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Texas cop delays Texans RB Moats at hospital as mother-in-law dies

After watching the police car video, I believe Mr. Moats did exhibit a good level of self control even during what I believe was a racially motivated behavior by the Texas Cop who I believe was blinded by his lack of love for colored individuals...

I am white, and grew up in Texas...but when I decided to date a very good looking black lady, that is when I realized how the white Texas community treats blacks, specifically in Dallas, TX...I don't need to go into details, but the racial discrimination was most evident in restaurants, and night clubs...I was even approached by two white police officers inside a patrol car, when my then black girlfriend and I were in my vehicle chatting parked in front of her home, in her black community, when I rolled my window down the cops proceeded to tell me that 'if I was you, I would leave this area, it is not a safe neighborhood'...

But as far as minority or racial discrimination, Minnesota a state where I happened to live for a number of years, is even worse than Texas...and I thought Texas was bad...

It is just another fact of life for non-white, and non-native born people living in Texas, Minnesota, and such similar states in this country of ours.

I feel sorry for Mr. Moats and his family, and I can personally state that if this happened to me, I possibly might not have been able to control myself as well as Mr. Moats did, because I was just in Dallas a month ago, in a similar circumstance, my mother suffered bleeding in her brain, and was in an ICU in a local hospital in Dallas, and she was also potentially in a state where she might have lost her life, like Mr. Moats' mother-in-law, but in my case, my mother survived...and I was fortunate to not have to speed to the hospital like Mr. Moats did...

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America


Your right, the burden of proof does rest with me...

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America


That is a great story, allow me to replace the title of this story which is "A fire-breathing dragon lives in my garage" with "The widely accepted standard kicking theory that everyone never questions", now go back and read the story again and each time it refers to the dragon, replace it with the 'standard kicking theory'...and now the story will apply beautifully.

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America


I wish it was that simple...

Let's assume I can improve a young soccer player's touch on the ball in less than a month...

Let's assume those players on the team start winning every game in their league's schedule...

Let's assume those players then win their next scheduled tournament...

After their success, I leave that team as their hired technical trainer, because my research is done...

Now another coach comes in after me, and he sees everyone kicking the soccer ball totally different from what he is used to, and as we all know he is used to that famous old standard theory of leaning over the ball with your chest, support foot right next to the ball, he forces the kids to change back to that old standard, and by sitting the ones who do not want to change on the bench, till they conform, because who wants to sit on the bench...

This has happened to most of the players who improved with my soccer kick...they are forced by their next coach after I leave the team to conform back to the old you tell me how could they become the proud owners of a World Cup, obviously we have not won that cup yet...

So the only way I can guarantee this change to happen and to be maintained, is to create my own team that I can keep training for longer than a month or a couple of months, but up to year, and more...Without allowing anyone to interfere with their daily training using my program, this team we will blow everyone off the field by scoring goals and basically outperforming their opponents, from game to game, to after a few years of this type of performance that greed for money, power, and domination will take over my opponents, and since my opponents won't be able to defeat me on the soccer field by using their old standards, they will be forced to either accept my training program, or come up with something better than what I have, to defeat me. I hope if they do come up with something better, it will be something under the umbrella of the rules of soccer, meaning not more increase in violence on the field...

So without my own facility, I won't be able to make any sustaining changes...

For example, I gave some tips to a professional soccer player who I found training one day at an indoor facility in Dallas, TX...he was from Brazil, so I watched him for a few minutes, and I was able realize what he was trying to improve was lateral accuracy in his shooting. I decided to approach him and ask him if he would be interested in any tips to help him with his effort, and I was surprised that he said yes. So after showing and demonstrating to him my kicking process and the principals of physics of the ball that it is based on, and how to use this approach to control lateral direction and accuracy of the ball, he actually tried it, and it worked for him first try. After a year or so, we met up again, and I asked him if he was still implementing my kicking technique in his game, and he said yes, but what was interesting is that he said when he tried to explain to his professional coach in Dallas this new technique, the coach just couldn't understand it...can you guess the nationality of this coach...yes...he was from England...and as we all know, the English are staunch believers in standards, and they hate change. So even though the Brazilian player understood it and used it, he could not convey the kicking process to him, because if you don't have an open is like talking to a wall.

Just imagine coaching over 43 soccer teams which was all part of my research and each time being able to convince the team to train using my training program, believe me, this was not a simple task. Because after the kids went home that day after I introduced the new theory to them, I had to skillfully negotiate the immediate attacks from some parents who had some coaching background or were from a specific country and were hung up on the old standards, they would question what I was doing, and so they should. It was no easy task to console them so they would not hinder my team's progress by pulling their child off the team, but after they saw their child's level of improvement go up...most of them accepted the new training program, why shouldn't they, their kids were also winning every game.

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America


Your are corrrect...this actual thread was about a guy who said soccer is running America into the ground...which in itself is an odd statment, but believe it or not this guy did have some actual valid points in the body of his article in reference to soccer, so it was a good link to a sports article to introduce a discussion on.

What is trutfully running America into the ground is greed, greed, and greed.

Just look at history of great civilizations that ended up disintergrating and always comes back to greed.

Greed for money, power, and domination.

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America


My use of the meant to say I can keep going, but I'll stop here.

If it annoys you my apology...

Many venture capitlists never played soccer in their lives, so they wouldn't give a damn about my new discoveries.

So I try to focus my comments withn sport oriented forums, hoping a venture capitalist is a member of such a site.

There, I used two dots, or periods, just for you. This third and fourth period is just a bonus gift to you.:)

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America


Plus I have testimonials of past soccer students who have had success with the kick, etc., but the video was shot by me, and it is not the most professional level type videos...I used a good digital camera, but I didn't have a mic boom, so the volume level compared to the noise level is not good, etc.,, but you can hear it, but still it is not what I need to walk into an office and do a truly professional presentation...

Overall, with testimonials from my past students, including my digital animation, and actual video demonstration of the kick, and with all of the documented research I have done, nothing beats bringing a video of a game with your player or team in it, where they are utilizing the skill that you are trying to say you can bring to the club...and that I believe is the only way I can really market having a team that performs the new kick in their passing and finishing, and winning a majority of their games over and over again...consistently.

I wish I had a camera crew following me during all of my past coaching of players and even during my own games after I thought myself the technique, where great performances occurred on the field in such games and many victorious tournaments using my kick...but unfortunately my research was silent and in the background, now this fact is haunting me.

But it is not just the kick that I have developed, I have also done research in what is the best way to give a player the highest level of endurance possible from a cardiovascular conditioning perspective without having to run long distance type training, which some of you might know can create havoc on the knees and ankles when training is done on bad turf, etc, and I have developed other types of athletic training which minimize injury, and maximizes on the field movement efficiency for both the field players and the goalkeeper...I have new training for the goalkeeper that will totally minimize any pain associated with constant falling to the ground, took my younger brother, and professional goalkeeper himself, years to finally accept one of my goalkeeper training he is finally utilizing it in his daily goalkeeper training program, because he sees its it is an overall new developmental training program with many facets to it, not just the kick, even though the kick in soccer is obviously the most important facet of the game.

Sorry for the long is hard to put it all into one word, like soccer.

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America


I thought I already answered that issue...what do you thing my 30 years of research has been about...coaching and training all ages group soccer players, and both sexes...and that is how I insured my new theory works, because I was able to implement it over and over again, and it worked each time.

