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Owens needs an audience for his show

what's the chance he's just one of those athletes who can't play for anyone? San Fran was glad to get rid of his attitude...T.O. comes to the Eagles and puts Donovan in the shadows, which is hard to do considering how much hype surrounded McNabb. They were supposed to be the most lethal collaboration in the NFL and instead, Owens couldn't get over himself having to share the spotlight and destroyed it. T.O. won't be happy regardless of where he goes. He had the best opportunity being put on the Eagles roster...to go in and try to get them over that hump to have a shot at a Superbowl. Why wouldn't he be happy? He just doesn't know how to capitalize because figure$ get in the way. When you're not a team player its hard to survive in any franchize. T.O. loves him some drama and it'll follow him WHEREVER he goes.

posted by klipp26 at 09:05 AM on August 12, 2005

Owens needs an audience for his show

First of all...let's all come back to reality. T.O. is a disgrace to the game. I'm not singling him out because now-a-days, there are plenty of pro athletes I'd like to give an ear-full. But he, by far, is one of the most cocky, arrogant players in the game. Granted, like some of you are saying...he's a solid athlete and has a hell of a knack for the game. If only he'd make full use of it instead of letting his head prevent him from playing to his potential. Regardless of whether you like him or not, he puts up numbers...but in the end, if you're not in it for the love of the game (but for money)...what are you there for? Everyone has gotta make a living but PLEASE. NO ONE needs more money than he was makin before the salary increase demand. I'm so fed up with these guys never being satisfied. As a kid growin up I envied and adored pro athletes because they made a living doing what they love to do, something that their heart is in. But more and more players take it for granted. Hell, I'd love to be able to play my sport and get paid millions for it, who wouldn't? But it seems like its no longer for the love of the game...its all $$$. That's a shame, and when T.O. says things like "They don't pay me to be nice" or "They don't pay me to talk to people"...come on. It's time to step back and take a look at the big picture. Nobody can even stay in one city for a lengthy time anymore...jerseys become throw backs in record timing. I watched Emmit Smith stick with the cowboys for over a decade and never once did you hear him whine about pay cuts or not makin enough. He's old, hurt often, but he's still out there...simply FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME. That's what's missing.

posted by klipp26 at 08:30 AM on August 12, 2005