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'Roid rage on the 9th tee

What a great weekend. THE OPEN is wonderful a lot of unusual things happening, great coverage, and the Brits are not all Woods nuts it was nice listening to the announcers finally include the rest of the field of players Tiger is not Golf and without the other players he is nothing,everyone also does not like him and mostly all the other players have a family and have to deal with the headaches of home and being away from family. So lets look for a better excuse for him ok. They all don't get appearence money and big time merchendize deals, they in the most part are toughing it out, as VJ once said Tiger who. Further more with all his records lets see him play a a tournament with a set of clubs like the used to use you know 15 clubs and you were lucky to see any of them match and the woods where made of wood and the ball well thats a whole story in itself and as far as records go the grand slam was made in one season not two players where required to play so many tournaments in one year lets face it, Woods can't be critized because it is politically incorrect Golf will go on with or without him and who gives a dam what the next great player is. Let us all remember what the King has given the sport and his popularity was made of Love, not records,or how far he could hit the ball but how he played th game he took chances and and played with abandon he created shots which players today have copied,The love the fans give him was earned which has not been equaled to any other player from Jones. Snead,Hogan and Nicklaus it's the fan that makes the sport and Palmer brought the fans too the game with him and they have never left

posted by Poppop at 06:04 PM on July 21, 2007

Gordon, JJ lose 100 points; crew chiefs suspended six races

The Fine is a pittence to these people and and the 100 point deduction should have been 100 points for each race that they didn't get caught if Nascar really wants to clean up the sport then lets get realastic and come down hard on these idiots and that goes for all teams if you want to race enforce the rules if you want animated pinballs then throw out the book and let them kill each other and oh how wonderful it was this weekend not having to listen or watch Nascar AMEN

posted by Poppop at 05:03 PM on July 21, 2007

Javelin Thrower Spears Person with Errant Toss

Where were the umpires or the measuring crew why didn't they do some yelling or some thing it's not the first time this has happened I can remember when a judge was struck years ago and still everyone is oblivios of what is going on around them, things happen but there should be a better way of doing this even the hammerthrow has a cage the least a Javilen thrower should have is a blast on a air horn or something else besides OUCH

posted by Poppop at 12:22 PM on July 18, 2007