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Sainz: Scandal Set Back Women's Rights '50 Years'

When I heard her speak in an interview last Monday I am pretty sure that she was not upset by what was said to her. It was another female reporter that was upset and she had to console the other reporter. Doesn't sexual harassment have to be unwanted by the recipient not by proxy?

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The Lisa Olson Incident, 20 Years Later

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The Lisa Olson Incident, 20 Years Later

If it is ok for female sports reporters to be in the male locker rooms after a game while most players are naked, then why do you never hear a male reporter in a women's locker room after a game while they are naked? Its a double standard. The players should have a right to some privacy while they are naked.

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All American Football League to launch in 2007

Who knows? Something like this might work. Doesn't anyone remember that when the AFL started it was never going to stack up to the NFL? I know that this is a little different, but something like this just might work out. I for one think that this is a good idea. I would definately watch. I mean, come on people. Aren't there some of your favorite college players that you feel could have made it into the NFL if they were only given a chance? I think this would be a great benefit for the NFL to have a sort of minor league. I would like to see a team for every NFL team and it be used just like the minor league in baseball. This could also work for some local CBS, NBC or ABC affiliates to pick up the games. If the league does well, it could mean some good money for them in the NFL's off season.

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Steelers: Big Ben Injured In Motorcycle Accident

I live in Maine where the only helmet law is when you have your permit and for the first year of your license. Although I feel that it is a good idea to wear a helmet, very seldom do I. I have been riding for about 10 years now. I know that it makes sense, but I just really don't like them. To me, helmets are uncomfortable. Yes I know, so are head injuries, but I just don't like them. As for Big Ben, if he doesn't want to wear one and if he doesn't have to (unless he really didn't have a license, or there is something in his contract) if he doesn't have to. I know that it really bothers the Steeler's Fans that he is injured (if it happened to Tom Brady I would cry) but Ben is his own person and if he wants to ride like that, it is his right. As to jerseygirl, if that rock came off the dump truck that was big enough to crack your winshield, I can guarantee that the rider would still come crashing into the car. It is very difficult not to twist when something that big hits you, helmet or not. As a Patriot's Fan and a helmetless motorcycle rider, I can honestly say that my first concern was the well being of another human being when I heard this story. To Ben: I wish you a speedy recovery. I work with a few Steelers Fans and I don't want any excuses when the Pats beat the Steelers this year.

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Royals take credentials from two reporters.

How the f can a team decide who covers them and who doesn't. Didn't I read somewhere something about freedom of press? Maybe this isn't exclusively just in sports. Can the Whitehouse decide that someone asked too much of an inquisitive question and tell them they can't come back to any more press conferences? Maybe that happens. I don't know? Does anyone have an answer?

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Is Jack really done for good? No more Golden Bear?

My dream is to retire and do pretty much nothing but play golf. I can understand that golf was Jack's "job" and that I too would not want to do my job for the rest of my life, but I have a hard time believing that Jack will never play again. I am all for him taking it easy and not playing competively again, but I would still love to be on a course in the future and be able to The Bear out there playing a nice relaxing game with some friends or family members. Although he has made more than I will ever make, I would still offer to buy him a beer in the Club House afterwards. God Speed Bear!

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Cowboys and Patriots Super Bowl Bound?

Are you on crack posted by Debo270 at 8:21 AM CDT on May 31 Apparently, some people can't understand sarcasm.

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Cowboys and Patriots Super Bowl Bound?

Being a Pats fan myself, I totally agree with Peter King. I think it would be great to see the Pats in the Super Bowl against the Cowboys. I mean really, can you think of a better story line than Master VS Protege? Think about it. Belechick taught Parcels everything that he knows!

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Jake the Snake in a road rage

I always wanted to see Miss Elizabeth end up with George "The Animal" Steele. Now that was a great story line!

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Bobby Brown

Why the f would anbody do that to their body? Like grum, I got tired just reading about it. After about 4 trips to the fridge for a beer, I was able to finish the article. My idea of a rough 8 days is taking a road trip with the wife and kids. (Which I need planty of beer to get through also.) I couldn't imagine training that hard let alone actually doing something that strenuous. More power to the people who can do such things. It sets the bar so high, that I can actually walk right under it and head to the fridge for another beer.