I have coached and/or techincally trained youth, college, and even individual professionals here in the USA, Canada, and Spain...during those 30 years...aside from playing the game itself.

After consulting with experts with PhD's in Biomechanics, Physics, etc., and doing research inside human athletic research labs, where I was able to verify data by measure, etc....which also proved my new athletic movements that I discovered...only then did I publicly try and market it, but as you can see it has been a battle up the hill all the way...

My bar is not set too high, but in order to properly market something you do need some investment capital...and that is what I have been trying to raise...and continue to do so...

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America


I would love to party with you, but in my last visit to Dallas I was not in much of a party mood, because my mother had sudden bleeding in her brain, and no one knew if she would survive, but thanks to God she did, she is presently in a 24 hour nursing facility right now going through rehab...

In your profile you state that you follow sports in the Dalls/Ft. Worth area in North Texas...please explain this to me.

As you know there is a lot of heated soccer competition in Texas, like who has the best soccer club, who is the best soccer coach, etc., coaches and clubs have even sued in each other over soccer related issues...

In the summer of 2007 I attended a coaching license "C" school here in s. California at the Home Depot Center, to upgrade it from my National 'D' License...during the application process I was trying to get some official proof of my soccer playing and coaching experience, so when it came time to get such documents from Texas, where I grew up playing soccer as a youth, then high school, and then at the University level...I contacted the North Texas Soccer Association, and some other local associations where I was a 'registered' coach and player for many years, to get them to send me a letter with the official letterhead stating that fact, but all of the assocations refused, without giving me a reason, accept that they would have to go to their archives, and they were in storage, so I came back and said I could send you scanned documents I have kept, like my coaching and playing registration documents with their letterhead, to verify the dates of my soccer participation, and even after sending them those documents, they never sent me one letter to me...and they knew who I was personally, and they also knew my family personally, since we had the first soccer camps in North Texas in 1970, etc...but they would not lift a finger to type something out for sad is that. Talk about rivalry...compared to one phone call I made to Madrid, Spain to their national soccer assocation, and in a 3 days I had an official letter from them that arrived in my mailbox of which teams I signed for when I played soccer there back in the 1980's...

Unlike Texas, the soccer associations here in California had no problem verifying my soccer playing and coaching activities here in this state...

Let's be honest, soccer creates a lot of heavy duty competition in all levels, and I am sure it is the same in most sports.

But if we stand back from all of that crap for just a second, the thing that shines the most is the beauty of the sport itself...

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America


You are right, but what does it hurt once in a while to ask for funding or donations for my cause...

I was tempted to put my digital animation videos of my new kicking approach out on YouTube, etc., but my fears are that someone who has some brains will take the idea and attempt to make the instructional video or book and state that they discovered it...then I will have to get an attorney, and loose my money to defend my right to the discovery, and how do you prove you discovered a specific movement of a body part?

Any type of a professional production that I would love to do for an instructional video, which obviously requires upfront funding, that I don't have right now, and again we are talking 300-500,000 plus dollars...

I have been searching for a coach agent, but I have not been able to find one, at least one that is trustworthy...I have had three entities e-mail me stating they can get me into the national team of China, a club in India, and now recently a club in Denmark, all ended up to be scammers. I am 48 years old and I believe I still have the athletic ability to demonstrate my kick to be able to teach it properly, and as I get older, that ability will diminish I am sure, unless I have a facility where I can constantly train, and we come back to square one, how do I get my own facility...

Just a few months ago I handed Don Graber, who was one of the speakers invited to talk about sports organization and operation at a local university here is southern California, my Soccerkick, Inc. business card, telling him I have a solution in regards to develop talented soccer players here in the USA(because during his speed that evening he specifically stated that one area the MLS needs to improve, and USA soccer in general, is the development of talented soccer players)...has he or anyone from his MLS called me, of course not, why should he, I don't have a team that I can bring to the table to show him what I am talking about, but at least give me a call to discuss if we could setup some type of a test where I can take a handful of players, put them through my training program, and then he can have his MLS development staff assess the power or lack of, of my developmental training program...

I offered my services a finishing consultant to Bruce Arena, the new coach of LA Galaxy, and about a few months ago, I got an official response from him, thanking me for my interest to help out, but that he already had a full coaching staff, and wished me luck in my endeavors...

I have not had the opportunity to speak to Bob Bradley, the head coach of the US Men's National team, to see if would be interested in my finishing consulting services for his team...

But I am not giving up...there is got to be someone out there who feels that the United States should have already won a World Cup long time ago; especially, with all the great athletes and resources we have here, there is no excuse for not bringing the World Cup trophy to this country.

We just need an extra edge on the soccer field, and I have the solution for that extra edge, convincing others of that, has been my biggest challenge to date.

My main question is, why is everyone afraid of giving me a chance to prove what I say I have done, and can do for them? My training program can make a difference in a soccer players kicking abiity in just one week...but yet LA Galaxy, Chivas USA, etc., are not willing to give me that opportunity, and of all teams they need it the most.

I still believe that on one of the doors I will knock on next, will be the entity that is going to give me that opportunity.

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America


Be careful, that skull they found with the brick in its mouth might be one of your relatives... wouldn't want to mock one of your relatives.


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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America

Well tommytrump, since your profile states that you lived in Canada, I have an interesting story to share with you...

I was a trying out for Montreal Manic, a soccer pro franchise from the old NASL days located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in mid 1980's, and after a recent recovery from a soccer injury that I incurred during pre-season training there and playing in the sweeper position, I managed to organize my defense to prevent the opponent from scoring one goal, it was a game of the Manic Reserve team vs a selection team of the best players in Quebec, and we won...

Oh how about the time when I was 15 years old and my club team called the Pirates located in Dallas, TX leased an expanded van after painting houses for a summer to raise the money for the trip, and we drove up to Toronto, Canada, and entered ourselves in the Robbie Tournament there, in the senior youth division, and we managed to defeat some top teams from Canada, and the USA to bring home the trophy...

Just wanted to share a factoid with you that happened in Canada, and that is no Bullshit.

I love making my statements on the soccer field, here on the Internet you can say anything, but can you walk the talk.


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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America


What personal gain do I have in raising awareness to the lack of soccer development here in the United States, and the World's soccer development overall?

I have a non-profit soccer charitable organization called Soccerkick, in between the lines "non-profit"...for which I am asking for donations in respect to funding or land/bldg type donations for my first training what possible gain would I get from this, only the fact that I am attempting to complete the mission of this organization.

Just like you said, it is not your forum, and you don't make the rules here, or have the authority to enforce let's assume you did, what would you do?

I can only assume some of you do like the game called soccer, football, or if someone like myself after many years of conducting proper scientific research found out that many of today's soccer standards are not based on any proper scientific research, and attempts to share that on this particular forum, or any other forum, there is always going to be a backlash of attacks, that is human nature, humans hate to change after they fall into a comfort factor...I understand that extremely well, but my mission is to continue to spread the word, and I will continue to do so...regardless if you believe that I am being taken seriously or not that is just your one man opinion...I am up for the challenge, but so far no one has been able to come back with a differing view without being aggressive...what I would enjoy is to have a mutual and friendly online discussion, even though we may have differing opinions...that part of online discourse I can't control, but I am hoping I can come across a truly educated individual in sports research, who would be willing to discuss this topic in a non-aggressive format.

