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Jameis Winston explains crab legs issue to Jim Harbaugh (Video)

Isn't anyone outraged that this possible #1 pick is an accessory to a conspiracy of a receiving stolen goods? Maybe It's a FSU thing.

posted by gfinsf at 09:41 AM on April 24, 2015

Sources: Jim Harbaugh Expected to Take Michigan Job

I think Jason Cole is in tune to the West Coast, Bay area. Makes sense to me, Michigan offering tons of money and Harbaugh going home to his alma mater. The "who's got it better than us" stuff always sounded college not pro.

posted by gfinsf at 04:57 AM on December 28, 2014

Jets Bench Sanchez, But Still No Tebow

EEEEE, do you, as a Jets fan, really want Ryan back to make those changes, and the GM? I'm a Pats fan but it seems your house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. If it isn't I'm happy just the way things are there now.

posted by gfinsf at 05:38 AM on December 20, 2012

Winthrop Coach Addresses Newtown Shooting

Well said, very well said. Clap, Clap, Clap

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Lou Gehrig, Kurt Russell's Dad And A Home Run Bat With A Grand Story To Tell

Please click on the SPC Auctions link on the bottom of the article to read more and see some amazing items for sale. Very interesting stuff.

posted by gfinsf at 09:40 AM on November 03, 2011

Fox Runs Fake Anti-Jay Cutler Headlines

Dan Rather was being nice. G.W. did lie and why we are fighting two wars or more, can't count. But that is politics not sports.

posted by gfinsf at 06:57 AM on September 21, 2011

Gunshots Cause Panic at Mexican Soccer Match

Great example of running time in football, maybe, hopefully, the time keeper was under his/her desk. The people behind the concret walls were smart. It's where I'd be curled up and small. I'm not sure running out was the best option. How do you pick the safe exit? You lucky or OMG!

posted by gfinsf at 07:16 AM on August 22, 2011

And so he leaves...

I hope you posted the same thing when Tressel resigned.

I would have but it's kind of apples and oranges. Pryor is saying he is not going to play because he "cares" about the possible distractions to his teammates even though he and others caused them. Tressel on the other hand resigned/was fired because he cared too much about his players rather than reporting NCAA violations. Both were wrong in every way, but it just seems Pryor, and others, were the cause. Tressel covered it up and now he is gone. If Pryor "cared" about his teammates, and that is my point, he would not have been so blatantly stupid in his decisions over the years he was at OSU. Those athletes who come to OSU behind these violations are going to pay for Pryor's deeds for a long time. Loss of scholarships and bowl games to be sure. As the needle was painting his arm or other places, do you think he cared about his temmates?

posted by gfinsf at 09:50 AM on June 08, 2011

And so he leaves...

"In the best interest of my teammates, I have made the decision to forgo my senior year of football at The Ohio State University," Pryor said in statement released by Larry James.

Maybe he should have thought about his teammates while he and the others were trading gear for tats and cars. Trying to come off as someone who actually cares about anyone other than himself is a little late in the game.

posted by gfinsf at 06:51 AM on June 08, 2011

RB Mendenhall offers questionable bin Laden tweets

Someday I hope some of you read the book, Leave No Man Behind. Then you will realize how extraordinary this mission was to carry out. Seal VI, which doesn't even exist, carried out a perfect mission despite a helicopter going down, targeting their objective and exiting without causalities. Extraordinary!! Further more, President Obama overruled people in his Security Staff who wanted to bomb the compound. Our President wanted identification not a crater. Whatever you read into the killing of bin Laden, you should take a step back and congratulate the President of the United States for being bold, brave and trusting in the armed forces of the USA! They are heroes. Navy Seals and Delta Force, best in the world

posted by gfinsf at 08:47 AM on May 04, 2011

Requiem for boxing: the decline of the Sweet Science

Drood, bad example of a good fight. A draw. Maybe you meant the first one.