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"When you get to the end of your rope, you tie a knot."

Good for Ricky and good for the NFL and CFL. If Ricky can turn his life around and prove that he is still worthy to play in the NFL, then so be it. This should be the final chance for Ricky though. He has had plenty of chances to turn his life around and has not been able to do that yet. Hopefully this is the "kick in the chest" that he needs to learn to control his habits. I know that it was probably just pot and although it is a minor drug, it is still illegal and against the rules. I would think that he would be able to give it up for just a few more years and become one of the greatest running backs and then take up smoking again and just chill for the rest of his life. I mean come on. If he can prove himself and get his millions of dollars for the next few years, he will have plenty of money to burn away in a bowl.

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Vick to attend Miami's rookie mini camp

i'd like to see what happens if he tries to stomp on willie mcginest's leg after the whistle. posted by ninjavshippo at 4:27 PM CDT on May 2 That just might be the last stupid thing that this moron would ever do in football. Wouldn't you like to see this idiot try doing that sort of crap in the NFL? After they removed the pile of defensemen off of him, he would never throw right again. GET 'EM, WILLIE!!!!

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2006 NHL Playoffs Pick-Em!

Ottawa - 5 Carolina - 6 New Jersey - 7 Buffalo - 6 Detroit - 5 Dallas - 6 Calgary - 6 San Jose - 5 This is the best that I can do. I haven't had much of a chance to follow much of the season this year. Also, the Bruins had an awful year. It is hard following a sport when your team sucked as much as they did this year.

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National Disgrace

In Maine, a refusal to submit to the breath test not only results in an automatic lic. suspension, but also the courts treat it as an admission of guilt. I worked in law enforcement for 7 years and saw maybe 1 person not get a conviction for OUI that did not submit to a breath test. Being an ex-officer, I would rather take my chances and submit to the test and then just fight it in court. Here in Maine you have a better shot of getting off by doing that.

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An Englishman's view of an American sports icon.

I can not believe that I actually took the time to read this article. I took the advise of owl and read it all. I only fell asleep twice while doing so.

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"Doc" Gooden back in jail,

Is there ever any baseball discusions that do not reuslt in bringing up Bonds and Rose? Sandi, learn to respect the others. I wish the best of luck to "Doc". Addiction is a horrible thing.

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Epstein To Rejoin Red Sox

LMFAO!!!!! Good one mikelbyl

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Mangini taking Flight to NJ

I think this sucks! As a life long New England fan, I hate constantly seeing coaches leave these last couple of years. I am not saying that they don't deserve their jobs and I am not saying that they shouldn't take those jobs, I am just saying that I hate seeing them leave. Shouldn't us Pats fans be able to keep our coaches? How are they going to be able to go back to and win another Super Bowl if the coaches keep fleeing? Oh yeah, they still have Belichick. That's right. They'll be back baby! On another note, as I mentioned in another thread about this same subject, I thought that Mangini shouldn't go to New York. I still stand behind that thought. I think that New York has too many management issues. How else can you explain both Bills and Herm leaving at the soonest opportunity? Back when Parcells was there he had a hell of a team and couldn't make it. Belichick bolted before he even called one play. Herm Edwards has had some real good teams and couldn't pull the trigger. This makes me think that their problems run deeper than just coaches. I do wish Mangini well and I hope that he is successful. Although I hope he doesn't beat the Pats.

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Steelers Take Down Colts

I haven't heard one comment regarding the Colts being rusty. This was the first meaningful game for alot of the starters for what, 6 weeks. There was talk about it all week from just about every network. What do you all think? Would it have been more benefitial for Dungy to have played all of his starters in every game instead of resting them? (Just a Monday morning quarterback question.)