This game will evolve with me or without me...but I am passionate about making statements that this game can improve beyond what most people believe that it can...because I have been there and done that, so why not give soccer players out there a chance to get this information into their hands to give them the opportunity to experience the true potential passion of this game, because the standard soccer developmental academia will not give them this information, they are not aware of it as of how could they...instead most soccer players continue to battle the art of mastering the soccer ball without the proper knowledge to achieve that what is wrong with my efforts to share that with them, if I know such information exists out there to help them?

I admit that I make remarks in order to spark discussion, but my statements don't include any type of lies, or hoaxes, or bs, or self promotion...only to benefit the growth of the game itself.

I can be just as aggressive, self indulging, or as ignorant as any of the comments here or any other you know words taken too seriously can be very damaging if one allows them to...but aside from sparking discussion on a topic, I always assume I can have a friendly, and fun discussion, without resorting to such negative discourse...but if anyone of you truly do surf the Internet out there, you can see that aggressive dialogue, seems to be the is always some group, trying to isolate one individual or another group of individuals into a battle of words...till those words turn into threats and four letter words. Why that is, I don't know, I don't think even trained psychologists know...aside from maybe our cave ancestors mentality, if you weren't born in our cave, you don't belong here, so the cave people residing in a cave next to them, would be considered would think we graduated passed such limited thinking, but sometimes I truly wonder.

There are many team and individual type sports out there, that participants can enjoy playing, and fans can enjoy watching. I think that is a good thing. Each of those sports were created for a reason, and have evolved according to the efforts of the people participating in them, some put more effort into it than others, but each sport has grown and evolved on its own, and will continue to do so, as we humans do ourselves. But there have always been growing pains, and that is natural.

All I am attempting to do is to raise awareness in the reality of an improved development of the sport called soccer, and I hope to find someone out there who believes in my message to join me and my efforts to improve this game and take it to another higher level...and do this now, not in 5, 10, or 20 years.

This comment is a short summary of what I am trying to doso I am curious as to how many more aggressive comments that this comment will generate, or maybe to my surprise, there might be some intelligent non-aggressive comment responses. I do have a basic faith in the goodness of humanity, even though it might be just a small needle in a haystack, that needle is the hope to our survival

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America

rcade, you are right this thread is getting really boring...but it has been fun seeing all of those Ren Fair dorks come out of the woodwork... PH

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America

I said be gentle...

I have never read more bs(that's what boots are for)...well I take that back, most your guys comments are bs...but you already know that. I thought I would see more creative comments, but I am extremely disappointed in you guys, you let me down.

Soccer/football is the best sport in the world...and it has a lot of room to improve...

Soccer is one of the oldest team games in the world...and hopefully it will continue to be so...

Soccer gave birth to rugby, and rugby gave birth to American football...

All sports have their purpose, otherwise they would not exist, I just prefer soccer...I have played most of the team sports, and I enjoyed all of them, except I found soccer to be the most challenging...

There are no written manuals on soccer that will enlighten you to see what I see as far as the future for soccer...the only way you can envision the true potential of this game, is to stop for a second, and think...

You can attempt to attack me verbally as much as you like, but that shows you own frustrations with your own limitations...that is something you have to deal with on you own.

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America

Tahoemoj, problem, I'll post a couple more times but you guys will have to come up with some good comebacks first, but please be gentle...

I am still in process of raising money for my soccer training facility, so if anyone here is a diehard fan of soccer and wants to see the game improved, like more skill, more creativity, more goals, less violence, feel free to contact me and we can discuss donations, monetary or even vacant land or facility type donations...

The foreclosure market has brought in some great revenue for my family and me so we are gaining ground in generating our own monies that one day I can use to initiate my own facility...but it would be great if I could expedite it with donations from others...

Every time I watch a top level soccer game these days, and see all the missed passes, crosses, and yes, the missed shots on goal...and the unnecessary violence, it keeps my desire going forward in doing something to improve the game, which can be improved, and should has a much greater potential to entertain us.

I cringe every time I take my 8 year daughter to her club soccer team's practice here in Southern California, as the club's coaches are great guys, and of course certified with the FIFA standard soccer knowledge, so they teach the girls aggression, how to push their opponent off the ball, they teach them the old standard form of kicking the soccer ball, and they coach the girls like most coaches, directing every part of their move on the field, and if the girls look confused because most of the time, an 8 year old girl will look confused, especially when it comes to running into open space, keeping the ball wide, penetrating the defense, they make the girl run laps, do sit-ups, or they sub them out...well this the typical training scenario of top soccer youth clubs here in this country, no wander we have a problem in finding talented soccer players...

The people who truly love this type of training, are the local doctors, it is their job security...from all the broken bones, twisted ankles, sprained knees, etc...And the ambulance companies, who transport these kids to the emergency...basically the complete medical group of individuals in handling these types of accidents...

In summary it is all about winning, at all cost, so the coach and club can put their trophies on display, and include their victories on their resumes. So that they can then apply to high school and college coaching positions, and then eventually the MLS...

But when the coaches take the time to look behind them, they have a hard time finding any talented soccer players, and they look so perplexed...and that is when they say it is about culture, the culture in Europe and in South America, etc., is just different and more conducive to developing talented soccer players...and what is scary, they actually believe in these statements.

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America

The bloody British, you take their tea and flag away and they run back to their tiny island...if it wasn't for the Monty Python's Flying Circus TV comedy show I wouldn't even know the British existed...

Guys your comebacks are fun to read...but don't try too hard, you might get a hernia...and your face will look like that guy who just got hit with one of those missed shots on goal that I keep referring to when I refer to today's soccer player's lack of true ball control...but then again, I guess that is the kind of frenzied and frustrated type of soccer, or pardon me, football you lads like to watch...

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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America

Holden, thanks for remembering me....and BoKnows for linking others to some of my past articles...I am glad someone is keeping tab on my soccer related educational posts... I must say some of Stephen H. Webb's comments in his How Soccer is Runiing have some the low score of today's soccer and the constant running without any results...but then the rest of his comments are like Holden's and his kind...makes me feel angry that I left my boots in Texas after I moved to California...I am sure by now you know why cowboys where probably own several yourself, more than likely you are wearing your pair right now. And like Tahoemoj said, please continue to post it three or four more times, y'know, for authenticity... And BoKnows, make sure you also save the link to this article for future reference... Anyway, you guys crack me up...I needed a laugh, thanks...this foreclosure business is keeping me so busy, I rarely have the opportunity to follow your guys' frivolous comments it was a pleasure to see that you guys haven't forgot about me... As always, I'm just around the corner...

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Lance Armstrong Rips Reporter Over 'Cancer' Comment

As a past sports journalist for my high school, and my local community newspaper, I was thought to show respect and restraint to the subject you are interviewing, it is part of the written and unwritten ethiscs of being a journalist...and a large quantity of common sense.

It reminds me of a young basketball player at our high school that I chose to do a smal feature story on...well after tons of probing quesiton to get him to talk about himself, I only ended up with just one paragraph of information if not almost two...but our high scholl newspaper EDITOR, a fellow classmate, whose position already got to his head, and created the 'God' syndrom in his brain because he has the last call of what is going into the newspaper, said no, we are going to exclude his short story from the paper that week..even though I pleaded that it would be good to put something in there, because I had a gut feeling during my interview of him, that I sensed the young man was somehow depressed and anything, even a short story and a picture of him playing basketball might cheer him up...but my pleads fell unto deaf ears.

