 50G's Each

Then Kreutz should have been fined even more for causing the injusry that resulted in Miller missing time don't ya think??? It has been apparent that Kreutz has a history of losing his cool. See college days at WA. Same sort of scenario.

posted by Jazzdriver at 02:20 PM on December 09, 2005