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Broncos Drop Patriots

Hey LiveWithIt; I'd like to see you have a stroke and get back into the NFL. Of course Bruschi is the comeback player of the year. What he accomplished was phenominal. Granted he was not a big factor in the game last night, but he is still a great linebacker. I am glad to see so many people so quick to shit on the Patriots. I have followed them for years and dealt with a lot of down times. These last few years have been great. Don't hate them because they have revolutionized the way teams are being run in the Salary Cap Era. With coach Belichick and Scott Pioli at the helm, I look for the team to compete for many years to come. I wouldn't be surprised to see them playing in the Super Bowl next year. If that happens, I guess I don't mind listening to all you cry babies whinning about how much you hate them. Suck it up they have the greatest franchise and the greatest owner. Brady whine. Ha! As if.

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Broncos Drop Patriots

Someone pass me a tissue. My alergies are acting up like crazy. WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn alergies!

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Heisman winner Bush declares for NFL draft

That's a huge shock!

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Iverson ... Greatest little man ever?

Spud Webb was the greatest little man ever! Do you ever see that guy dunk?!

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The Green Bay Packers hire Mike McCarthy to lead the team

Favre should definately come back. I know I would if I had such a genious as the San Fran Offensive Coordinator. Those recievers of his will surely learn how to catch now.

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Yet Another Belichick Protege Being Sought.

Mangini has worked under Belichick for the last few years in the Patriots system. He did spend, I believe, 3 years with Parcels in the Jets organization. Romeo Crennell tried to take him to Cleveland with him and offered him more money, but he stayed. Doesn't anyone remember how fast Belichick ran from the Jets when he was handed the reigns from Parcels? Does anyone really think that Mangini would actually like going into the Jets organization? I do not know a whole lot about what kind of ship they are running down there, but I just see it as a very poor situation for anyone who might be just a little wet behind the ears. Just look at the last few coaches that have been there, and how quickly they get out. If Parcels can't win there and Edwards can't win there, and Belichick doesn't even want to be there, then there must be something wrong inside of the organization. This could be a bad choice for a possible up and coming coach. Look how long it took Belichick to get another Head Coaching job. Cleveland had bad management and it reflected on the coach. Do not leave the Patriots just yet Mangini. Get at least one more year under your belt of being a coordinator, then start looking.

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Vince Young turning pro

Know your sports and SpoFi history before you start popping off at the mouth and telling others how to run their lives. Actually, Texan, in the research that was done to find out if bluekarma was a "racist" or not, I searched through his posts just until this past July. In August there may have been what was "considered" a racist comment made, but it wasn't until July that I saw anything that would be commonly refered to a racist. Also that was a post regarding names of teams. I have only been a member here for the last few months and I find it difficult to search through every single posting to find who may or may not be racist. Although I do find that someone who brings in the race card into something that, most intelligent people would consider a nonracial comment, racist. I don't know if you are black/white/green/red/purple/pink/orange/yellow/blue or whatever and I couldn't care less. I think that your comment was uncalled for and stupid. As for you being related to RZA, although you seem to have you differences with him (as seen in the Locker Room) you apparently have some serious issues. You seem to be quite wishy-washy in some of your views. I can actually respect RZA's comments more than I can respect the one that you made here, because at least he is consistant. I appoligize to everyone, but Texan, who might have taken the time to read this particular comment. As I have seen in previous posts, I wanted to take it to e-mail. I checked on Texan and was unable to find an e-mail address for him.

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Vince Young turning pro

If you don't believe that sitting for a year can help you learn the system and become a real star, please see Tom Brady and get back to me.

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Vince Young turning pro

The best thing that happened to Vince Young was that he didn't win the Heisman Trophy. If you wonder why I said that, then apparently you don't know anything about football or of previous Heisman winners. As for Vince Young being the next great quarterback? Time will only tell. If whoever picks him up, starts him immediately, then we might never know how good he could be. The best for most college quaterbacks is to sit for one year and actually learn the system. I hate seeing quarterbacks thrown to the wolves without proper protection. We already have several QB's like him in the NFL( Culpepper, Vick) who have failed to succeed at the highest level. You quarterbacks? He ain't no Marino or Elway or Manning. You mean...white quarterbacks? Go back under your rock, bk. We'll call you when it's time for the next klan meetin'. Don't forget to starch your pointy hat! posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 11:29 AM CST on January 9 For you Texan, get a life. He was describing mobile quaterbacks, not black or white. Although mobile quarterbacks do alright in the NFL, they do not seem to be quite as valuable as pocket passers. Are you related to RZA some way?