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‘Life coach’ gives up on QB Russell

$31 million+292 lbs at at a Redskins work out + a codeine bust = "Purple Drank" The guy is hooked and if he cannot connect with John Lucas who went through tough times himself, he is the biggest bust/loser in NFL/sports history, NO QUESTION. I'm sure he does not care and will be broke in 5 yrears.

posted by gfinsf at 10:22 AM on April 15, 2011

No Crying in Basketball? I would want my son to play for this man.

Thank you "outonleave" and "Drood," I saw this and thought about a "real" man and a coach as I'm sure you also did. Then I think about Calipari and Pitino (who coached my Providence Friars) and many other coaches. A man who can cry, cares, and Sydney Johnson is a man! Maybe Princeton is as far as he goes, but that's far enough for any man. I would hate for him to compromise his love for his players and school to sell out as others have for money. Mr. Johnson, be happy and content where you are, love Princeton and in the following days, if not today, I'm sure they will tespect and love you more. We all should be as lucky. Please be the next Pete Carril (thirty years, but maybe not his style). Coaches, in general, need your example. I wish you happiness.

posted by gfinsf at 11:59 AM on March 20, 2011

NFL labor negotiations break down, union moves to decertify

What, now they have to look out for their family's future? They've allowed themselves to get screwed over the past 10 years? Seriously?

As crazy as it seems they might have. The owners were saying they were losing money during the current contract. The players said "show us the books" the owners said no. Simple question, Why not? You may work for a very small company but see and feel things are better. Inceased income, capital improvements and then you boss says I can't give you a raise because I'm losing money even though your job might be dangerous and you may not be able to work anymore in three years. I know I would like to see the proof. Do you just take his/her word and say OK? I hope you would say prove it. That's what the NFLPL did. The owners are scared to show their profits and ridiculous expenses. What other reason would they hide the books? I would. in fact quit, as the players did. Granted they need the NFL but the NFL needs them. The difference here seems transparency. What's to hide on the part of the owners but lies?

posted by gfinsf at 09:43 AM on March 13, 2011

4 Auburn Players Charged with Armed Robbery

outonleave, that sounds exactly like the OJ case in Veags and where did that get him, unless laws are different in the two states.

posted by gfinsf at 09:18 AM on March 13, 2011

Yankees, Sox Unite to Help Child

For God's sake, in New England if you have ever been there, and Mr. Clancy, you have, so you know there are shoulders of grass on nearly every country road. That's why fortunately I have never driven by horses "in the street." Parades, well of course, but cars are not driven through them. Maybe I have been lucky that I have not encountered a horse in the road or maybe their riders did not ride them there because of the inherent danger to the horse and themselves. Again, as I have said before, I feel sorry for the young girl and I wish her the best in her recovery. When charges are filed against the driver please let me be the first to know. And may I ask what does I can't place any blame on either party. What about the girl for being too lazy to re-grow her leg? mean???

posted by gfinsf at 08:21 AM on March 11, 2011

Yankees, Sox Unite to Help Child

llb and youfatma you both think I am ahole for thinking the driver might have had a reasonable expectation to not have not one but two horses in his/her path as they drove around a corner in what I would expect a small New England town. I grew up in New England, and drove the up and down the curvy roads of Connecticut, Mass, Vermont and New Hampshire. I never saw one horse in the road much less two. Please read the following and then tell me who might have been at fault and why is much as I hate insurance, it might have been needed here.

