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New Fox Channel Takes on ESPN

Is it replacing one of their current channels? Speed, Fuel, Fox Soccer?

posted by Steve-o at 07:55 PM on March 06, 2013

2014 World Cup Will Use Goal-Line Tech

A third company's system is also being considered. CAIROS has been working on this for a long time and was the subject of this SportsFilter post from 2002.

posted by Steve-o at 03:10 AM on February 26, 2013

Olympics drop wrestling for 2020

Inline roller skating isn't in the Olympics. It is on the list to be considered for 2020.

posted by Steve-o at 09:59 PM on February 13, 2013

Olympics drop wrestling for 2020

There is a group that is trying to bring pankration back to the Olympics.

So they will decide what sport to add in September. It's hard to see how squash or baseball/softball will get in ahead of wrestling.

posted by Steve-o at 07:21 PM on February 12, 2013

Moguls Win Gives Canada Long-Coveted Gold

Silver is close. Brian Orser came up short in the "Battle of the Brians" and unheralded Elizabeth Manley won the womens' long program, ahead of Katarina Witt, but Witt held on to the gold.

Australian officials are saying that they thought Begg-Smith won.

posted by Steve-o at 04:46 PM on February 16, 2010

Japanese-Born Skater Can't Continue Russian Dynasty

I thought that was a draw.

Not really. The Canadians skated a clean free program. The Russians did not. After the judges ranked the Russian's performance ahead of the Canadian's and awarded them the gold, the French judge revealed some of the corruption involved in the judging. To defuse the controversy the IOC awarded another set of gold medals.

P.S. It was Kawaguchi.

posted by Steve-o at 04:21 PM on February 16, 2010

Douglas' knockout of Tyson still resonates 20 years later

Tyson's life had already started to go downhill. If it wasn't Douglas, eventually, it would have been someone else. Not to take anything away from Buster Douglas: He was a very good boxer and fought an almost perfect fight. The loss did destroy Tyson's aura of invincibility and it gave other fighters a blueprint for how to beat him.

Don King claimed that Douglas had a long count when he was knocked down in the 8th and whichever one of the sanctioning bodies King had the most control over went along with him, until it became obvious that they couldn't maintain any credibility if they didn't recognize Douglas as champion.

posted by Steve-o at 10:05 PM on February 11, 2010

Simon Kuper thinks hockey is starting to slip as Canada's number one sport, as Canadians fall for soccer

TFC sells out every game too. The biggest problem with that comparison is that ticket prices are much higher for the Leafs. Comparing their TV ratings gives a better indication of their popularity.

posted by Steve-o at 09:46 PM on February 11, 2010

Simon Kuper thinks hockey is starting to slip as Canada's number one sport, as Canadians fall for soccer

The Olympic team isn't lily-white. You forgot about Jarome Iginla. You're right, the diversity continues to grow with players like Nazem Kadri, Manny Malhotra, etc.

posted by Steve-o at 02:06 AM on February 11, 2010

Hal McRae Thought Racism Cost Him 1976 Batting Title

That was a hell of an accusation. McRae was a bit nuts, so I don't know how seriously to take it.

What was the score in the game when Brett came to the plate?

posted by Steve-o at 05:10 PM on February 10, 2010

Sports announcers already know it, and now Elan Fuld has proven it: clutch hitters really do exist.

I did chuckle at the reference to his being a "life long baseball fan", the kid is 21. - posted by dviking He'd be 24 now. That press release was written in May 2005. The author did write up his study. You can read it here: Clutch and Choke Hitters in Major League Baseball: Romantic Myth or Empirical Fact. Since only Bill Buckner and Eddie Murray show up as 'clutch' at the .001 significance level, I think that practically shows that 'clutch' doesn't exist. There are a bunch of other clutch articles on Cyril Morong's site.

posted by Steve-o at 05:33 PM on July 10, 2008

Russia Is Luring Back NHL Stars:

Howard, you are half-right. Didn't you read the article? Gazprom, Rosoboronexport, Russian Railroads and others are pumping money into Russian teams with sponsorships. Russian hockey fans don't pay NHL ticket prices and can't afford to. That could change. The prices for the upcoming UEFA Champions League soccer final in Moscow range from 80 to 200 euros ($295).

posted by Steve-o at 03:17 AM on March 03, 2008

The Globalization of Sport.

Could the editor who wrote the headline for this story have been more lazy? Lost in translation? How cliché.

posted by Steve-o at 03:33 PM on February 02, 2008

Champions League on ice?