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New England Edges Jacksonville

Belichick has not lost to the same team twice in one year. I know that all of the stats reflect past games, but that is a huge stat. The Pats are going into Denver and winning in a close one. That is my prediction. Jake Plummer has not been himself of old, but he might easily revert back to his old ways if the Patriots can stop the run. I am not saying that I don't want the Patriots to face Indy in the Championship Game, but I would like to see the Championship Game being played at Foxboro. The only way that this can be accomplished is with the Steelers beating Indy. I'm sorry Steelers Fans, but that is just not going to happen. The team might not look ahead to the next opponant, but I sure as heck can. I say bring on the Colts! I want to squash any belief that the Patriots are not the best team in football. I want to see the Pats go into Indy and I want the score to be something like 40 - 21. That would be sweet. (by the way, rcade that win that Indy had agains the Pats was during week 9, 9 weeks ago. Patriots are a completely different team now)

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Coach of The Year

Does anyone think that Belichick should have won the award? I mean come on. I know that the Patriots are the Super Bowl Champions, but look at what he has had to deal with all year. He had something like 11 or 12 players put on the injured reserve list and was still able to produce a team to be feared in the playoffs. Who really thought that the Patriots would even be in the playoffs (If it wasn't for their horrible division). I say that Belichick is Coach of the Year and the Patriots will be the only team to 3 Peat. (but maybe I am biased).

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So long, Blacksburg.

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to play the race card Leave it up to RZA and it will come out everytime.

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Brett picks a coach

rcade, that has to be one of the funniest things that I have ever read. It took me 5 minutes after I read that to calm down enough to write this. F'n funny!!!!!

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Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

You seem to have a lot of built up aggression RZA. Now I want you to do this one little thing for me. Breath in deep through your nose and back out slowly through your mouth. Now don't you feel better? I have worked for every single thing that I have. No one ever gave me one single thing except for love. I grew up dirt poor, not in a city but in the country. Does that make me better off than you? No. I don't think so. I was raised on Government cheese and powdered milk and felt the embarrassment of watching my mom buy groceries with food stamps. If you've never had your own father, the man you respect and love and honor the most tell you to "de-nigger" before you come into my house from the time you were 8 yrs old until he passed away when you were 20, you will never understand or know my point. lucky you Do you ever think just once, that your father might have been trying to teach you to have some respect for yourself and for others? I am not criticizing you or anything that you have said here. I am just saying that you seem very angry. Life sucks. You appeard to be upset that people do not know where you come from. Well I believe that every single person is guilty of that. Just look at what you said to Ying Yang Mafia. You don't know him from Adam, yet you decide to spout off about his upbringing and you don't know a thing about him. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Just because someone says something that rubs you the wrong way, be the bigger man and don't give them what they are looking for, don't give them a reaction. Learn from Martin Luther King Jr.

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Vince Young leads Texas to 41-38 win over USC

Why would the Steelers trade down so far if they wanted to get him? Very true. Why would the Pats give up there only pick in the first round? Come on. You don't really think that the Steelers are even going to the Superbowl. Do you? Sad sad times ahead for you.

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Phil "The Power" Taylor wins his 13th World Darts Title

1) You need hand-eye coordination 2) It takes physical endurance to play to a high standard for a sustained period 3) It takes nerve by the bucket-load 4) You can improve by practicing And people say that NASCAR isn't a sport! NASCAR meets all of these requirements also.

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Breaking Down the Classics with Orson Welles,

Bill Belichick is a genius when it comes to breaking down film. That was a trait that he learned from one of the greatest film minds ever, Steve Belichick. Can you say; 3 IN A ROW!!!

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Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

My question is, why is it about twice a month, there is some negative thread about a black athlete on sportsfilter? As you so eloquently stated, "Young black men will continue to dominate the world of sports...".