It still haunts Daphane sometimes as she pulls up to a stop light, as she sits in her house. She sees what she saw then. "When I drove up, it was like a nightmare,'' Daphane said. "It was a bad movie. It was awful. I started screaming, No, no, no.' That's all I remember.'' She had, reluctantly, given permission for the two girls to ride over to a friend's house that bright, hot August afternoon. They rode bareback, going just down the street, only allowed because of the limited traffic expected on a post-church Sunday. Daphane told them to take care, to look out. They got within a city block of their destination, just before the hill crests, a spot they always knew was trouble. Cheyanne was riding on the right side of the road, but Bridget was on the left. She started to cross back to her sister. That was when he hit her. The car driver was to expect that? I feel sorry for the girl....bekieve me, but WTF as yerfatma said???

posted by gfinsf at 10:05 AM on March 10, 2011

Yankees, Sox Unite to Help Child

lbb, You taught at a ski resort that had black diamond runs, perhaps Stowe? Didn't your ski school have insurance for both you and your students? I would be shocked if it didn't. A tree is not going to move but an out of control skier might run into one despite your instructions. If that happened it would not be on your ticket, it would be the ski resort because they have insurance. Also why is a child or anyone riding a horse on a street where they might come in contact with a car? A horse may weigh 1500 pounds and be spooked and then anything could happen. On a street with cars, that is "mayhem" waiting. The young girl who lost her leg is the victim of that. Horses should be ridden where they are comfortable without distractions and a car might just spook one. Did it happen? Do not know. Most ski instructors I have seen go first and then watch as the students follow the instruction. There is a procedure to follow and to learn. I don't think you positioned your students where others were flying by on snowboards. Correct? So why should a young girl on a horse be on a street with cars going by, it never suggested the driver was out of control an therefore the liability might be on her. Have you ever had to avoid a horse's ass as you drive down a road? Call me one (a horse's ass) but I don't think the horse was on the sidewalk and I don't think the driver was negligent from what was stated. As for KY "trying "to get a new horse, WTF it would be an innings pay to do that.

posted by gfinsf at 09:08 AM on March 07, 2011

Yankees, Sox Unite to Help Child

In the article it said "a horse" and I was at first on the fence thinking if it was "her" horse. If she, or her father owned a horse vs. renting one and something happened it kind of changes things. To own a horse you have to have the money to train, feed and stable it. That to me is major expendable cash. No insurance? Why not if you own it? Youkilis is "trying" to replace the horse, a very nice gesture but just write a check it won't be Secretariat! I truly feel sorry for what happened but not so much about the father's lack of responsibility. Would let your daughter drive a car with no insurance? Or ride a horse that you never know might happen? It could throw and paralyze you. Did he have insurance for that? If he did own the horse for his daughter to ride and had no insurance even against some unknown situation, now I believe it's now back on him. Mayhem does happen, and maybe Allstate would have helped if he asked. Not a joke because mayhem does happen and he was not prepared. Again, I cannot say enough about the players from both sides but the real question is why it is necessary.

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Yankees, Sox Unite to Help Child

I hope someone reads this and is at the game with a video camera. I think it would be great to see his thanks to the players. I think even the Sox and Yankee players should join in some mutual support of Johnson. Let's hope, it's still spring training.

posted by gfinsf at 08:28 AM on March 05, 2011

BYU kicks Brandon Davies off team for violating honor code

I think the Honor Code was introduced because of Jim McMahon. Kind of like all the other changes after the Univeristy"s founder. Sure as hell (oops infraction I'm sure) they weren't based on his founding principles of the Morman Religion.

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Iran: London Olympics Logo is Racist

Even 10,000 terrorists would be a minuscule fraction of the world's Muslims, who regularly and frequently condemn terrorism in the countries where they can speak freely. Doesn't that statement in itself show these countries are repressed to where they could not condemn terrorists if they wanted to.

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Stupid Contract Perks

OK, so where is the stupid contract perk? That is tremendous!

posted by gfinsf at 03:02 AM on February 27, 2011

Teen Bull Rider Dies in Florida

I remember when I first joined this site it was fun, lively and yes, argumentative but in a good way. Now, maybe 5 years later, it's becoming grumpy "older" people nit-picking and twisting the smallest innuendo to rag on someone. This is sports and life, people do have different opinions and thankfully they do. Let's listen (or read) and learn that other opinions have merit, sometimes, and not be the end all judge of what you disagree with. Lighten up!!

