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Tiger's tale

It may be impossible for the TV audience to make a determination about whether Tiger got his ball back, I did not see him actually do the identification of his ball necessary under the rule, but there is no question that he got a lot more than 5 minutes to look for it and that is not provided by the rules. I would like to see if Tiger could actually hit the "temporary" obstruction he got relief from which he had a clear 90 yd. shot to the green. From the location that the ball was found, I do not think he could actually hit that "temporary" obstruction as he was blocked by the "permanent" one in the form of the Clubhouse. Did he get a break, yes he did, he got at least two, and if he wins it is a travesty! That rules official should be fired too, he blew it bad!

posted by awslaid at 10:56 AM on August 27, 2006