It was no later then a week after our high school paper came out without his feature story, that I picked up the local newspaper, that I eventually worked for after high school, and lo and behold, there was a front page story about that basketball player that our Lord Editor decided not to publish. But this front page story was not a very happy one, it was the story of how this young man committed suicide, because his first love, his girlfriend at our high school, just dumped him, and failed to give him a good reason, so he became extremely sad and baffled, which drove him to call her by phone, tell her he loved her, and then he proceeded to shoot himself in the head...

In summary, the power that journalists or their editors have can do good or bad things to humanity, and while some journalists have no problems following a common sense of ethics, unfortunately there are some journalists, who have that 'I am Lord or God syndrome, basically who don't care what the outcome of their public statements are or their published news article will do to humanity, as long as their name is clearly published next to their article, or on the credits of the news staff, like here I am, the EDITOR.

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Latest Fighting Injury another Warning for NHL

I played hockey when I was younger here in the States and I was originally born in Central Europe where our hockey is one of the best in the world, etc..., and yes, the violence is part of the game.

I have played other sports, especially soccer as well for many years.

I believe violence is inherent in our human genes...

But I also believe we have the intelligence to do away with violence and replace it with artistic athletic skill, which is just as entertaining as violence, and even more so.

My mission today as a coach and technical soccer trainer is to create a soccer team where all members will abstain from any sort of violence, but will be trained to master the soccer ball and the soccer game, and they will be just as entertaining to watch, even without the violence.

I hope the young hockey player in this story who is clinging to life will survive; he is just another victim of our violent prone society.

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LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

I love the way some of you people appoint yourselves as judges, and then how you love to preach from the pulpit, I find it entertaining. Actually, I believe that after so many posts, individuals should be temporarily time-outed, so they can spend some time away from the keyboard, go live a little more of the real life, and then when you have some fresh ideas, you should be allowed to come back and post another 100 or more posts. People who seem to post a lot without interruption, I believe it eventually effects their judgment, and their objectivity. It seems they take everything a bit too personal, and they start to feel like they are the king of the hill, and they believe they have to delegate their opinions unto everyone, otherwise they do not feel that adrenaline high anymore. It is a shame what free speech can do to people who do not know how to use it or control it properly, and wisely. See you people at the next American Soccer thread.

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LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

Owlhouse, Let me know how I can contact you, and once I start managing the soccer facilities that I have referred to in this thread, and setup my research program I will contact you and we can attempt to collaberate on various research, not just in soccer, but in other sports where the mechanics of physics are involved. You have to reallize the research you referred to, like the top clubs in Europe and elsewhere are engaged in, are missing one important fact. They are attempting to evaluate and research the movement used in today's standard soccer kick by top soccer players...if you keep analyzing the existing then you will never progress to an alternative movement, not any time soon. Looking forward to speaking and/or meeting you soon. My e-mail is

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LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

Texan lost in NY, It seems you have it all down, you know the physics of the soccer kick, and you have faith in your approach to soccer philosophy, so that is great, I am happy for you. Plus the fact you are Texan means you have a great future, you might even become President of this country one day, you never takes confidence to be a good President, and you seem to have all the confidence the big state of Texas can offer... As long as your heart is the right place and you keep an open mind, I have a feeling you will do well in your soccer efforts. Remember, the more we work together, even if we share different philosophies and ideologies in the world of soccer, the better we can improve the soccer game so that we can both sit back and enjoy watching our youth develop into talented soccer players and soccer entertainers, because don't forget, the soccer game is also an art. Progress involves allowing people to have differences of opinion, and finding a way to compromise those differences. Just as a note, attempting to lean over the soccer ball with the top part of your body will actually increase your chances of kicking the ball over the goal not keep the ball's simple and stale kicking standard which has not changed to date is not based on any principles of physics what so ever, hence players have no clue how to master the soccer ball in a consistent manner when it comes to horizontal and vertical direction. Once I have a chance to create my developmental youth soccer teams, I would love to setup a friendly match with one of your youth teams, assuming you will have one at that time, and we can see whose players are more accurate in passing and finishing, yours or mine. We can review the game over some pints of beer; it will give us a chance to get to know each other, becuase I grew up in Texas also, and I played pro soccer in England as a trialist for QPR in 1980's, so we do have some things in common; especially, a passion for the game.

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LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

"Coach Ruud Gullit bemoans amateur nature of Galaxy"... In the above Gullit article that this discussion thread is about, it is obvious he is being honest in his opinion about the level of soccer in this country. He repeats what I have said before on other forums, not just this one, that the American soccer player lacks proper soccer development from AYSO, to competitive clubs, to high schools, and to college soccer levels. Gullit is not the only one who has made such a statement, there have been others... I have been aware of this for quite some time, that is why I keep writing about my soccer developmental program, as a solution to this problem. Soon, as I have stated in one of my earlier comments, I will have the facilities I need to implement this developmental program, hopefully sometime this summer I will be able to start managing these facilities, and then after a few months I will be able to create my developmental teams. The only way to introduce my approach to soccer development is to put a team on the soccer field, and then people will come and watch. They can then decide for themselves if the level of soccer of my kids is productive and entertaining at the same time, or not. It has taken me 4 years of effort to get to the point of being able to manage these facilities, so to all those who are throwing some great advice as how I should market my program, all I can say, is that I have been there and done that, and of course, the effort has finally paid off. You have no idea how excited I am to be able to finally have a venue to implement my soccer developmental program, and the good news is that these facilities are located throughout other States, not just California. Of course, once I get started, I plan to find a way to hire a camera crew to document my efforts, on and off the field. I plan to build research facilities where we will continue research into soccer and other sports where the principles of physics that I use can be implemented, and those facilities will create those cool slow motion athletic movement videos, and we will publish our research in medical research journals, like that of I want to share my findings to all interested individuals, and I want to do it in a very professional manner, so that all individuals irregardless of their background or education level can appreciate the power of this new approach to sports development. I have witnessed how everyone is passing the buck to everyone else to develop our American soccer youth, but very few have the knowhow, or have done any research to truly be capable to property develop our youth to a level that will surpass the other countries. That is why Gullit has made the observation of the lack of developed players that he has seen from our colleges when they step unto a professional soccer field. The LA Galaxy has done a great job to market the name 'LA Galaxy', and they have had previous soccer successes as a professional soccer club, it should be a no brainer to start also having some success on the soccer field today to match the popularity of their club's name. But it not as easy of a task as it seems. Let us switch to Chivas USA, the club has also done a great marketing job, and many people recognize their name as well. Imagine if they knew how to take local Hispanic soccer players and developed them into top professional players; imagine how many Hispanic fans would come watch a professional club made up of local talented Hispanic players. They would have to build another stadium just to hold that many fans. I have offered my services to both clubs, because I believe I can help them in developing great soccer players. At least I am trying to help... But realistically I do not have the level of marketability that I need to persuade them, even though I offered them different means of testing and proving my technical development abilities in just a period of a week, and still they were not interested. So that aside, with my upcoming opportunity to manage the soccer facilities that I have been waiting for, I will now have the opportunity to create the marketability I need, and my services will still be available, and maybe by then I might be offered a head coaching job with one of the MLS teams, and then I can show the American public the power of our local dormant soccer talent.