posted by gfinsf at 04:33 AM on February 23, 2011

Teen Bull Rider Dies in Florida

justgary, What's your beef with Atheist? This is two times in a week you attack him personally. I'm sure he can speak for himself but you seem to have an axe to grind. What's your problem?

posted by gfinsf at 07:36 AM on February 22, 2011

Jake the Snake

It is admirable doing what you want and have fun doing just that. Having a couple million dollars to do that helps but Jake Plummer deserves everything he has and seems to have peace in his life and enjoys it, after all he did earn it. I have huge respect for those who can do that, the right way. I have met the other "Snake" several times and Kenny Stabler is the one I always think of when I hear that nickname. Not to change the subject but he is another Raider that should be in the HOF along with Ray Guy and Lester Hayes and I'm not a Raider fan.

posted by gfinsf at 06:57 AM on February 17, 2011

NFL Offers 400 Displaced Fans New Deal

The story says fans won't have to pick their Super Bowl until after the conference championship games that year. So they can wait until their team makes the game. And with all expenses paid, airfare, hotel and ticket. That's a pretty sweet package if you are still alive when your team makes it there again. The Packers and Steelers are both in pretty good shape to get back soon. Just pray Jacksonville isn't the host city.

posted by gfinsf at 05:17 AM on February 10, 2011

Hard Times for William 'Refrigerator' Perry

"Alcoholism is a terrible problem for some people but treatment methods are out there for those who want to change."

Given the effect of alcoholism and other addictions on brain chemistry, that's a useless statement.

I would hate to be your friend that asks for help.

posted by gfinsf at 07:38 AM on February 08, 2011

Hard Times for William 'Refrigerator' Perry

He came across as not the target of sympathy but as a lazy fat drunk.

justgary, what did you read in the article that would dispute that statement? His wife(s), ex-teammates and Ditka seemed to express concern because he was just that. What part of the silver cloud do you see in this? Calling out Atheist without reasons to back up your criticism is weak. If you have a bone to pick with him do it in the locker room which would be more appropriate. If you say he wasn't or isn't "a lazy fat drunk," what proof you bring to the discussion? Alcoholism is a terrible problem for some people but treatment methods are out there for those who want to change. William Perry didn't want help or to change. If he isn't "a fat lazy drunk (who refused help)," what do you call him?

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Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl champions

justgary, perhaps you could mention one halftime show you did enjoy, and I did like this one. Yes, they are all glitzy, but this had a theme and connection from the first song to last. Since you want to forget this one which one do you love to remember? Tell me so I can look it up and watch, I'd be interested in your taste of a good show.

posted by gfinsf at 05:50 AM on February 07, 2011

Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl champions

Also the best halftime show I can remember, great music and a not over the top show. I heard the 2,000 kids who participated in the show had one practice due to the local weather. Great job by all!!

posted by gfinsf at 01:12 AM on February 07, 2011

Cutler tore MCL vs. Packers

I just listened to the Dan Patrick show, hour 2, and he, Dan, said Cutler went out with his girlfriend to a steakhouse in Chicago after the game and he "walked up the steps rather than taking the elevator to the second floor." The source was not mentioned but, if true, how stupid is Cutler, if this is a fact? I have to question his future in any locker room as any kind of leader.

posted by gfinsf at 08:02 AM on January 27, 2011

Kim Clijsters Gives TV Commentator a Tennis Lesson

Look at the body language, they are friends. Arms over each others shoulders, touching, who could think she was doing anything other than "busting" him for something he texted another friend. They were laughing and no real malice was ever meant. She even came back after signing the camera and hugged him. His job is more secure today than the day this happened. It makes them both human and having fun publically may be strange on TV but why would anyone think this is serious?

posted by gfinsf at 08:10 AM on January 22, 2011

New York Jets Back Up Big Talk by Beating Patriots

I am now a huge Steelers fan. I hope Harrison and the rest can shut up what the Patriots couldn't. But in the end I would love to see the Packers and Rodgers win it all and completely clear the B.F. cloud that still may hang over that great franchise. Let Rodgers get his due and put the past behind, after all, he Rodgers, paid his. Though I can't get Packer games it would be great to see just #12 on the fans. A new era indeed!