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Sherman fired after losing season.

The Packers have definately been in a downward spiral since Sherman has taken the helm. I am a die-hard Patriots fan, but I would love to see Favre come back for one more season with a compitant coach and actually win another Super Bowl. (As long as it is not at the expense of the Pats. Still not over the 96 game.)

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Martz dismissed by the Rams

i would guess spanish from the handle If you want to know more about the people on SoFi then just click on their names and find out a little something about them. Actually I would recommend checking out chicobangs interview. Very interesting.

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Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

Nice work Jim W. Here we go again.

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Martz dismissed by the Rams

Why does it bother people so much that, caps are used, bold gets used... Who cares if someone writes with capslock on or puts in bold words? Does this distract you that much that you are unable read what the person has written? chicobangs asked you nicely to not shout and your response is continued disrespect. Take your nose out of his ass and have some thoughts of your own. I have read many of chicobags posts and he seems fairly capible of defending himself.

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Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

THE GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSIBLE! There you go. Pass the blame off to someone else. It wasn't me, it was the one armed man!

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Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

Did he die? No. But he may be spending some hard time in prison shortly and that is how he will be remebered by the majority. Hey, maybe he can set up a game inside the jail. Inmates versus the guards. I think I heard of that happing before. (Maybe once in the 70s and again just recently.)

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Chad Hedricks Breaks 10000 Meter Speedskating World Record

Is alcohol a performance enhancing drug?

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Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

why anyone would ever call a 22 year old a "boy" or "kid" is beyond me This is because if you are over 30 years of age, anyone who is only 22 is a boy. Regardless of race. Being 22 and technically an adult, does not make you a man. he wanted a job he was qualified to do Wrong. If you do not have a BA/BS and the job description requires one, then you are not qualified. (I am not saying that you have to have a BA/BS to play in the NFL, this is only an example.) He did not meet the minimum requirements for the job description. Hence, he was not qualified. I am not defending the NFL's age requirement, I am just saying that he did not meet them.

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Jumping Their Bones

I hope you will not be testing me on these subjects any time soon, as I am booked for the next few months. For someone who is "booked" for the next few months you sure do have plenty of time to sit and type your long winded "stories" on this post. What he said/did was wrong. I don't find it to be that offensive. But I am a man. He did not say that he wanted to have sex with her, just that he didn't want to see her legs spread that far apart while she is going down the hill. It causes more resistance and slows her down. His choice of words might have been quit rough, but his intention, probably, was to get her a faster time for her trials.

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Doug's Drop Kick

Did you see Belechick talking about it after the game? He said that Flutie asked to do it. They practiced it the last couple of weeks and Coach promised him that he could do it if the opportunity arises. Well the opportunity came and Flutie enjoyed himself. I think it is great. This is, more than likely, Flutie's final year in his storied career. I say congratulations to Doug and I wish you well in your life after football. Good luck and God speed.

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Jumping Their Bones

Aren't we just so sensitve? Wah!

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Saints Will Leave San Antonio

...and the NFL needs LA. Yeah right! Beacause the NFL has pretty much gone into a downward spiral without having a team in LA. Didn't the teams (Rams and Raiders) move away from LA because of lack of attendence and/or problems with building a new staduim? I think that LA has proven that it should never again have a NFL team. Pooh on them.

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if they earn it let 'em celebrate

Every time I hear the name Ray Lewis I think "wasn't he involved in a murder"!! Not to go completely off subject, but he'll probably get into the HOF. To think that if Pete Rose would have just been involved in a murder, then he would have already been enshrined in the Baseball HOF.

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Brett Favre & Marshall Faulk want to retire,

...than some new guy 1st round draft pick that may end up being the next Joe Montana!! Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round. FYI

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Another Pulitzer for Mitch Albom?