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LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

Texan_lost_in_NY, I commend your volunteer work with underprivileged kids and their families...that is always a positive thing. The sarcasm and negativity people dish out is not warranted, and I should have guessed you have a British guys can't stand having someone state that they know more than you when it comes to soccer, that is exactly what is keeping soccer here in USA backward in development. I am not talking about me, me, me...I am talking about the soccer players here in the States who love the game but do not have the opportunity to get the proper technical training. Just because I say, I have developed a training program that is 10 to 15 years ahead of everyone else, does not mean I am talking about myself, but about using this innovative program to give our kids the proper training that they are not getting out there today. I hope you enjoyed your early soccer career, I know I did, I loved every minute of it. Don't worry, the American kids will become the best in the world and it won't be due to any British coach or technical trainer, you guys have had enough time here in this country to prove what you are capable of, and it is time for something new, so just get over it. I saw the Barcelona and MAN U 0-0 game a few days ago...after close to two hours of effort, neither team managed to score a goal, and Cristiano Ronaldo missed a you tell me, how is that possible, and I tell you I know why, no player on that field knows the true physics of the soccer ball, and they have no clue as to why they are missing the goal, or hitting the goal post...but my American kids after they undergo my training program will know why, and they will score, and score, and score. Right now, I am in a good mood, I just completed one of my major I wish you and everyone here at SpoFi a great Friday evening.

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LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

It is obvious that there are very few out there who are actually trying to improve the level of our young soccer players in this country...Yet there are too many more out there pushing their stagnant opinions and their egos without any soccer improving substance... I actually created a thread with a positive soccer message and substance, you guys create threads wth conitnuous sarcasm and negativity, and most of your threads have absolutely no substance what so ever. The soccer players here in this country will reach the level they deserve, and I will continue to remind everyone of that get used to it. If I were you I would try and learn from players like David Beckham and other top players who are in the MLS and other foreign players who will be coming soon, at least they do bring something extra to the game. You guys need to get a clue to what soccer is about before you post your pathetic comments, they are a waste of my quality reading time.

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LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

CRQRI, Factually, if we searched this forum for the total number of my writings verses yours, you would come on top. Yes, I do seldom write, to promote the fact that today's soccer players in the USA are able to be the best in the world, not in 5 or 10 years but today. I write less than you do, and if we got together and compared home many hours you and I have spent on the soccer field teaching and developing local USA soccer youth, I have a feeling I would probably have more hours compared to yours. I have spent a lot of time on the soccer field to be able to develop the training program that I always refer to, so yes, I have been very active on the soccer field, and hopefully will continue to be even more shortly, once I get the faculties that I referred to in my last post. I have trained many soccer players here in this country, but the problem is that in general, the norm is that after I leave a team after I was with them on average of one month or two months max as coach or technical trainer, the next coach that team would hire, would prevent my players from continuing to do what I thought them, because their technical movement I thought them goes against today's standards, the standards that most coaches use here in this country, which kills and stifles potential soccer talent, so those new coaches had no clue what my players were doing, but because it was not familiar to them, they immediately stifled their progress by forcing today's standards down their throat, and preventing them from doing something different. So in order for my program to be successful to the point of being able to document it via the media, I do have to own and run my own facilities, so that I can develop my players for a longer period of time without external intervention, to allow them to reach a certain level of play, and to enable us to setup top media covered exhibition games to introduce the new form of technical movement to the rest of the world, to show its superiority to today's soccer standards...and by having my own facilities, I know that no one can find a way to stop me, as they have before. Ask anyone, even outside of soccer, who has developed a new approach to an existing standard, how hard it is to introduce it the world, and they will tell you it is no easy task. So every time I read or hear someone make statements that soccer here in this country is not up to par with the rest of the world, I can't help but to respond and write that today's soccer player here in the USA is able to be the best in the world, and can be in less than a few months, with the proper format of technical training. If I could funnel the money that went to David Beckham's way, towards getting the necessary soccer facilities that I need to build, I could create 100's of players here in USA that would be double the player that David was, or is today, and that is not meant to take anything away from David's past, present, or future soccer achievements in today's level of soccer. My statement's are not attacking anyone, they merely state that the knowledge is already here to help today's USA soccer players in becoming the best in the world, and if that knowledge is coming from one man, what difference does that make, the fact is, the knowledge is available. I repeat, I will be getting the necessary facilities I have been working so hard to get sometime this late summer, then I will be able to start my developmental teams, and they will start training without any interruption, and this will happen hopefully by end of this year. So instead of trying to attack my efforts, come on board, and let me know if you want to become one of my certified soccer technical trainers, so that you can promote a brighter future for today's USA soccer players. I know that our USSF has opened up many youth soccer academies throughout the country, in order to start improving our soccer youth talent levels, but because the people running those facilities are certified with today's coaching standards, our youth's soccer progress is not going to excel anytime soon...but if you introduce a program that is based on principles of physics and scientific research, then maybe we can get them developed much faster, and in less than a year. So if you want to continue to attack my statements or my efforts, join the crowd, but nothing is going to stop me from moving forward and helping today's USA soccer players from becoming the best that they can be, which I believe they deserve, and because they are our future, and why shouldn't they have the best opportunities available to them? And why should old soccer standards continually be shoved down their throats?

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LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

0. CRQRI, it is going to take the proper approach to soccer development to improve soccer here in the USA, and I have that development program. Actually, there has been a level of conspiracy as you put it, but those facts will hopefully come out in a book that I am going to write in the near future, which I am sure you will not be bellyaching to read. I consider myself a fan of soccer, and aside from doing all I can as one individual, I am actually directly involved in improving the level of the game here in the USA...all I ever see you do is talk. Pele did manage to help improve the interest of many young players get into the game here in the USA, and he helped increase the awareness of the game here in this country. At least he did his part, what have you done to improve the game, aside from just talk? Once I get started with my developmental soccer teams, you should consider yourself privileged to be able to see the level of soccer that we will bring to the soccer field, once we setup an exhibition game that will be televised.

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LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

USA Soccer can be the best in the world in no time... As soon as I get hold of my own soccer facility, indoor or outdoor, I will prove my point with a vengeance. Every time I have been able to start my developmental soccer team that will be the ambassador of what USA soccer level can be, and should be, and not in 5 or 10 years, NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! TODDDDAAAAYYY! Some jealous zealot has found a way to stop me from continuing the program. So I have dedicated my efforts to doing everything I can to own my facility where I will again start my developmental soccer teams, and using my unique training and developmental soccer program, which is based on 28 years of soccer research and development, I will show the world what top level soccer should be about, and I will start with a team right here in USA. The good news is that I am getting very close to getting such a facility, and actually, I should say facilities. I have already attempted to contact LA Galaxy’s executive and management staff members to offer my professional finishing services, and they have never returned any of my calls or e-mails. I have met with the Director of Soccer Development of Chivas USA, but during our meeting he said they have no funds available in their budget to bring me on board to work with their players as a finishing consultant, to teach them how to score goals. I have made many other efforts to help the MLS or the USSF efforts, but no one is truly interested in improving the level of soccer here in this country, aside from propagating their own political power and their personal egos in the top level organized soccer entities here in this country, while thousands of existing soccer players in all levels here in the USA, just rust away in their efforts to improve their natural soccer talents, and develop other talents they were not even aware they had, and since I started playing organized soccer here in the USA in 1970, as a ten year old, I have not seen this trend change as of yet, and that is sad.