It won't really be like a Champions League for hockey because all of the best teams are in the NHL. Same situation with basketball. It sounds more like the World Series champs vs. the Japan Series champs, series that happend back in the 70's and 80's. It wasn't taken very seriously in the USA.

posted by Steve-o at 12:52 PM on January 27, 2007

Gatlin breaks world record held by Powell

What is the biological limit that a human can run unaided by steriods or wind? About 9.84.

posted by Steve-o at 02:36 AM on May 15, 2006

Great Skater, Terrible Timing

It does devalue the Olympic competition when the best athlete isn't there. I don't believe I just commented on a figure skating post.

posted by Steve-o at 05:38 PM on January 02, 2006

Ooh, we all have playoff fever!

This is the league that has a replay booth on seven-second delay so that it can’t actually review ... goals in time to correct it before the next faceoff. Is this sarcasm or some kind of crazy conspiracy theory? The replay officials have missed a couple, but I don't want to wait for them to review every play before the puck is dropped.

posted by Steve-o at 03:47 AM on December 30, 2005

Keane leaves Man U

Astounding. Did he jump or was he pushed?

posted by Steve-o at 04:22 AM on November 19, 2005

Sale of Blues to Checketts is off

Move the Blues to Saskatoon!

posted by Steve-o at 03:28 AM on November 14, 2005

Smarter Soccer Through Chips.

I posted about this system a couple of years ago: End of offside controversies in soccer? Maybe Carroll's "save" will help build support to try it. Bring it on! Contrary to early reports, like the Deutsche Welle link from this thread, this ball will NOT be used in the Carling Cup final in Cardiff on Feb. 27. (Go Liverpool!)

posted by Steve-o at 02:54 PM on January 11, 2005

"Sports franchises

I don't think the English Premier League has a limit on non-EU players provided they comply with work permit criteria laid down by the government. A non-EU player must have played 75 percent of his national side's matches over two years and the nation must be higher than 70th in the FIFA rankings. Most of the other big European leagues have quotas.

posted by Steve-o at 03:19 PM on January 03, 2005

Frozen out, many NHL players try breaking new ice.

Calling Reinprecht and Montador "superstars" is pretty funny. That Financial Times writer obviously doesn't know hockey, but it's an interesting story.

posted by Steve-o at 11:35 PM on November 21, 2004

Hirsch unhappy

These NHL players have already had a hand in screwing over the 90% of their own who make less than league average salary Hunh? Hirsch came to Europe to take a Swiss player's job. Now someone takes his and it's a tragedy. Whether or not this is good for the NHLPA's bargaining position is an interesting question. I think it strenghtens it. The players don't sit at home missing the game and they make a little money. European fans are happy to see the world's best, many of them their countrymen taking the oppurtunity to play at home.

posted by Steve-o at 12:49 PM on November 02, 2004

Hirsch unhappy

Martin Gerber isn't really a "big-shot", and he's Swiss, so he's not taking up one of the foreign player spots. If someone better than you comes along, you lose your job. That's sport. Get used to it.

posted by Steve-o at 03:02 AM on November 02, 2004

BBC has EPL live radio commentaries online!

Where are you getting your info etagloh? After the Olympics will Five Live always be blocking non-UK listeners or just for EPL matches? Last season us non-UK types could get Euro 2004, FA and Carling Cup plus the occasional other match that they'd forgot to turn off the web stream. All this and Liverpool are selling Danny Murphy. I think I'm gonna cry.

posted by Steve-o at 03:00 PM on August 09, 2004

Ted Nolan did the unthinkable: he got into a power struggle with his GM. Not just any GM, but John Muckler, who is now the Senators GM. Nolan deserves a shot, but it won't be working for Muckler. Bryan Murray has been a good GM but, if my memory serves me correctly, wasn't he the coach of the Capitals for all of their first round playoff exits?

posted by Steve-o at 05:52 PM on June 08, 2004

When Trophies Go Bad.