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

thanks for the explanations and your time, very helpful

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

I have some questions I hope an Aussie or someone else can answer. I am from the USA and I am amazed with rugby and how it is so similar to US football without pads, but yet so different. It seems as violent but I never, or rarely, see blood. I would think noses are broken and heads are hit and a cut would open on almost every play. How is this avoided? I'm sure by good coaching and techniques but still I would expect more physical damage than occurs. What protection do they wear if any, a cup? In regard to the film of Benji Marshall, I hope someone can help me understand his place in his sport and country.

The men in this game look smaller than the All Blacks and others, is this different style of game? A different size of field?

Is Benji Marshall the Tom Brady of your rugby league? How much would he be paid for a year and how many games would he play?

If anyone can answer these questions, I know you will help me and I hope many others. Thanks

posted by gfinsf at 07:08 AM on January 15, 2011

Ricky Williams Takes Parting Shots at Sparano

I've seen two mock drafts, for what they are worth, and one has Mark Ingram going to the Pats and the other Jordan Todman out of UCONN. So those who predict such things have them darfting a back and both are pretty good.

posted by gfinsf at 06:38 AM on January 05, 2011

Florida hires Weis as coordinator

I don't understand this move by Weis.He failed in college football but succeeded again in the NFL. Going to Florida makes no sense. Florida's new coach has a great hire but why would Weis go there other than money or to undermine the new coach and try to get one of the biggest jobs in college sports? Kansas City is a franchise on the upswing and for him to bail on that and not wait for an NFL offer such seems very strange.

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Shaquille O'Neal Conducts The Boston Pops

Meant for the huddle, sorry.

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Women Ski Jumpers Still Absent from Olympics

If Qatar had women's ski jumping team it would be in, no doubt about it. They have a way to make things work.

posted by gfinsf at 08:50 AM on December 17, 2010

Michael Vick Wants to Get a Dog

It seems like some of the people here are singling out individual people and not considering a culture. Cock fighting is brutal but don't those same people care for and raise chickens so they can eat eggs? Certain cultures around the world and in the USA have been raised to do things that are repulsive to most but natural to them. Whether you agree with that culture is your opinion, and I do not condone animal cruelty, but it does exist and always will as it is a integral part of some people's culture and way of life. To think that a person raises an animal to fight and cannot have another of the same kind to love is too idealistic in the context of the world. We live in a big messed up world where many of our idealistic values just do not mean anything. Just look at some videos of the way the cattle you eat are killed. Is that humane? No.
I happen to think Michael Vick has paid his dues and when the courts allow him to have a dog, which I hope is soon, he will get one and it will be loved by his whole family.

posted by gfinsf at 09:27 AM on December 16, 2010

Metrodome Roof Collapses Due to Blizzard

Is there a rational basis for this belief? My rational belief is that the Metrodome is not safe. Specifically it has had four roof failures during its life. Is there another public structure with its record of failure that is now open or not completely revampted? I could not find one. In fact the roof is 1/32 of an inch thick. The storm that caused the damage was 17 inches which to me growing up in New England happens but no big deal. You call me an alarmist, but would you bring your family to a game at the Metrodome if there was a snowfall of 14 inches and the roads were clear but the roof was not knowing what you know today? The fact that there has not been a tragedy is in my opinion more luck than not. Call me an alarmist but I would call you a possible statistic if you had a ticket to Sunday's game and the roof fell down on you.

posted by gfinsf at 08:44 AM on December 14, 2010

Jets Coach Trips Dolphins Player

That should trump Harrison's $75,000 fines by I don't even know how much, plus suspension. For all the Jets fans who harp on Spygate, no one got "hurt" by it.

