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Josh Howard Disrespects National Anthem

Yes...disrespecting the country and the flag is the way to go mars1. When were you or Mr. Howard slaves? Because your great great grandfathers may have been I guess it is ok. Yet if a white person says something in any way disparaging he is a racist. Get over the double standards and live and respect the country you live in or get the fuck out.

Like johhnyballsack said: if Mr. Howard wanted to make a statement he had ample time to do it- at one of his own games. He has to stand and look at the flag before his own games but has no problem doing so. Why doesn't he make a point and go shoot jumpers or stretch during the anthem when it is played at his own games? Or are you going to say he is a slave and has to do it to make his money?

To me there are no double standards due here. Respect it while you are getting paid and every other time or you are just a slave all the time. He has a choice to make and it was the easy one. He is an asshole, regardless of race, disrespecting to all that died to give him his freedom of choice and speech. Bottom line he cares about no one but himself and he should just go sign a contract to play overseas. I don't care what country, as long as it isn't this one.

posted by urallcloolis at 02:16 AM on September 18, 2008

Josh Howard Disrespects National Anthem

Mr. Ballsack is correct...Where is the African American community up in arms about this. A comment is made from a white shock jock in jest makes headlines and an outrage in the community. Yet a black athlete says something that puts down african americans in general by saying they do not need to respect the flag, the country, the government or the soldiers that fought for his rights for free speech. I am surprised (but not really) that the "black" activists are not getting involved. I guess it is ok in the black community to put each other down, but when an outsider does it it becomes national news.

How up in arms would it be if the Redeem Team would have gotten a silver medal instead of gold. Then walked off the podium during the ceremony and said "It ain't my country, why should I stay?" They would all be punished the same way Dickhead Howard should be.

Yes, he may be a foolish young man that was trying to be funny or macho. He needs to know better. For a college educated man he is either an idiot or an asshole. Either way I would never cheer for him.

posted by urallcloolis at 01:28 AM on September 18, 2008