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In a battle of image, Duke takes black eye

I also played basketball and I don`t know of a single coach that has ever taught a player to block a shot with his elbow! Henderson`s arm is never extended to meet the ball where he "thinks" it is going to be. His arm was locked and loaded the second he left the floor never extending it to block the shot only ready to deliver the blow to physcho-t`s grill. As for Billy Packer he should just quit right now. I for one didn`t need him telling me 15 times that it wasn`t intentional I watched the 5-10 replays and it became more apparent every time that it WAS intentional. Whatever happened to announcers being impartial?? I will not listen to another game that Billy does for a long time...

posted by hokygeek at 02:35 PM on March 06, 2007