posted by gfinsf at 09:39 AM on December 13, 2010

Metrodome Roof Collapses Due to Blizzard

rcade, that's my point, we or most of us wonder "if" they would have cancelled or played the game? What if they had not cancelled it and the roof was still holding up at the time of the game? And then what? My real point is what does MN do next? Fund a new stadium, wait for a tragedy or loose the team? I think today's happenings reduce the options to two, build a new stadium or lose the team, they cannot play there any longer.

posted by gfinsf at 09:29 AM on December 13, 2010

Metrodome Roof Collapses Due to Blizzard

I guess it's time for the people of MN to decide the future of their team. I realize that this was a big storm but I'm sure, until it collapsed, there was no thought of changing the location, maybe the time due to the Giants travel problems, but it was going to be played in the Metrodome. This problem occurred literally hours before a horror would have taken place. The possible injuries and death due to the avalanche on the field during a game would be nothing compared to the stampede to get out. That's where the real carnage would have taken place. Mass panic would have caused deaths and injuries like we read about in "third world" countries. With 63,000 people running for their lives, with their loved ones, a fallen or elderly person is not going to be helped up but most likely run over and the tripping and falling gets worse with more tragic consequences. I believe this is the fourth roof failure to date. A red tag should be put on that place saying it's not safe before a yellow one is put around as a crime scene.

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Integrating the Negro Leagues

Great story, Thanks

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

If Brad Childress is still coaching the Vikings on Tuesday I will be shocked. Also if Brett Favre plays another down this year, or ever, I will be even more surprised.

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Steve Nash Announces Birth, Divorce

Word on the street is that Dirk's ex-girlfriend is the father of the child.

Now that would be something!!

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Hudson Uses Award Money for 'Miracle Field'

I find it unusual that "most" of these very rich athletes rarely use their own money to fund causes. Hudson probably made $50,000,000+ and gives $20,000 that he never saw and that is considered charity? I wish I was in their position and might write something out of my own check book.

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Steve Nash Announces Birth, Divorce

I guess that is option/situation # 6 by Atheist. Then he wouldn't be a complete dick for doing it. But that would be a huge WOW! In all he seems like a pretty solid guy throughout his career.

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ESPN: Cam Newton, Dad Sought Pay to Play

I'm curious to see how far ESPN pursues this. Probably not very far. I think ESPN is going to pursue this until Cam Newton, or his family, is found guilty of these allegations or is not. They cannot drop this story now. Whatever credibility they have is now solely based on these sources. ESPN is a joke sometimes but this time they cannot drop it. They are drawing the line in the sand and they cannot walk away from it. This is a pivotal story for them and their reputation, for what it is worth, is now on the line. This story will continue and I, personally, believe it will become very ugly for both a family and a university.

posted by gfinsf at 07:30 AM on November 12, 2010

Oregon's New Basketball Court Floors People

Maybe Oregon could draw-up plays based on different tree locations and call out plays based on that. Imagine opponents studying film and then looking around to find the trees. Talk about getting lost in a forest! Not gonna happen but would be a fun way to use the home court advantage.

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NFL Top 100 Players: Do You Agree With NFL Network's List?.

Some very good video links are in the article.

posted by gfinsf at 08:23 AM on November 06, 2010

Jeter, Yankee Contract Talks to Be 'All Business'

Why do we pay so much at new ballparks and stadiums? Easy:

Consider the quantity of any concession sold to be proportional to the number of people who attend an event, measured as the quantity of tickets sold, i.e., QC = QT , where 0 is per-attendee demand. The demand for tickets is a function of the ticket price, quality of play, and other team, city, and stadium characteristics, i.e., QT = QT (PT ; T;C; S), where T is a vector of team characteristics, C is a vector of city characteristics, and S is a vector of stadium characteristics.
Per-attendee demand is assumed to be a function of the concession's price and a vector of stadium characteristics, i.e., = (PC; S). Therefore, total quantity of concessions sold can be formalized as QC = (PC; S)QT (PT ; T;C; S). Given the cost of providing a particular concession, w, the team owner maximizes prot by setting marginal revenue equal to marginal cost, given that the quantity of tickets sold is predetermined. This yields the equilibrium price and quantity of concessions sold, P C , and Q C, respectively.
New Stadiums and Concession Prices in Professional Football and
Craig A. Depken, II
Department of Economics
University of Texas at Arlington

posted by gfinsf at 05:42 AM on November 06, 2010

Jeter, Yankee Contract Talks to Be 'All Business'