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The American Revolution continues in London

Chargdres...all jousting and kidding aside, if I may ask you, when and why did you get interested in Soccer, when your dad was so into Basketball? Were you born here in the States, and if so, which part of the States did you grow up...just curious. And also, you stated that you coach, ref and play soccer, are you still active in those areas? If so, are you content with your ball control, would you love to improve any part of your game, even now? And if you still coach, which areas of coaching are you most frustrated in, in the reference that you wish you could help improve your player’s abilities is some particular area, but there is just not enough information out there to help you achieve that? And as a ref, is there a rule of the game you wish you could change, or add to the game? And when you lived in Europe, which part of Europe did you live? By the way, we are similar in the fact that we love soccer, we both coach, ref, and of course play the game, and we love to comment about the game. Peter

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The American Revolution continues in London

Salmacis...I would love to take the credit for giving you a laugh, but you got me mistaken for someone else, I think you wanted to thank Chargdres, for some of his rubbish has also given me a lot of laugh's as well...Cheers pal!

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The American Revolution continues in London

Chardgres...take a chill pill, take a deep breath, and then slowly let it out, then look at that mirror next to you and say "mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the best GIGO comment-ator of all"...and just keep staring at the mirror, and you will figure the answer out eventually. Please don't be concerned about me, I still had some old boots left from Texas, so I was able to avoid stepping into all of the bs you dragged yourself into with your owns comments directed at me. Unfortunately, I agree with your comment about Bruce Arena when he did not use Eddie Johnson properly during the last World Cup... The US team needed to score goals to continue forward into the competition, and I don't believe he always had the strongest players on the field during key moments to be able to do that. If he did, he might have scored a goal to break the tie with Italy, who as we know ended up winning the World wasn't the greatest wc final, but there had to be a winner... I had a discussion with Bruce Arena prior to the world cup in reference to the above topic; scoring goals, but I will spare you the details, because I don't want to get you too excited, cause you might e-mail Bruce and ask for his qualifications, and I wouldn't want to put Bruce in that position, especially now as he is trying to find employment. To All: I hope I got my message across, that we have enough talent pool here in this country, that needs to be developed with proper training programs, so that when an American player goes overseas, he or she will make the same media frenzy that Beckham's marketing team did for him here. But most important of all, we can make a soccer revolution happen here in the States, NOT LONDON, and make it happen today. Just because it is not visibly happening right this second, doesn't mean it can't happen soon, very, very soon, without the need for our talented players going overseas. As one famous Austrian said, "I will be becckk"...

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The American Revolution continues in London

One more thing Mr. Chargdress... You brought up the war in Iraq, another example of the great sacrafice that our young people here in the States, many of them volunteers, are willing to make to allow us the ability to have this fruitful discussion.... God bless them. Peter

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The American Revolution continues in London

Look, you have been telling this board that you can personally change the course of American soccer. So, am I out of line to ask what qualifications you have for doing so? If I were to claim that my vision of military tactics will change the course of the Iraq War, wouldn't you want to know what my background was? Obviously, you can make whatever wacky claim you want on this board. But unless you can actually support your claims with some evidence, you are just someone trying to sell his questionable services. Look, if we were on the soccer field, I guess you would be one of those players that would be aiming your exposed cleats and trying to take me down from behind, and you would probably be aiming for my knees, no, you would probably aim for my ankles, cause you would be too lazy to raise your legs to reach my knees... I don't know, but I feel a little anxiety and frustration on your part, and I feel for you. I obliged and responded to one of your questions, to give you some bait as to what your next comment was going to be, and it was a predictable classic response, which was take whatever I wrote, and spit back at me followed by an aggressive comment. Don't worry your pretty little head about my background and qualifications, because they are all there. Unlike you, I can backup everything that I have stated on this board, or any other board, because I don't need to try and tackle everything that moves around me like you, especially anyone who dares not to lower their head and bend down and kiss your shoes as they walk by you... I love the game of soccer, and I am tired of all the potential soccer talent that exists here in the States, that is being constantly overlooked by top soccer decision makers, because even with their BA's, Master's, and PhD’s, or one's without such degrees, they for some reason don't have the ability develop the potential talent that I refer to. They are good people who also love the game of soccer, they are just misinformed or just have not been enlightened with the same vision that I have. I am just trying to bring awareness that the pool of soccer talent is right here in the States for the taking, and that I am ready to develop that talent, and I am working hard to raise the money needed to build the training facility so that I can begin the process. So before my facility is built, I enjoy posting comments to the Internet, to spark thought, dialogue, and awareness of the great soccer athletes that we have here in the United States. Peter

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The American Revolution continues in London

Chargdres...thanks for repeating my changed version of your heading in your last comment, it looks even better on your post. But seriously, your heading is the correct one, since it was your post I am responding to. Are you interviewing me for a job? I, didn't think so. But thanks for being so curious about my background...and your post, well it seems a bit college dropout, common, is that the best you can come up with? And yes, I have been privileged to have played and been coached by some of the world's great soccer coaches and trainers, I will give you just two for right now, to give you a chance to catch up on your Googling, the most important of all of them is my father, Frank Hason, and then Fernando Daucik who was one of my second most important mentors, but unfortunately he is no longer with us. are correct, soccer has breaks, and it is not a constant unbroken 45 minute run. And I also hate those rolling on the ground my leg is falling off scenes, yes some are valid injuries, and during those times the player stays very still...I don't believe in all those suicide type tackling we see in soccer today, it is another unnecessary form of activity that takes away from the potential art of the sport. Most high level players try and stay away from such activity, but they do get dragged down to that level occasionaly, I guess it is called peer pressure, and lack of a true touch and control of the soccer ball, so many players get frustrated and exhibit a lot of anxiety, and they seem to take it out on their innocent opponent.

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The American Revolution continues in London

Tselson...I can only give you the tools to use to be the best soccer player in the world, the rest is up to you, and I think it could be possible that if you colored your hair red, it might help. Cave_Man...I believe all athletes have the ability and the capacity to play any sport they choose to play. Some athletes are born with genes arleady in place to excel in certain athletic abilities, while others have to work harder to attain the same level, but the point is, they can. Scars...interesting suggestion, but I remember that someone already did a similar type of research approx 20 years ago in the area of overall body strength and endurance, and they found that long distance cross country motorcycle racers had the best endurance and overall body strength compared to other athletes, and soccer players came in second, and the other sport related athletes fell behind the soccer players...and when I heard that, it made sense to me, imagine having to continously balance a heavy object with your bottom torso and your upper torso on a constantly changing terrain, and having to maintain that endurance, strength, stamina, and focus for hours on end till you crossed that finish line.

