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What a freakin' small world. Would you believe I lived on Lake Arrow Way? Walked to school at Andrew Sibbald for K-4 which probably puts me there at the same time your were (early - mid 80's). The park you're thinking of is Fish Creek, and Charles Ng is the crazy killer who lived there for a few months. Glad to hear you enjoyed your time here. As for the the nightlife these days I'm sad to say I don't get out anywhere near as much as I use to. Okay... actually I never get out (kids do that to ya). But the TV highlights of 17th Ave they show after hockey games these days looks like a good time!

posted by camcanuck at 03:07 PM on May 05, 2004

Garfield said: ..then I moved to Calgary, Alta, and attended K-6. Having spent almost my enitire life in Calgary (other than a stint in Albuquerque, NM) I'm always interested to here what other people think of the city. I realize that you were what... 6 to 12 years old at the time, but hey even kids have cities they like and don't like. Have you ever been back?

posted by camcanuck at 12:56 PM on May 05, 2004

mkn: Thanks for compiling all of those results. Cheers! Lightning in 6: I don't think the lightning would do well against a heavy hitting team, but Montreal doesn't fit that bill. Goes 6 because of Theodore. Philly in 6: Only because Eshe is playing well and Toronto is hurting. Otherwise this is a toss-up. Wings in 6: I really want to say Flames in 7, but the Flames (esp. in their condition) simply should not beat a team as deep as Detroit. The Flames only hope is for the Joseph & Legace to have a bad series. Sharks in 7: This is a tough call. In the end I'm giving the edge to SJ because they are coached better (and they have cool technology on their bench).

posted by camcanuck at 02:09 PM on April 22, 2004

Hmmm... well early indications are my picks suck. The Nuk's and Flames series is great hockey. In my mind easily the best hockey going right now. Unless the Flames do a better job on special teams (esp. their power play) they aren't goin' far. If Hedberg plays that well all the time he should be their #1 goalie. The battle of Ontario is just that. If the Sen's can keep their mind on the game they will be hard to beat. I'll second what chicobangs is saying about Broduer. Something's wrong. TB is very due for some injuries, but I think the shut-out was a wakeup call for them. St. Louis and Dallas need to wake up. Neither of them look good at all. I know this always comes up in the playoffs, but the refereeing has been brutal. Not so much so for 1 team in particular but more because the refs seem to blow very obvious calls or call some really strange ones. Hooking and holding isn't called all game, and then they see some minor hook in the neutral zone and they call it. They penalize anything that even looks like boarding (which they should) and then they miss blatant ones. Goalie interference is another one that gets a lot of mixed calls. I don't get it.

posted by camcanuck at 02:06 PM on April 12, 2004

A re-post of my predictions from the news page (with some formatting changes) TB vs. NYI - TB in 5. Isles win 1 at home BOS vs MTL - MTL in 6. Theodore is the difference PHI vs NJ - NJ in 7. Close, but Brodeur saves them in game 7 TOR vs OTT - TOR in 6. It pains me, but Ottawa is slumping at a bad time DET vs. NAS - DET in 6. Nashville gets extra points for effort SJ vs STL - STL in 6. The upset, but they will run out of gas in 2nd round VAN vs CAL - CAL in 7. Yes, I am biased. Will be the best 1st round series. DAL vs COL - DAL in 5. The Stars will run circles arounds the Avs. Could be over in 4. I agree with grum, this is the best group of 1st round series in a long, long time. Can't wait for it all to start.

posted by camcanuck at 04:39 PM on April 06, 2004