You can blame this whole thing on A-Rod and the Rangers. If it were not for that single ridiculous contract salaries would not even be at this stage now. $25 million a year, what was anyone in their right minds thinking? Now 50% of that is the starting point of talks with average players with one or two good years. No wonder a warm flat beer costs $8.00.

posted by gfinsf at 10:15 AM on November 05, 2010

NCAA investigating the recruitment of Auburn's Cam Newton

#2 should read there's allot wrong with it but it is part of the system. Kids or their family getting paid $100,000+ to sign with a school is not wrong? Boosters are as bad as agents. Both have no moral sense as long as their team wins. There are big problems with the NCAA rules but to say giving huge sums of money to a family to sign their kid is OK? I disagree. Nothing has been proven in this case, but if MSU said no, as alleged, then I have to believe perhaps some Auburn boosters helped save a church and a bit more to get Newton.

posted by gfinsf at 09:58 AM on November 05, 2010

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Tom Dempesy sounds like a great guy to have a few beers with and listen to some stories. Wish I could have the chance.

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Want to help a charity? Think again.

If those officials were doing something wrong, I don't want to be right. For the WOA to think this would send a "bad message" to the student/athletes is just beyond belief. These men gave up a paycheck to a charity and honored one of their own who lost his wife to breast cancer. I would be surprised if this didn't blow up in the WOA's face and it should. Students and parents should inundate that commission with their thoughts about what is a "good message," what the officials did was honorable and right.

posted by gfinsf at 10:59 AM on October 24, 2010

Should We Watch Football?

The athleticism/brutality ratio in this sport is getting lower by the year.

I believe I know what you mean but isn't it the reverse, athleticism/brutality is getting higher by the year. The fact that these guys are getting bigger and faster than those even ten years ago is a huge difference. Brutality, "cruel, harsh, or ruthless behavior or treatment" should be ruled out of the game by its inherent intent. However, fast violent hits in a micro second cannot be eliminated by a statement or video by the NFL office. Also did you happen to notice 12 other players were fined for hits after the weekend? When did that ever happen before? I'm not sure where this is going and I do not question the intent to protect players but I hope they also protect the integrity of the game. It is fast and violent but players also care about their own, they are very human. Look at the picture of the Falcon-Eagle game with the players kneeing down. It's a war without guns, casualties happen and brothers morn. There is also no doubt in my mind headgear could be improved and standardized. That should be the NFL's focus and mandate not more fines.

posted by gfinsf at 10:35 AM on October 24, 2010

Should We Watch Football?

I wonder how many true fans or even fringe fans gave the inherent danger of playing football much thought before the firestorm that occurred last week. For the life of me, I cannot imagine a diehard fan being anything but thrilled by last weekends' action and hits. Maybe Clyde in Cleveland didn't like it but I'm sure Pete in Pittsburgh loved it. Others watching from their couches around the country probably leaned closer to see the replays and get a better look.
The only truly "dirty" hit, in my opinion, was by Merriman and even then I wonder how many fans said, "I'm never watching another game of football, it's too dangerous to those who play it." The reaction by the NFL has ignited, again in my opinion, this moral debate that will have nothing but a negative reaction by 90% of fans who love the big hits. After all it's not their heads getting scrambled, except by the intoxicants they consume during the games. Player safety is important to players not to most of those who watch.

posted by gfinsf at 09:28 AM on October 24, 2010