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The American Revolution continues in London

I would like to suggest a change to the heading of the comment posted by Texan_lost_in_NY that I initially responded to today, his heading is: 'The American Revolution continues in London:' I think the proper heading should be: 'The American Revolution continues in USA: Let London, England be London, England, and let USA be USA. We have the soccer talent here in the States, we don't need to go across the sea to develop it, it is already in our own back yard, and in front of our doorstep, but yet it is so easily overlooked. Peter

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The American Revolution continues in London

Scars, believe it or not.... As part of my athletic human performance research, I took a 19 year old American kid, that just started playing soccer...this was in Dallas, Texas. He was a typical American red headed kid, who fell in love with the soccer game, but didn't have the opportunity to start young as many US players do today, usually they start playing for their local AYSO, etc... I wanted to know back in 1984 if my developmental training program is limited by age, or does it matter at what age does someone starts playing soccer, can my program develop a player to a pro level even though he just started playing soccer. The result after one month and a half of two a day training schedule that this player paid for, he had to get a job to pay for it, and the reason I did that was to make sure he worked hard during the training, since he had to earn it, if you offer free training to young individuals, they don't respect it as much...anyway, he worked really hard, and to make the long story short, he ended up training with a 2nd division pro team in Lisbon, Portugal. They offered to sign him, but at that point he achieved his dream so he flew back to Dallas, and he went out to fulfill his other dream, which was to teach English to children in a small town up in the mountains of Taiwan, which he also achieved, after he got his BA or Masters in Linguistics from SMU in Dallas, TX... I was able to actually use a medical human performance lab located at a major hospital in Dallas, TX, after the training program was completed and we were able to confirm his endurance level, muscle strength and balance in both legs, etc., and we even did some tests in what best endurance training program would be best for indoor and outdoor soccer...all of my conditioning and strength development theories were proven at this lab. I know I can repeat that experiment with any healthy young athlete here in the States, or for that matter, anywhere in the world...what I wanted to prove was can you develop touch and proper reflexes that soccer requires to an athlete who just started playing soccer at age 19, or just at a later age in general, verses starting as a 4 or 5, or 6 year old, and I did prove it using scientific methodology form of testing and analysis and with the assistance of an athletic medical surgeon and his assistants at his lab that he was in charge of. My oldest soccer student I ever trained was 73 years old. My youngest soccer student I trained was 4 years old. That is why I can't wait to get my own training facility to start developing soccer players to a level that the world has not even seen yet. Peter

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The American Revolution continues in London

Chardgres, yes when it comes to developing soccer talent, I am very truthful, the fact is I also I put in my time, meaning I have put in over 27 years of athletic human performance type research in the sport of soccer, so yes, maybe modesty in that case is thrown out the window, and I definitely don't beat around the bush, and I come right to the point. But in reality, because I am modest in the true sense of the word, and I lack an overblown ego, it makes it harder for me toot my own horn, in order to speed up my efforts to raise the necessary money so that I can build the facility so I can show the world that US has thousands and thousands of talented soccer players that only lack proper developmental training. I don't know who you are, but you may not be aware that many of the countries from which talented players have come and signed contracts in Europe and in England specifically, as you described, have underwent training programs designed by European and English developmental coaching you may or may not be aware, that today many top English, and other European soccer clubs, and soccer associations have contracts in those countries where coaches are sent to develop the local talent pool, and that is so true in the country of China at this time, and those same players travel to English and European soccer training grounds on a yearly basis...and undergo training camps. Plus one other factor, many suburban type cultures here in the States, and even in urban areas, do not promote the desire of local youth to get a ball and let's play soccer in the streets type mentality, or the closest local flat area, whether it be cement or sports field, like the kids in Africa in general, and other soccer countries do. It is the hours and hours of street soccer type play and kicking against a local wall that foreign players develop their own high level of touch, and this is one fact that my research has proven to be the case. Yes, in some areas of the States we do have pockets of such kids, but is an exception, not the rule. Well, reading from your comments, I think we basically agree on one fundamental thing, there are great athletes here in the States. Now how do we get those great athletes to play soccer on a level that can surpass that of any other top foreign soccer player... The answer is easy, proper developmental training, it is here, it is available, all a player needs to do is contact me, so we can start a dialogue. At least I am offering a solution, what are you offering to the US soccer player? Besides just posting commentary, which anyone with a good command of the English language, can do...I am not knocking commentary, but please don't knock my efforts to actually make a change, and comment about that fact. Peter

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The American Revolution continues in London

Mr. Mismarck, my bad, you are correct he is Scottish...and no I only had the previlage of having a two minute conversation with Mr. Tom Docherty, if not less, in his office where the handshake happened...the rest of my time was spent training and playing under the guidance of the QPR reserve coach Theo Foley, an Irishman...:) So allow me to rephrase that: So who would you trust, a handshake promise with a Spaniard, or an English minded Scotsman? My answer would be I would trust a handsake promise from a true Scotsman, and a Spaniard... Peter

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The American Revolution continues in London

Chargdres...actually you are correct, very few Americans have made much of an impact in the top levels of England, aside from goal keepers as you stated. When I was playing as one of the two Center backs during the two exhibition games for QPR in 1980, I started and played the complete game, and during those two games, no one scored a goal against us, I even surprisingly got very good compliments at the pub from the forwards of the opponent I succeeded in impressing the opponent, and surprising the spectators with my US super talent, but not Mr. Tom Docherty, the Manager of QPR back then, so that he would offer me a contract. The reason I am talking about the above exhibition games that I played in for QPR reserve team, is that when I made long accurate passes to my QPR teammates, or I switched the play of the game from one side to another, I heard gasps from the spectators, as if, can you believe that Yank had the intelligence and the ability to that, even though I made thousands of such accurate passes every day growing up in Dallas, Texas youth league, and adult league, and college soccer. Basically, it is a psychological game that the US players probably have a hard time overcoming, like can you get your English pro teammate to treat you with respect during training and on the pitch of an actual pro game, does the coach of the English pro team treat you with same respect as he does the other non-US players on the same team...I bet many US players have a hard time adjusting to the bias and mental discrimination they face on a daily basis to gain the same respect they may have enjoyed and took for granted from their teammates and coaches back in the State...I bet it is not skill that the US players lacked when they played in England or in European pro leagues, it is the mental toughness you need to survive the environment that they are faced with while there, many are not prepared for such pressure, and they buckle, they basically lose confidence, bit by bit, till it shows in practice and in have to have one tough personality to dominate over the mental abuse that exists for US players trying to make it abroad. Skill has nothing to do in reference to whether US players can play in Europe, they can, but they have to come prepared, and if you go back to my previous comment, I clearly state that there are very few, if any, proper developmental type coaches and technical trainers here in the States capable to prepare US players to play abroad. And as I stated earlier, I am capable to develop local talent to surpass other countries’ soccer talent, and I am doing all I can to get a facility to do just that, to develop local talent to dominate the world’s soccer market. I have faith in local US talent, if you gave me a choice in training and developing a soccer player from the US or from abroad, guess who I would choose, the US player, because it is his and her time to shine. Peter

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The American Revolution continues in London