Although I did shed a tear for this young man's family, I agree with just about everyone that this is nowhere near Pulitzer material. I do get very annoyed when, while reading a story, I have to consistently go back in time. If Mitch is unable to write an interesting piece in order of events, then stop writing. My 12 yo talks like that: and then I went to the store, o yeah, first I got into the car, o but did I tell you that when I got up this morning I cleaned my room. I am sure that we would have all guessed the outcome of the story before the end, but I would have preferred reading it from the beginning. Build up to the climatic ending, and then recap. PS I spell checked this time. I couldn't believe that I had errors.

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"My record was a product of doping."

I think that is very courageous. I think it is quite late, but still thoughtful. The medals should be taken away, along with any records, and given to the ones that deserve them.

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Tony Dungy's Son Found Dead

My thoughts and prayers are with the Dungy family. Losing a parent is hard enough, but losing a child must be devistating. A person always knows in the back of his/her mind that they will someday be laying their parents to rest, but you never think that you will have to lay your child to rest. That would be something that I would have a very difficult time doing. I hope that everyone here hugs their loved ones all a little tighter and tell them how much you love them.

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No suds in the Meadowlands

I appoligize wholeheartedly. I was told that he had sued. It is something that happens far too often. A drunk driver sues an establishment for his own stupidity. Do I think what the vendor did was wrong, yes. Should the vendor who actually sold him the alcohol be responsible, yes. I just think that 5 years is not nearly enough of a sentence for what he has done. I worked in a correctional instituion for 7 years and know first hand how now a days these jails and prisons are more of a country club then a punishment. Fine give him 5 years, but also make him work with paralyzed individuals as part of his probation after release. That might be the only way he can come to grips with how stupid he was/is.

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Johnny Damon to sign with Yanks.

I like Damon as a player. He is a very solid lead off hitter and a fast centerfielder. I just think that you are right jtrluva why didn't the front office just fork over the extra 3 mil? On the other hand, why didn't Damon want to play for a little less in a city that beloved him and idolized him. Well, it is because he apparently only thought about the $. That is why us Red Sox fans are mad at him. I have alot more respect for someone that can give a little to get a little. I do understand that he is getting older and that he already has a WS ring and is probably thinking about his life after baseball, but is 3 mil that much more when you are already making 10 mil. I mean come on. I just get sick of over paid "players" that only want more money. Just to make a comparison. Say you make 50K per year. 3% more and you could make 51.5K per year. Is an extra 1500 per year worth leaving where you are loved, wanted and idolized to go to a place where you are just another face in the crowd? I think that it was an unwise decision for Damon to make. I do wish him well in NY and I hope that he is happy. I also hope to see the Red Sox scoring the winning run in the ALCS, against the Yankees, off of a sacrifice fly to centerfield. Go Red Sox!

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No suds in the Meadowlands

So friends and family were there at the game with him, and he himself asked and "tipped" for more than two beers at a time. I understand what the vendor did was wrong, but this guy should not get any sort of settlement from the stadium at all. If he wants money for being stupid, sue his friends and family that were there and then let him drive. This is just another case of someone not taking responsiblity for their own actions and sueing somebody else for their own stupidity. I hope that someone in jail with him provokes him into a fight and sues him for what he just settled for. Now that would be justice.

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Johnny Damon to sign with Yanks.

Soap Opera. That is all this is. Does anybody really think George would have gone after Damon if he was anywhere else but Boston? I mean come on. I am a Red Sox fan and I like Johnny Damon, but I can see that his fielding has diminished over the last year. I say good for the Yankees. If you think that Damon is your answer at center field then good for you. I think that the Red Sox will be able to find someone to replace him at cf and probably even be able to pick up a pretty good hitter. Does anyone doubt that the Red Sox and Yankees are going to be in the playoffs again this year? If fact, I bet that they are both going to be fighting for the pennant in September. I think that it is a great move to keep that hatered for each other alive.

posted by grabofsky74 at 08:32 AM on December 21, 2005

10-4 Chicago Bears Name Grossman Starter against Packers

When the Patriots win their 4th SB in 5 years and their 3rd in a row, you can hand the Coach of the Decade (not just year) over to Belechick. Lovie is good, but he is no Bill.

posted by grabofsky74 at 11:31 AM on December 20, 2005