The World Cup and its predecessor the Canada Cup, were venues for some of the greatest hockey ever played. Hockey needs a showcase for it's best players, with some time for them to practice together. The IIHF World Championship is never going to be that. I give them credit for trying something different. The world doesn't need another inferior imitation of the Stanley Cup. I think that trophy will look better on video and in person than it does in photos, with the way the plastic will refract light. At least it's an improvement on the last World Cup trophy. That thing was hideous.

posted by Steve-o at 02:05 PM on May 13, 2004

** Bonds, JG, Sheff on 'roids.

Here is the original Chronicle story by Mark Fainaru-Wada, Lance Williams and Chronicle Staff Writers: Bonds got steroids, feds were told Slugger's trainer said to have given substances to several athletes It's more detailed. "Early on, the government said it was not interested in prosecuting athletes for using steroids, instead granting them immunity when they were called to testify before the grand jury. The government also has deleted from public court files the names of every athlete who allegedly obtained illegal performance-enhancing drugs from BALCO." Like most drug prosecutions, they're going after the dealers not the users.

posted by Steve-o at 12:12 PM on March 02, 2004

But don't count this against us.

this revenue would be premissable That was probably a typo, but with all the pessimism about there not being a 2004-05 season maybe the Avalanche should be able to pre-miss it. But seriously, teams owned by a media conglomerate (like the Angels, Braves, Cubs, or Yankees), are able to sell the broadcast rights for teams' games to themselves at below-market rates, effectively shifting income from one corporation to another.

posted by Steve-o at 12:58 PM on February 02, 2004

Manager gives goalkeeper an earful.

Dunfermline of the SPL has used a radio system with their youth teams and Scotland manager Berti Vogts wants to try it. Dunfermline manager Jimmy Calderwood claimed he would be in little need of such a system due to his own substantial vocal talents, yet admitted "when you are away to Celtic or Rangers, it can be difficult to communicate with players." It's been in the NFL for years and hasn't ruined it.

posted by Steve-o at 03:50 PM on January 21, 2004

Slip-on Soccer Shoes

Times Online is charging for access now. Is it still free for you folks in the UK?

posted by Steve-o at 12:31 AM on January 07, 2004

Lowest of the Lowe.

Before anyone starts calling Lowe mean-spirited they should be sure of who told Comrie that a deal was done. Pierre Gauthier, the overated hypocrite, was fired by Anaheim after the 2001-02 season. Bryan Murray is the Duck's GM. Eric Duhatschek explains that the Oilers overpaid Comrie for his first contract to secure his rights for the long term. Now that he wants out, Lowe wants the bonus cash back.

posted by Steve-o at 11:40 PM on December 11, 2003

Anti-European feeling grows in Brazil

I don't think Milan gave Rivaldo much of a chance, but, with Shevchenko scoring like a madman, they didn't need to. For some more insight into the Brazilian psyche read this: Who Invented the Airplane? a Brazilian, of Course. If F1 takes on Airforce qualifies as a sports story, why not this?

posted by Steve-o at 12:26 PM on December 11, 2003

Anti-European feeling grows in Brazil

I wouldn't make too much of this. The Brazilian media are always trying to make a scandal out a lack of respect for Brazil internationaly. 1) It's pretty hard to criticize AC Milan for anything more than wasting a bunch of money on a player who didn't fit into their Champion's League winning side. The Italians are just being silly by voting Rivaldo as the worst player in Italy. That was obviously Al Saadi Qaddafi. 2) The club vs. county conflict is nothing new or specific to Brazil. If you want to hear managers whining, just wait until the African Cup of Nations starts in January. 3) Alex has had a great year and the Brazilian league is entertaining, but it's just not the same quality as the top leagues in Europe. It's no secret that most of Brazil's best players have been sold to European clubs (Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, etc.). Anyway, the FIFA player of the year award is becoming a bit of a joke. How can they leave out Pavel Nedved after the year he's had?

posted by Steve-o at 11:03 PM on December 10, 2003

Extra! Extra! Exciting NHL game played last night.

Is it just me or is that first link to a story titled Advocate for elderly "about sitting for hours in a soiled diaper"?

posted by Steve-o at 10:00 PM on December 04, 2003


These games are shown live on NBA TV (and Raptors TV in Canada). Serbia & Montenegro didn't send their best team since they had already qualified for the Olympics. The top three teams will qualify for Athens in 2004, so the third place game really means something in this tournament.

posted by Steve-o at 01:48 PM on September 12, 2003

Eurobasket 2003. Best Qualifying Tournament.

FIBA and FIFA both put Israel in European competition because of the obvious political issues involved in Israel meeting their Arab neighbours in competition. If only Canada could join FIBA-Oceania for similar reasons we'd make it to the Olympics every time!

posted by Steve-o at 04:52 PM on September 06, 2003

Will Nash Walk?

Don't dis Todd MacCulloch for not playing. He was there four years ago, but is having some serious, and potentially career ending health problems. Without him, Canada is desperate for a quality big man like Jamaal Magloire. What's wrong with playing for your country? Canada needs Steve Nash back for the qualifying in 2007, but I don't think anyone will hold it against him if he doesn't show up until then.

posted by Steve-o at 02:11 PM on September 04, 2003

Down time.