I left my college soccer career early and traveled to try out for Queens Park Rangers in 1980...I kicked butt, physically, and soccer wise, and I started and played a complete game during each of the two pre-season exhibition games after completing a grueling pre-season 2-a-day training program, I trained and played with the reserve team of QPR...the coach of the QPR Reserve back them was Mr. Theo Foley, an Irishman, he really liked me and tried to promote me, I really enjoyed playing and training under his guidance. So my point is, that in 1980 I personally knew that we had players here in the States that were qualified to play in England 27 years ago, and so I definitely know we have players today that can play for any team in England. But of course when it came time to ask if the club wanted to sign me, then QPR Manager, Mr. Tom Docherty, said that he had enough young talent to choose from, as he asked me to look outside the window where all the young English players were training whom the QPR scouts invited for a trial session with the club to become their young soccer apprentices. So he just shook my hand and said I did a great job and that I could use my time spent at QPR as a reference to any other club that I was going to try out for in Europe... As a note, I ended up playing pro soccer in Spain, and just this last year as I was attempting to pre-qualify for a USSF coaching license upgrade here in the States, I contacted Mr. Tom Docherty's publicist up there in England to get his referral letter that I trained and played with QPR in 1980, he never came through his hand shake promise. That is what you call an English hand shake, an empty promise, and as a note, all teams I played for in Spain sent me a document of my participation without any problem when I requested , so who would you trust, a handshake promise with a Spaniard, or an Englishman? My recommendation to any American soccer player, who believes he will become a better soccer player by playing pro soccer in Europe, is to send me an e-mail instead, and I will train him or her, to a pro level that surpasses anything that England can give them in their daily pro club training programs, right here on the soil of the United States. There is enough talent here in the States to fill two or three times the total of the teams in the English pro leagues, in all division levels combined. The problem here in the States, is that are is just not enough developmental type coaches and technical trainers available here in the States that are capable of bringing out the hidden talents of the thousands of local players here. Fortunately, there is hope; because, I do have the ability to bring out their talent. And presently I am working hard in raising money to build my own training facility to start doing exactly that. I am very frustrated that I don't have my own training facility as of yet, especially when I hear about the various MLS clubs here in this country and their efforts to sign players from other countries, when they have enough talent to surpass any player, from any country today, here in the States, and right now. My e-mail is me if you are a player and want to become better than any foreign player out there, or you want to help me raise money and help build my training facility, so we can prove today, the true high level of talents and abilities of American players that play soccer here in our local communities. With proper training, American soccer level can surpass the level of Brazil, Argentina, France, and any other top level soccer country out there, and that is a fact, and it can happen within just one year of training, and with the right facility, it can happen in just a few months. If I could have a magic wand, then I would say hocus, pocus, one, two and three, and if I could remove all the stale soccer egos, and red tape soccer politics that exists here in the United States, you would start to see the immense talents of thousand of US soccer players overnight. All the best, Peter

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USA Men's Soccer

I would love to take over the US National Team Coaching job.... But I only have a USSF 'D' I working towards first upgrading to a higher license. But as far as qualification, I have over 26 years of athletic human performance research in the sport of soccer, that my soccer finishing and condition training programs are both based on... So basically, I could take any descent group of soccer players, no need for any soccer stars of any kind, just average soccer players in good health, from here in the United States, and create the best technical and cardiovascular fit soccer team in the world, in less than a year of training... I also have years of international soccer playing experience, so I know what it takes to be the best on the soccer field from a player and a coaching perspective. I am working towards and planning on coaching a national soccer team in the next World Cup in 2010, and I hope it can be the US National team, but I will take any descent offer that comes first. Please whish me luck...

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'American sports are played with the hands. Using your feet is for commies'.

I would say Rugby is the most dangerous team sport to play in regards to violence resulting in potential injuries, then both football and soccer being second, and then hockey third...aside from that opinion, I prefer soccer as a sport because it allows each individual the freedom to make his or her decision in what action to take on the field of play once in possession of the ball. I don't like the idea of playing a sport where my actions are already pre-determined by the coach, like in Football...its like putting on a costume of a chess piece, and then sitting there on a chess board square, waiting for my master to move me at his whim, and having no say as to wherer I will be placed... Having a short experience in training and playing with a college football team during a pre-season program, I must state that I have the outmost respect for each football player, because they go through some intense training, only to have a knee injury during a friendly game...putting such hard work into a game where you have to play someone else's game, is a shame, and in some terms, a waste of one's efforts...unless you sign a contract with a pro football team, then maybe all that pain, agony, and lack of freedom to play the game for yourself, is paid off...otherwise, soccer for me, rules. Now, in reference to the element of diving in the game of soccer...personally, in my 36 of playing soccer, I never faked a dive...I always played the game to win by playing my heart out, and my aim was to win by the game by virtue of my skills, my cleverness in game play, alway trying to outwit my opponent, and anticipate the next move of my oppoenent, etc...I never planned to fake a dive, that to me is a coward's way of gaining advantage, and it does not belong in the game...and I believe there is present activity to outlaw the element of diving, if not heavily penalized, and hopefully eliminated. I have played the following organized team sports; baseball, softball, hockey, basketball, football, and of course soccer. And I respect all athletes, of all sports, because each sport has something unique to offer to the athlete. But overall, I prefer soccer, to me soccer is the most creative and athletically challenging, and what is most important, the skill level today has tremendous room for improvement, hence making the future of the game even more entertaining.

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Got Joga?

I like NIKE's vidoe ads...especially when they took a video of my dad in Dallas, TX...he is an ex-pro goalkeeper who still trains local youth goalkeepers...his name is Frank Hason...I enjoyed watching the video, plus we need all the financial support we can get to get cash poured in the our game here in the USA...our young kids need a future in professional soccer, and it takes money to sustain a pro league, in any country. I also like the Eric Cantona taking over a TV station video ad...which I believe promotes quality soccer, creative soccer, and entertaining soccer, and not the violent prone level of soccer evident in today's top soccer players, I am totally against the violence in today's soccer game...a fan pays good money to watch a total of less than 45 minutes of actually soccer play, and the rest of the minutes on the field of play are spent on players picking themselves off the field after a violent tackle, etc...that is a waste of a fan's money, and a waste of talent in reference to the players on the field of play. So go Nike GO!

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Younger brother of EPL player convicted of murder.

Satan is working overtime...

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Nike marketing soccer outside the 'burbs

Soccer is growing in popularity and in participation in the USA, and it will continue to do so. It is one of the few team sports that allows freedom of action. The player with the ball decides on his/her own what action to perform on the field, verses having to be forced to initiate a play designed by a sideline coach, or coaches, like in football. Another fact that all soccer enthusiasts should research, is the history of the game, its origination, and participation throughout the world within a chronological timetable. The first organized sport played in North America, Central America, and Southern America was a sport similar to today's soccer. The first sport played by the original Pilgrim's who landed in the Eastern part of USA, was soccer, while at the same time their hosts, the local native Indians where playing their own version of soccer...the sport of Rugby was developed from soccer in England, and the sport of American Football, was developed from Rugby after it became popular in the USA...the first organized sport played in the original Ivy League colleges here in the states was soccer. Therefore, the chance of it becoming popular sport in the USA, is potentially, and historically very possible, if not inevitable. What comes around goes around. NOTE: Historically, the various forms of the game of soccer played throughout the world was extremely violent, people were killed after the game as part of the celebration or sacrifice, the heads of criminals and prisoners of war were used as the soccer ball in some countries, and various Kings and Queens of England used to ban soccer from being played by local villages, because of its brutal violence. Today's game is played with rules and regulations to minimize the historical violence, allowing today's soccer player to demonstrate the intellect and the artistic athletic abilities that humans are capable of during high level of competition, and yet somehow preserving the compassion, and humanity of man and women who are pumped full of adrenaline. And yes, eventually violence always finds a way out, and that is evident in all team sports, that is why we have the concept of the referee...who acts like the lid on top of hot tea pot boiling with water.

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