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Brett Favre Coming Back For 17th Season

Aaron Rodgers is not the heir apparent for the Packer Nation. He was one and done in his only appearance during the Patriots game. If Favre did not return, the Pack would be in the process now of finding a QB to replace him. Favre's skills are still there and with good legitimate offensive weapons, he will prove the naysayers wrong. And he knows it. When he feels he can no longer contribute, he will retire. Forget the records ... that's not what it's about. Packers need to shore up on TE's who can catch the ball in the red zone. Greg Jennings the rookie showed flashes of brilliance but also ran incorrect routes, causing a few interceptions. Ted Thompson wants to build thru the draft ... people forget he was GM at Seattle before he came to GB. Packers were the youngest team in the NFL this past year but their O-Line grew up before us. I don't know what the record will be in 2007, but I can guarantee that it will be fun to watch because the players are having fun, even Charles Woodson! Packers were 5 - 1 in the NFC North Conf this year, only loss to Bears at home the first game. Detroit has not one a game at Lambeau since 1991, although they have won a few in their dome. Favre proved he could win at the Humpty Dome in MN this past year, a place where he has struggled even during his "great" years. Consider this trivia ... Da Bears have had 20 starting QB's since Favre joined the NFL. And in 2007, they "should" be looking for their 21st starting QB, while we will still have a proven winner in Green Bay. And if you are not a Green Bay Packer fan, what does it matter when he retires or not. I look forward to watching Favre again from Section 127 at Lambeau!!

posted by GBPackerFAN at 12:28 PM on February 05, 2007