When Bolton sold their top scorer, Michael Ricketts, they gave up on staying in the Premier League. Lay off the Expos tieguy. They haven't finished last since 1976

posted by Steve-o at 04:50 AM on March 06, 2003

Hell freezes over!

Other than the two that St. Louis was in, there hasn't been a decent Super Bowl in more than a decade. I think I'll stick to watching the Grey Cup. There were at least three terrible calls by the officials: 1) The non-fumble by Stecker (TB) on the kickoff return (overturned on review) 2) The out-of-bounds call at the back of the endzone on Oakland's two-point attempt. 3) Pass interference against Oakland on a 3rd down pass that was uncatchable. Gannon doesn't deserve the blame. 272 yds and 2 TD's is pretty good against the Buc's outstanding defense.

posted by Steve-o at 02:16 AM on January 27, 2003

AS Roma has its new official homepage up!

My favorite part of their homepages is the table that compares Roma's stock market performance with its rivals Lazio and Juve. Roma may be tied for 9th place in the standings but at least their stock isn't tanking as badly as those higher placed teams.

posted by Steve-o at 11:57 PM on December 03, 2002

Montreal wins the Grey Cup.

There are a couple of ways to see the CFL in the USA. It was almost a classic finish with the home-town Eskimos missing a two-point convert with 19 seconds left that would have sent it to overtime. It was a close game but one of the rare occasions when it wasn't more entertaining than the Super Bowl. The field was too icy to allow the players to show their best.

posted by Steve-o at 11:55 PM on November 25, 2002

EPL Week 15 Report: Gunners and Reds lose but keep top spots. Toffees and Red Devils close gap.

I'd like to see Liverpool field: Jerzy Dudek (but give Kirkland a chance occasionally) Abel Xavier Stephane Henchoz Sammi Hyypia Markus Babbel Steven Gerrard Dietmar Hamann Danny Murphy John Arne Riise Michael Owen ...and then I'm at a loss. Heskey? (doesn't deserve all the critisim) Baros? (doesn't complement Owen very well) Diouf? (looks good but doesn't score as often as he should) Smicer? (does well as a substitute but isn't really a striker)

posted by Steve-o at 04:36 PM on November 25, 2002

Like Shaq, Anelka is a punk, too.

Anelka is nuts. Unlike Shaq, he wants to play for his country. He just doesn't feel that a last-minute call-up shows enough respect for his (substantial)abilities. Yeah, this is a great way earn your manager's respect and move ahead of players like David Trezeguet, Thierry Henry, Sylvain Wiltord and Djibril Cissé.

posted by Steve-o at 01:23 AM on November 19, 2002

Chris Webber might end up paying for it in the big house, but not for taking the money, for allegedly lying about it. If the players were paid a fraction of the dollars they bring into their colleges, situations like this would be a lot less frequent.

posted by Steve-o at 08:30 PM on November 07, 2002

Call me a cynic, but I think Michigan's actions are purely out of self-interest. Now that they've recruited some top freshmen they want to get their punishment over with as quickly as possible. They know they'll be punished by the NCAA eventually so they want to get it over with before they have a good team. They also want to clear the clouds of the NCAA investigation hanging over their program so it won't hurt their recruiting. Do you think they'd agree to forfeit their tournament victories if they'd actually won one of those championship games?

posted by Steve-o at 01:54 PM on November 07, 2002

End of offside controversies in soccer?

Here is the CAIROS company's web site with a diagram of how the system works.

posted by Steve-o at 12:15 AM on September 27, 2002

Someone asked Rob Neyer:

It doesn’t seem surprising that the batter has more control over a ball put in play than the pitcher does. The pitch has relatively little influence on the path of the ball when compared with the swing of the bat. Players with a good swing are able to distinguish themselves from poor hitters by making a higher percentage of their balls in play into hits. Can anyone provide a link to the statistical evidence showing that pitchers have little control over how many hits result from balls put into play?

posted by Steve-o at 05:40 AM on August 01, 2002

A Markov Chain Approach to Baseball seems to be the work on which Bukiet is basing his statements. It's an interesting way of answering questions about baseball, without using the more common simulation approach. The Bukiet & Palacios model indicates that "optimal batting orders can expect to win approximately four more games per season than worst orders." No manager is stupid enough to use the worst possible order, so switching to the recommended line-up is probably good for, at most, one more win per year. No big deal.

posted by Steve-o at 05:43 PM on July 22, 2002